A Labor of Love

Or the goal of someone who should seriously have her head examined... I will let you be the judge.  A long, long time ago, Mr. Hughes bought a lot of chairs.  And since then, each and every chair has been made over and eventually went to new and lovely homes.  All except for 2 (well, 3... I have one in my entry.) These chairs have been swooned over and then forgotten.  Mr. Hughes started on them awhile ago, but then abandoned them.  Then, the other day, he looked at me lovingly over piles of stuff and said... you really need to get those chairs finished.  Sure, I said.  I will start on them this week.  I can't wait!! They will look awesome!  These chairs have what we call "good bones."  They are incredible and lovely and just need a little love.

Look at that vintage goodness!  I knew that I would have to remove those nails.... I wasn't going to recover over those.  And I have a tack puller... no problem.  I can do this! Now... take a closer look...

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you... those are nails covered by nails.  Now, it is my estimation that there were easily a gazillion nails initially.  And then there were a gazillion more under that.  And I have 2 chairs.... so, what is that... well, if my math is correct, that is 4 gazillion nails!!!  So I dug right in and pulled and pulled (I will mention here that Mr. Hughes had already warned me of this fact and had pulled a quarter of a gazillion nails himself before throwing in the towel.)  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Mr. Ancient Furniture Upholsterer has actually pulled some of the nails under the striped fabric.  I can only imagine what he was thinking when he was doing this... and the phone call that he made (if they even had phones when this was recovered!)

Mr. A F U:  Hello.... ma'am.... I have some concerns about the chairs that I picked up from you yesterday that you want recovered.  Are you sure this pink striped with gold leaf is a good combination?  Don't you think that you could possibly live with the sapphire blue velvet?

Lady of the House: No sir, that blue will not match the china.  What seems to be the problem?

Mr. A F U: Well, ma'am there are a gazillion nails to pull before I can recover them.  I pulled a few already, but I am sure I can replace them and you can have the chairs back just the same... no charge.

Lady of the House: No sir, that won't work.  Just cover them up with a gazillion more nails.  I am 100% positive that I love that pinky stripy satiny fabric.  It is timeless and no one will ever want to recover them.

So, I pulled all 10 gazillion nails over 2 days.  They are all gone.  My hand hurts.  I think I have a blister on top of a bruise.  I am saying "chairs" like it is an expletive.  Don't ask me about them for awhile, okay?  I did think it was so interesting to take something this old apart... what these chairs are filled with is... well, I am pretty sure it is grass clippings *wink*  But they are down to their bare beautiful bones and pretty soon I will paint them.  Not now though... we need our space.

Check out all the looks they have had.  Right to left... the first is what used to be a lovely light aqua silk. Then they had this sapphire blue floral velvet.  And then the pink striped satin.  Why didn't they stop at that silk... stained and all... it was lovely.  At one point, they were silver leafed rather than the gold leaf.  Beautiful I am sure!  I would love to leave the gilded look, but the finish is quite scarred from the 15 gazillion nails that I pulled.  By hand.  By myself (almost.) So they will be painted and recovered. Right now, I am planning on taking them to the barn show or one of the booths.  But, who knows... once we are on speaking terms again, they may find their forever home right here.

And, on a much more serious note, my mother is having another surgery tomorrow for her back.  This one is a big one.  So, please, keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she has a speedy recovery and that this greatly improves her life.  

bye for now!

New Creations

Hello everyone!  I am taking a break from Train Tuesday to show you what I made the other day when I was taking a break from the birthday party and Hazel projects.

 I have made these burlap shades before, but I tweaked the design ever so slightly and I love the look even more... especially when it is on a scallop-y curve-y frame.  This one was made from a coffee sack instead of just burlap yardage.

I love the glowy texture that it has when it is  a lit up!  Then, I started playing around with scraps and came up with a new design.

This is more of a shade slipcover where the burlap one is hand sewn to the frame.  I make tweak this one still.  I love exposed seams and contrasting threads... it makes it look a little more deconstructed and not so sweet.

