Sort of Spooky

hello there!  Halloween is almost here and I have a little confession about it...while I love dressing up my boy and buying pumpkins, I don't like the really scary decorations.  I barely decorate for it at all... just pumpkins.  It irks me when I walk by something with my 3 year old and all the sudden some half decayed looking monster type thing screams at him.  Not cool.  I like the not so spooky side of Halloween.  So, this weekend the Mr. took out some sort of spooky, sort of moody things for the booth.

This is the Annabel, one of my moste favourite pieces (I thought those spellings were a little spooky)
she is sold *smiles*
Now, I almost always.. okay, always... briefly daydream about keeping every piece, but this one, well, she really almost stayed here.

Now, Mr. Hughes sort of has a thing for ancestry and doesn't mind going through grave yards, taking photos of cool, old stones and gates... he took out his Poe inspired chalk art for a little photo shoot.  We both love Poe.  The Mr. agrees with me about the make you jump decorations.  I want baby hughes to have fun, but not be scared.  To me being scared does not equal fun... being thrilled, like on a roller coaster is fun for me... but being so scared of something you saw that you can't sleep... not fun

So, how do you feel about scary stuff?  Are you into really scary stuff or just sort of spooky or not at all?  
Okay, the dishes are a'callin'

bye for now!


  1. I agree on the scary stuff. I just don't get how chainsaws and blood-and-guts equal Halloween. We struggle with this when we decorate at the village for our Halloween charity event. We keep it minimal, but I am shocked how many people want that crazy stuff. Ugh.

    I am off to send you an ;o)


  2. I'm with you on the scary stuff. I don't like it, and even more so now with a 2 year old. I decorated for Halloween with him in mind this year and it turned out very fun and festive.

    Annabel is beautiful!!!!!

  3. I love the grey pumpkins!! and the dresser..swoony if I do say so! I love the color and the details of the piece is pretty amazing! I bet that went to a good home, too bad she couldn't stay in yours, sniff sniff!! xo

  4. i'm with you chick...not into the scary stuff...though my mister is. i like the fall side of it all....pumpkins and scarecrows and what-not. :)

  5. I love decorating for Halloween, but we don't do the scary or gross stuff. I like the fun, spooky cute style for Halloween instead. Love your refinished furniture! Erica M.

  6. I have to say this year I am finding more whimsical decorations in our neighborhood. Things seem simpler and more handmade. It's a bit of a relief from too many skeletons.

  7. I love the spooky stuff - the scarier the better when it comes to halloween decor.

    I don't like the actual scaring part - that is too much for me. I more enjoy the disturbing imagery :)

    Love the chalk art!


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