A Foof and a Fluff

hello everybody!  Lately, I feel like I have been cleaning and purging constantly.  I think it must be the change of seasons.  And the fact that the Mr. and I tend to accumulate.  A long time ago, we moved his office out of the the extra bedroom to carve out a little spot for us to create in... a studio.  Quite a bit of the time, we will bring stuff downstairs and in one of my mad cleaning dashes, the so called studio becomes a dumping ground.  I am not comfortable enough in my messiness to show you what it looks like on those days.  Last week though, I cleaned and purged and organized to get it back into working order.

I moved some things around, put the closet to better use, and got rid of some stuff to make this a fun place to be in again.

While I adored the blue chairs that I created for this space, they just weren't right... they felt too delicate and didn't scoot well.  So, on 2 different trips to our favorite haunts, we came home with some old sewing stools.  Perfect.  Here, I have my partner in crime modeling "his."

 Sometimes you need something a little fun to make you feel creative. This little pincushion is useful too.

I also wanted to hang up the piece of kraft paper that I used at Bella Rustica for my booth.  I couldn't see trashing Mr. Hughes' hard work.

I also couldn't see leaving those festive honeycomb balls all folded up in the closet somewhere.  Why not put them to use?  So, now it is like a little party up here.  As fun as it is to mess things up (and not fun to clean them) it is also really nice to have a clean spot.  First mess to be made in here: a Robin Hood costume.  Better get on that!

bye for now!


  1. I love the honeycomb balls...it looks like a party and why not, life should always be a party, or so according to my 4 year old...I love love love the sewing stools and I am soooo glad you didn't trash the sign the Mr. made...it looks perfect! ya know I think I need a studio for all the crafts I don't do, but you inspire girl, you inspire!

  2. I am doing the same with an "extra" bedroom. It is so nice to have a place to leave out unfinished projects. I love the festive honeycomb balls...may have to steal that idea!

  3. Love the peek into your creativity! Adore the stools (your lil has good taste!).
    I wish I had a spot to make a mess...err I mean create :)
    The honeycomb balls are coolio - life should be a party, right?!

  4. This looks like the most fun office ever! I especially love your adorable office mate :)

  5. I like your style, so cute! Maybe you should Modge Podge that sign your hubs made on paper to tag board or something, so it won't get ruined quite as easy. Super cute space! I am always purging crap too, I love it, especially after an episode of Oprah or Hoarders!

  6. looks super cute!!! I can see hanging along with the honeycombs these cute candles you can get at CB2. I have some and I LOVE hanging them up!!



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