What I Keep Wednesday: Life Made Lovely

Hello all!  Hope your week is incredible so far.  I have another What I Keep Wednesday this week and today I invited one of the most cheerful people ever.  And her home really shows it... it is so happy and colorful.  She is pretty awesome too.  Here is Heather:

Hello Vintage Junky loving friends!
I absolutely adore Michelle and am tickled pink
to join in the What I Keep Wednesday fun.
My name is Heather from Life Made Lovely
and I'm officially addicted to thrift store shopping.
I love the thrill of the hunt, but mostly it's because I adore
the fact that beauty can be found in another person's castoffs.

So here's my little list of what I absolutely, positively cannot part with.


1.  My vintage Pyrex collection.
I'm currently the owner of dessert plates, dessert bowls, mixing bowls, platters,
and onr very pretty green apple shallow casserole dish.  I love, love, love it all!
The only thing I love more about Pyrex is if it's a little faded out from being
used loved so much.  The more love it's had, the more lovely the colors become.

2.  My vintage plate collection.
I choose castoff vintage plates that have a modern feel to them, either because of
their pattern or color.  Right now they're being prepped for a little project I'm working on.
It's part of my "I must do something with all these pins I'm acquiring" effort.

3.  My vintage mug collection.
I love finding colorful mugs made in Japan, but also have a few made in
England and Germany.  I hang them from a vintage bread delivery truck basket
that's hanging over my kitchen island.  Most of the mugs are a bit on the small
size compared to the size mug I drink my morning coffee from, so instead we
serve the kids their morning OJ in them.  It makes for very happy mornings!

4.  My vintage book collection.
I prefer vintage informational books, but if it has a pretty cover then chances are it
will end up living at my house.  I just love the little bits of pattern and color
they bring to spaces in my room.  I'm also a big fan of typography, so for me...
books cover two bases at once.

Thanks for letting participate in the fun Michelle!
I just think you, my dear, are the bees knees.
-xo  Heather

Heather just introduced a line of Christmas cards with her business Life Made Lovely Designs.  Seriously, if I didn't have a graphic designer living under the same roof who loves to do the Christmas cards each year, then I would definitely get one made.  I would have a hard time choosing though since they are all so... lovely *wink*

Okay, off to use my time wisely while the hyena is sleeping.... or maybe I will have another cup of coffee....

bye for now!


  1. Sweet interview! Off to check out her blog now! :)

  2. She really does have the most cheerful home ever! and she really is so sweet...I love her new christmas card line as well!!! I really like these what I keep wednesdays Michelle! xo


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