It looks pretty lit up too (if I do say so myself!)  I think I am going to use these shades on some lamps that Mr. Hughes and I are going to make..... just waiting on some lamp parts.

And, while I had out the sewing machine, I played around with some more scraps and made some new flower pins.  I raided my vintage button stash to give this batch a really different look than the other ones I have created.

This one is a sneak peak at some of the fabric I used for a Hazel project.  I think I will call this one a Railroad bloom... since I have trains on the brain right now.  The new blooms will be in my etsy shop soon and also in the booths as well.  Mr. Hughes is delivering some along with a piece of furniture to The Roost today.  Okay, back to the Island of Sodor... we have a massive setup in the living room right now.... like I moved the furniture massive.  I will be back soon to show you what happens when I react to a wild hair at 6:15 am.

bye for now!

Weekend Learnings

Hello all!  I hope you had a very lovely weekend.  My weekend was filled with just great things.  And not the kind of things you can buy (well, one of them you can.)  I learned a few things this weekend.  
I learned that my husband is a genius.  Yes, I said it.  He is smarter than the average bear.  You see, we have been working on potty training.  I know they will do it when they do it.  And that boys take longer. Still, that didn't stop me from making a goal in my head: age 3.  Well, sweethearts, age 3 is rapidly coming down the track (hahahhaha!!) and we are still in pullups.  He had one aspect of it down... always peed.  It was just the other.... okay, I will say it...poop!  He would not poop unless I just caught him at the right time.  We were having major issues.. their were tears... bribing.... yelling... some things were thrown.... nothing was working.  So, my GENIUS husband told baby hughes... if you go on the potty, we will take you to see a caboose.  Every time you go. 

Let's just say that we have high fived this caboose several times this weekend!  At one of the trips, Mr. Hughes looked over at me and said... so, our boy really loves trains.  Yes, yes he does.  That is another lesson I learned.  How much my baby loves trains.  He takes this deal quite seriously... he asks for a dollar as well ( previous deal struck.)  And we give in (since we are enabling parents and he is an only child.) We aren't saving any money on the pullups since we are giving him a dollar and a car trip at least once a day.  The thing is though, I can see it clicked.  And, he is so excited and proud.  The house is a happier place.  I also learned that while I love being right and finding the perfect solution to problems, especially with our child, I am okay with not being the one that thought of it.  I concede to Mr. Hughes.

I have also learned that with me, one obsession turns into another... got the camper (she is looking pretty spiffy too... needs just a bit more spiff!) and then I move on to another.  Dollhouses!!!  I have had this saved in one of my many folders on my desktop before I found pinterest.  Then I re-found it on there... now I am obsessing again!! The above idea?  Now that is something I wish I would have thought of first.  Mr. Hughes went to the flea market without us and I begged him to find me an old wooden dollhouse.  I have plans, ladies.  Big plans!  I really, really want a dollhouse.  Trust me... it is a good idea.  So, if any of you has a wooden dollhouse, please, give it to me!!

And I just learned in the past 20 minutes that I adore Nutella.  Why did I wait 32 years to try it?  Why?  It was always right next to the peanut butter... I remember passing it and wondering what the heck it was...  I blame my parents.  They failed me *wink*

Okay, I need to sort of clean up the various messes in the house.  I have been bff's with the sewing machine all weekend long.  I will show you some of the new creations this week! (muahhahahaha! that is an evil laugh!)

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Cute

Hello all and a very Happy Friday to you!  Wow...  I think I have really neglected my Friday Favorites.  No matter... I have a great one for you guys today.  I was looking through all the stuff I loved in the past couple of weeks and the common theme was *Cute*  So away we go (speaking of which, Away We Go is a pretty darn funny movie!)

I am trying to think of how to incorporate these giant buttons somewhere... possibly in my studio
found~ lupin

Sparkly star hair clips?  Yes, please!

