Furniture Feature Friday

I am  joining Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday and Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Night Special  I have been busy this week working on our bedroom which has been neglected for awhile.  And, the future studio.  I did get one project completely painted in time for this week's party.
Some of you may remember this.

Beautiful as is, right?  Well, I thought so too.  The problem was I wanted it grey.  And, I wanted it in our bedroom. And, it was missing some veneer.   I started playing around one day after I was reading a favorite blog of mine, Peanut Petunia (you guys have met Susan, right?)  And, she was talking about painting two chests to use as nightstands. Well, I have always wanted that, but I could never find the right pieces.  Then, I got an idea.  I told Mr. Hughes to watch Baby Hughes if he woke up from his nap too early.  And, not to ask any questions.  Then I locked the bedroom door (not sure why... he probably wasn't that interested in what I was doing.) Then, I moved around alot of furniture... and the 2 chests fit exactly how I wanted them to!!  So, I left them like that until I had a chance to paint the 2nd one (one has been painted grey for 2 years.)
and here is what it looks like now

I still want to fluff the top and I am planning on adding fabric lining to the 2 tiny drawers just for my pleasure *wink*

Here is what the original chest looks like

Nope, they don't match.  But, I don't mind.  They are almost the same size and that is what really matters.

And, here is they look as nightstands

I am still working on our bedroom, so this is not the final look!  On a side note, sorry for the quality of the photos... it has been rainy and sunny and rainy all day today.

So, now go look at all the other furniture transformations at Miss Mustard Seed and all the partygoers at Funky Junky Interiors. And, have a wonderful weekend and Halloween!

Vintage Black Friday 4

It is Vintage Black Friday once again and I am joining everyone at Gypsy Brocante for the party.
I have a few lovelies to share this week.  We went to the flea market last weekend and I found some black treasures.

I found this great oval frame ( I love ovals!) with this vintage black and white striped ribbon.

And I found this vintage scale... I have been looking for one for a long time!
And, here is something that I won off of ebay... I have been bidding on these off and on for awhile and I always get outbid at the last minute....

They are vintage organ pulls or stops!  Aren't they wonderful?  I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet.

For now they are displayed in the most unloved piece of ironstone ever!

Now, go visit all the other Vintage Black Friday bloggers...the list has grown considerably!

A great giveaway!

No, not me, but Anne over at Fiona and Twig is nearing 200 followers and she has a fabulous giveaway planned.  First, you get a copy of The Find and she is sooo generous she is giving away something else.  A gift certificate to Anthropologie!  So run over there and meet her if you haven't.  Her blog is incredible!

Flea Market Lovelies!

We went to the Flea Market on Saturday at the Fairgrounds.  The October one is "the big one" plus the mayor of Nashville recently announced that after next June, they will no longer be having the flea market.  Needless to say, I think the entire state of Tennessee was there on Saturday.  We waited in traffic for probably 45 minutes to even get in the gate.  Then when we got in people were pushing and tripping and it was a mess!  So, we didn't stay long, but here is what I found that I am keeping!

I found this lovely scale and probably the most unloved piece of ironstone ever!  Both handles broken and very, very stained.  And, I found some vintage black and white striped ribbon.

The black scale is actually replacing this cream one that I found at a past flea market.  Mr. Hughes and I decided we like the black one better and I don't need multiples of everything.  So, I will be listing this one in my etsy shop.  I am keeping the black oval frame and the little ironstone creamer... I just can't let it go.

Who me?

Sweet Linda at Little Bits gave Vintage Junky a Lovely Blog Award!  Thanks so much Linda!  And this requires me to nominate 15 blogs to receive this award.... this is the hardest part because I always feel like I am leaving someone out... my reading list is very, very long and I have way more than 15 favorite blogs at this point, so I hope you don't mind if I just extend this to all those who read Vintage Junky!

I hope you will stop by later... I am going to post some photos for the Flea Market Party!

Saturday Night Special- Vignettes

Happy Weekend everyone!  We just got back from the flea market... it wasn't so much fun...way too crowded, so I felt like I didn't really get a good look.  But, I did find some lovely treasures that I will hopefully be able to show you tomorrow.  But tonight, I am joining  Donna at Funky Junk Interiors to celebrate her party.  Tonight is Vignettes night, so I will show you some new and old vignettes around the Hughes' Casa.

This is a little vignette on the table in our entry.  It has one of my favorite silhouettes and two wood printer's blocks that I love.

This is a fairly new vignette made of a few vignettes... a vignette within a vignette if you will.  Some of you may remember this table being covered with my mercury glass collection.  Well, Baby Hughes has taken it upon himself to start ramming the table with his Handy Manny car, so my lovelies moved inside a metal and glass cabinet.  I didn't really like this at first compared to what it used to look like, but now I do.  We hung my $10.95 mirror and then I shopped the house to fill it up.  Still looking for a way to cover up that blasted thermostat!

