And So It Begins: The Invites

Hello all!  I gave you fair warning a few posts ago.  Vintage Junky has officially entered into Birthday Party Land.  Where all I can think about is if my treat bags are big enough and what needs to come down off the walls to make this thing happen the way it is in my head.  So, here is a little peek at the invites, designed by the oh so talented Mr. Hughes

He designed them to look like how tickets are sent... letterhead, tickets and in a utilitarian looking envelope.

The front of the invite.. the ticket part.  We included tickets for each member of the traveling party.

A little letter explaining logistics of traveling on our railway.  

And since baby hughes is so fond of going around yelling "tickets, tickets please!!" a la Polar Express, we thought it would be cool to punch out the date on the tickets.  This is all Mr. Hughes!  He is pretty wonderful (and JUST as wacky as me when it comes to the parties.  You should see what he has bought to wear!) Okay, I better get chugging along and work on some projects.

bye for now!


  1. Cleverness in it!


  2. Oh my gosh-how amazing! These invites are incredible, I can't wait to see what other crazy details you guys come up with!

  3. Holy cow. Looks like it will be an amazing party!


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