Weekend Learnings

Hello all!  I hope you had a very lovely weekend.  My weekend was filled with just great things.  And not the kind of things you can buy (well, one of them you can.)  I learned a few things this weekend.  
I learned that my husband is a genius.  Yes, I said it.  He is smarter than the average bear.  You see, we have been working on potty training.  I know they will do it when they do it.  And that boys take longer. Still, that didn't stop me from making a goal in my head: age 3.  Well, sweethearts, age 3 is rapidly coming down the track (hahahhaha!!) and we are still in pullups.  He had one aspect of it down... always peed.  It was just the other.... okay, I will say it...poop!  He would not poop unless I just caught him at the right time.  We were having major issues.. their were tears... bribing.... yelling... some things were thrown.... nothing was working.  So, my GENIUS husband told baby hughes... if you go on the potty, we will take you to see a caboose.  Every time you go. 

Let's just say that we have high fived this caboose several times this weekend!  At one of the trips, Mr. Hughes looked over at me and said... so, our boy really loves trains.  Yes, yes he does.  That is another lesson I learned.  How much my baby loves trains.  He takes this deal quite seriously... he asks for a dollar as well ( previous deal struck.)  And we give in (since we are enabling parents and he is an only child.) We aren't saving any money on the pullups since we are giving him a dollar and a car trip at least once a day.  The thing is though, I can see it clicked.  And, he is so excited and proud.  The house is a happier place.  I also learned that while I love being right and finding the perfect solution to problems, especially with our child, I am okay with not being the one that thought of it.  I concede to Mr. Hughes.

I have also learned that with me, one obsession turns into another... got the camper (she is looking pretty spiffy too... needs just a bit more spiff!) and then I move on to another.  Dollhouses!!!  I have had this saved in one of my many folders on my desktop before I found pinterest.  Then I re-found it on there... now I am obsessing again!! The above idea?  Now that is something I wish I would have thought of first.  Mr. Hughes went to the flea market without us and I begged him to find me an old wooden dollhouse.  I have plans, ladies.  Big plans!  I really, really want a dollhouse.  Trust me... it is a good idea.  So, if any of you has a wooden dollhouse, please, give it to me!!

And I just learned in the past 20 minutes that I adore Nutella.  Why did I wait 32 years to try it?  Why?  It was always right next to the peanut butter... I remember passing it and wondering what the heck it was...  I blame my parents.  They failed me *wink*

Okay, I need to sort of clean up the various messes in the house.  I have been bff's with the sewing machine all weekend long.  I will show you some of the new creations this week! (muahhahahaha! that is an evil laugh!)

bye for now!


  1. THAT dollhouse! That IS too amazing and clever! LOVE! Oh and nutella is pretty awesome, didn't discover it till in my 40's, am mid 50's now. There is something like it and in other flavors out there too, peanut butter and choc and stuff, the brand is Justin's. It's sold at Whole Foods I think.

  2. Love the potty training story. My sister and I had babies about the same time, she a girl, me a boy. Her sweet girl was potty trained at a year and a half. My guy? Nothing. At about 2 I began working in earnest.It was hit and miss. My very wise,very experienced, pediatrician gave me some very good advice. He said I have never sent a child to kindergarten in diapers. He was right. At about 2 and a half it happened. It was like magic! Congrats and carry on! He would just me sharing his story....he's 26!
    Just love your blog!

  3. I too had the *nutella moment* not too long ago and it is so addictive I don't buy it anymore. I can't be left alone with it in the house...just sayin.' As soon as I find a dollhouse, it's yours :-)

  4. yes...potty training is not fun.in.the.least. it's so funny that once they decide they are ready it all comes together. :) and nutella is no longer allowed in our house...i was buying two jars a week...true story. ;)

  5. Well, I do have a dollhouse that I have been working on for a while. You can see it here. There is actually a bit more done on it now, need to take new pics. I have this picture saved too, so clever. I hope you find one soon!!!

  6. Yay Mr. Hughes! Very clever move. Your parents actually did you a favor by keeping your away from Nutella :) lol. So glad you've discovered it, it really is a wonder of the world. Banana Strawberry Nutella crepes are my favorite thing ever!!!

  7. Michelle,

    Great job on the potty training! Does Mr Hughes realize the prizes (aka bribes) will have to get bigger and better as baby Hughes turns into Lil Man Hughes?
    Check Craigs List for doll houses. I see them listed all the time for a steal. Love the idea of using it for storage.
    A friend married someone from Brazil and also just discovered Nutella. Be warned, it has more sugar than a candy bar and half the calories come from fat.

    Your Friend,

  8. Oh the going poop on the potty...it is so hard for some reason! We did the bribes too...we had a box of little wrapped gifts. I was just asking my husband if Nutella was around when we were little because I never had it either. I add some to my little ones peanut butter sandwich.

  9. I happen to have seen that dollhouse idea a couple years ago and took it for my own as well! I have a dollhouse from childhood that was made to hang on a wall already so I didn't have to do any work to it. It's definitely a dollhouse though, not a shelf, with bay window and fireplaces and stairs. I have it hanging in my studio filled with varnish, paint brushes, rags and palettes. It's very cute!


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