Here is one of the vignettes on the table.  It has my vintage wedding cake topper from our cake on top of a battery jar lid under a cloche.  My sweet mercury glass bird on top of a small ironstone plate and some vintage books are thrown in for height and color (The Complete History of Dames is one of the titles, very cool crown drawings in it.)

Here is our mantle with a mirror that I silver leafed and some tarnished silver with some mercury glass votives and some black vases.  I always like to put a living plant or some dried or fresh flowers in my vignettes.

Another cloche... this one sits on top of my ironstone cake pedestal with some printer's blocks.  I put some dried hydrangeas in a mint julep cup and included a vintage photo.  Then, we have the pumpkins at the bottom... this is where they are when Baby Hughes isn't playing with them, he adores his pumpkins!

This one was taken a while ago when we posted our kitchen.  Just a simple set up of ironstone.

Another one from the kitchen... just a little grouping of my black and white jars and crocks.

This one is just a little fluff for that weird triangle behind our kitchen sink.  This one was also taken awhile ago... a fern has now replaced the rosemary tree.

Well, this was fun!!  I can't wait to see what the others brought!  Now, I want to go spruce up the rest of the house.  So, you can join the other party goers here.

Vintage Black Friday 3

First, I want to thank everyone who joined in the Wish List fun!  I loved reading all of them!  Today
I am joining in Gypsy Brocante's Vintage Black Friday again.  I missed last week because I couldn't think of anything to post.  This week, I am going to do a little self-promotion of some wonderful black items that I just added to my etsy shop.  So, if that offends you, stop reading here....  no really, you want to see the goodies!  Trust me!

These cute little custard cups!

Black glass urn

Black glass trophy cup

More black glass

Ironstone clock

Big old rusty scoop

and one of my favorite things I have ever found... seriously, I am not quite sure why I am selling it....

a vintage hat form!  It is incredible!  It even has numbers stamped in the side!

That is all I have for now... it is flea market weekend and I do love black... I am going to make it a point to search for something wonderful and black to share next week.  Okay, now go visit all the other lovely blogs to see what they have to show off!

What I Wish For...

Welcome to the Party!  Now, first things first, this is a fun, shallow superficial party.  I really wish and pray for things like world peace, my mother's arthritis to be healed, to be a better mother and wife, etc, etc.  But, those don't make for pretty photos and lusting now do they?  So now that is all cleared up,  let me show you what I really want!!

A snuggly scarf from Anthro...I'll take the coat too!



Jcrew!!  All of the above please!

A Joy charm from Tiffany's on a simple chain... go ahead and engrave Baby Hughes' birthday on it

A Swedish Mora clock just like this beauty that sold from Midnight Sun Antiques

And speaking of Midnight Sun.... How 'bout it Stephenie?  Because I really, really want more Edward!

A beautiful antique secretary to paint and love

I want a little wagon like this to help out with the gardening!  But, I want to give it a little makeover.

I want an iPhone.  So badly!

A vintage set of canisters just like these!  I found this photo at 52 Flea.  They call to me each time I read this blog!

I want this!  I sent it to Mr. Hughes to add to my Christmas List and he asked me what I would use it for.  And I told him that I wanted my $9.00 fern that I have babied for 2 years to have a warm place to spend the winter.  I refuse to bring it inside ever since I saw the Black Widow lookalike crawling on it.  Did I mention there was an egg sac too?  Oh, if any of you know where I stole this photo from, please let me know...

An ironstone punch bowl.  I found this one here. I really want some long lost relative to leave me a whole set of ironstone....!

I would like these pretty earrings from Turq

and this necklace too! (also from Turq)

 I wish I had a snuggly grey throw kind of like this  one

I could use it on the plane ride to here

I have always wanted to go to Greece.  Maybe I will bring back one of these

Okay, I really want a Vespa
Think of all the gas I would save.  Mr. Hughes says no because he is afraid I will hurt myself.  But, if we move to Savannah Ga, then it would be perfect to drive around town.

I guess that is all I want.... wait!  I almost forgot!  A spa day!  And, one for my best friend and my sis!! I can't be completely selfish you know!

Okay, now it is time to party....

If you'd like to join in..... is how this works:

  1. Write a post showing us your Wish List. In the post, link back to this party post so that everyone reading your blog can see what everyone else has brought to the party. Click on the title of this post and copy the address bar to link back here.
  2. Come to Vintage Junky and add your name and permalink to your Wish List post to the list at the bottom of this post. To get the permalink, click on the title of your post for this party and copy the address in the address bar. The link you add should NOT be your blog's address ( ex: It will be much longer, like this ex:
  3. Make sure your link works. If you come back and your link has been deleted, just try again and make sure you are linking back to this Party Post and you leave the link for your Party Post. You can always email me or comment and I will help get you joined in!
Now, sit back and drool over all the wishes, hopes and dreams of the other partygoers!


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