I have a very good friend that has a notebook fetish.  And this one is adorable!
found~ inkwhimsy

A boat made of maps... oh how I love it!

How sweet is this little hair clip?
found~ mycakies

I am currently obsessed with these dried billy buttons
found~ fayemarie

A bunting clutch?  Adorable... and how about that cute dress behind it?

And check out these sweet enamel hearts in yellow

And another obsession... finding the perfect vintage truck... this one may fit the bill

So many cute things, so little money!  Well, I hear my boys up and at 'em.  We have a busy weekend... lots of birthday, booth, and Hazel projects... and we will throw in a bit of plain old fun in there too.   If we don't melt in this heat!  Have a great weekend!

bye for now!

Burlap Bows

Hello all!  I am taking a short break from the birthday madness!  Just a short one though.  I went last night to check the fit of the cushions on Hazel.  They fit just right.  So, I only have to make 3 more cushions.  See... it hasn't been all birthday party stuff here... we have other priorities, people!  *laughs*

I just opened up my computer and thought I would share with you something I did for the booths... something to add a little oomph to the chairs... and it keeps people from setting cool rusty things on light upholstery (I hope!)

Introducing the large burlap bow!  Fun, huh?  I hope it serves its purpose and it looks like a fun present too!  Well, that is all I have today.  The hyena and I are off to pick up paint and run some other errands.  Can you guess what new color I am adding to the Vintage Junky lineup?  

Oh, and grey ruffled pillows will be back in the shop today!

bye for now!

And So It Begins: The Invites

Hello all!  I gave you fair warning a few posts ago.  Vintage Junky has officially entered into Birthday Party Land.  Where all I can think about is if my treat bags are big enough and what needs to come down off the walls to make this thing happen the way it is in my head.  So, here is a little peek at the invites, designed by the oh so talented Mr. Hughes

He designed them to look like how tickets are sent... letterhead, tickets and in a utilitarian looking envelope.

The front of the invite.. the ticket part.  We included tickets for each member of the traveling party.

A little letter explaining logistics of traveling on our railway.  

And since baby hughes is so fond of going around yelling "tickets, tickets please!!" a la Polar Express, we thought it would be cool to punch out the date on the tickets.  This is all Mr. Hughes!  He is pretty wonderful (and JUST as wacky as me when it comes to the parties.  You should see what he has bought to wear!) Okay, I better get chugging along and work on some projects.

bye for now!

Check and Check!

Hello and Happy Monday!  It is the beginning of a new week and I am excited to have a few things checked off my To Do list... you know, the non essential to do list.  First of all, I finished those dining room chairs that I begged Mr. Hughes for:

I painted them a light, light grey and added a little more cushion... you know... for our bottoms *wink* You will be pleased to know they are no longer stuffed with crunchy horsehair.  Then, I covered them in a charcoal grey linen.  I wanted a fun pattern to play off the pattern in our draperies, but in the end, I really ended up liking the solid.  It matches the ribbon on the draperies and also the face of my vintage clock.

Then I did this quick and easy project by following Ashley Ann's simple steps:

So easy!  baby hughes says they are snowflakes (and you know I love snowflakes) so maybe I will put them away until Christmas.  But, for now I will enjoy them.

As for the finish on the chairs...hmm... where do I start?  Well, let's just say that I was less than happy with a certain big name company that produces primer.  I tried a new formula.  It seems to have clashed with the paint that I always use.  In short, the paint never dried in some areas.  That has never happened (part of it is the lovely heat and humidity that we are having, I am sure.)  And I had painted 3 chairs.  So, what to do?  Do I strip and repaint the 3 and not use the primer on any of them or do I paint the remaining ones with the primer and hope to get the same results?  At this point, I had taken sandpaper and a drywall trowel to them.  And, I was sort of digging the look.  So I went with it.  And it looks pretty authentic.... like layers and layers of paint had been worn down by years instead of my vengeful hands.

I call it "Accidentally Authentic." And if you want me to recreate this finish for you, there will be an upcharge *wink*  And, since the dining room is once again finished (for now!) I thought I would show you what it looked like almost 5 years ago soon after we moved in...

And now, from a slightly different camera view...

We have changed the chairs and the draperies and have taken some things down and put some up.  That wall color will remain though.  I always love change, but that is the one wall color in the house that hasn't been up for change in all the time we have lived here.  Okay, kids, I have to get some invites out for someone's 3rd birthday.  Oh, and I read that book on my to do list too! check, check, check!!

bye for now!

Meet Amelia!

Hello all!  Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!  The Mr. has been busy delivering loads to all the antique booths today.  Including the lovely piece that was named in the Name Game Giveaway!  I had so much fun with this giveaway, so I am sure I will do it again.  I chose my favorites from the great names you provided and then let Mr. Hughes and my sweet sister pick their favorite... and they chose the same name... and it was just perfect.  So, meet Amelia!

Amelia was named by Amy, so Amy, if you are reading, contact me with your address and choice of pillow or Mimi tote.  I gave this piece a light grey paint and she needed just a little something extra... so Mr. Hughes suggested chicken wire.  And it just fit.

Something a little rustic to tone down her sweetness... check out those legs and casters.  I adore casters!

I love the little shield shaped raised details too.  She is at Winchester Antiques in case any of you locals are in in love with her too!  Thanks to you all for commenting.  Well, I will be back soon with some things that are now checked off my To Do list!  Yay!  

bye for now!

The End

That's right.  I am one of those that will be staying up extra late to experience it first.  And, it is a date night too.  My wonderful sister will come to watch (or sleep next to) baby hughes.  So, to all of you guys out there who will be mourning this last movie, I raise a frosty mug of butterbeer to you!  There is still time to enter my giveaway!!  I have gotten some great names so far!!

bye for now!

Name Game Giveaway

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  I just put a coat of primer on the last one on my new dining room chairs!  The fabric came yesterday, so I hope to do a little reveal on Monday at the latest. Hey... I am realistic.  I get easily distracted.  So, while they could be finished tomorrow, they probably won't.  As I was putting the finishing touches on some other pieces that will go to the booths this week, I thought it would be a little fun to have a giveaway where YOU name a piece.  And I will give you your choice of a

Mimi Tote Bag constructed from scraps of vintage grain sacks

Or a Bemis Vintage Grain Sack pillow

Here are the rules... You just have to post a name you like... This isn't a random giveaway.  I will (with the Mr's help) choose a name.  I won't show the piece... I want to see what name I think fits her best.  I will tell you that she is a china cabinet.  And she is a pale grey (surprise, surprise.)  And, I have a leaning towards vintage-y sounding names.  And, it can't be a name that I have already used.  Here is a link to some names that I have used... but it isn't a complete list.  So, if you choose a one that I have used, I will comment back within the comment section and let you know.  Please also check and make sure no one before you suggested the same name.  And, only one entry.  So give me your best!  I need the name by Friday morning, so this will be a quick little giveaway.  I will announce the winner on Monday with a photo of the piece.

I want to take this time right now at to tell you how grateful I am for all of your encouraging comments and every bit of your support.  I love doing what I am doing now.  I have been painting furniture for awhile... since I was in high school ( a long, long time ago.)  I am sure my mother has one of my first pieces still... with layers (hand painted sunflowers under crackle paint under whatever it is now... gasp... crackle paint!)  I don't do this as a hobby.  It is a passion of mine.  Some people paint on canvas, I paint furniture.  It isn't something that the Mr. likes for me to do to get me out of his hair.  He supports me every step of the way.  I don't say this to act like I invented painting furniture or that I have been doing this longer than anyone else, but to let you know how extremely blessed I feel to be doing what I love, finally.  I know that this painted furniture trend may not last forever. And, that I may not be able to make money at it forever.  I would be painting furniture regardless of me selling it.  But, then we would probably be on hoarders.  So thank you  and now, give my piece a name!

bye for now!


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