Goodbye 2010, *hello* 2011

I would like to say hello to 2011 in a kind of flirty,* I think you are cute* sort of way.  You know, to become tight right off the bat.  I want 2011 to be a fun great year.  And, instead of making resolutions, I will make goals and celebrate milestones.

(I know, it is Friday and I am not posting my Friday Etsy Faves, but I have been busy... building trains and practicing perfect fake in your face sneezes, and getting my new booth ready.... which I have a whole list of things to be doing right now, but I would rather chat a little before this great 2010 leaves us.) 
Here is a sneak peek of the stuff that will be at Winchester:

Goals like being a more patient mom.... who has a potty trained kiddo before he turns 3

Why, now why would I put that as a goal.... well, my sweets, I REALLY want to go to Disney this fall.
Mr. Hughes got cheated out of Disney and he still hasn't been (and for some reason, that really, really makes me sad.) So, I would rather take a potty trained 3 year old

This year the Mr. and I will mark 5 years of being married.  I think I want a diamond.  No seriously, I just want to celebrate that for what it is

I will have a 3 year old.... yikes.... where has the time gone?  And, I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn't planning the party.... but I was NOT the person who has already ordered party favors... well, maybe after Mr. Hughes ordered the first favor... I found a great deal on a second......and, well, you know.

I want to eat better and exercise more.

I want to really garden this year.... how am I ever going to end up an old lady in floppy garden hats if I don't learn more.  I have been studying this Burpee catalog to see what I might like to try out this year.

I want to visit more train museums.  Yes, my traditional girl upbringing failed me... I am finding that trains were lacking in my household.... I think I love trains almost as much as the hyena.

I want to build healthy friendships and maybe put those on hold that are draining me.

I have so many goals that I just can't put to paper right now.  It all boils down to being happier and making those around me happier too.  Can you ask for more?

Okay, kids, have a safe wonderful New Year!!

I will be back next week with booth photos and all that jazz.

bye for now!!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Green*

Happy Christmas Eve!
Isn't Christmas Eve just as great as Christmas... the anticipation, the joy, the not working...
Well, I haven't been working much this week anyhow... Jealous?  
Don't be... we are quite sick... so sick that we may not be able to go to Christmas Eve Mass...
But I am not going to let that stop me... I will be as merry as I can
And what makes me happy...well, one thing that does
A great *Green*

how cute is this crocheted scarf?!?

I love smocking!! And this skinny clutch

Another love... chunky necklaces

Now, I don't like bugs, except when they are on cool stationery

Bold graphic patterns + kelly green= perfect

Look at this yummy pillow!

It is true... I AM kind of a nerd!
found~ cooljane

I really, really need this hat!

Peacocks are so, so pretty!  Love the pop of green

Love this bag... perfect size, perfect color
found~ fantella

Okay, I have cookies to bake,  table to set, movies to watch, noses to wipe, temps to take...
But I will do it Merrily!  It is Christmas!!
A very Happy one to you and yours!
Well, everyone, I hope you have a very happy Christmas!

Bye for now!

I will be out most of next week ... I have a new booth to fill!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Stuffers*

how are you holding up? 
Christmas is NEXT WEEK! 
Can you feel my excitement?  
I can't wait to see baby hughes' face when he sees that Santa filled up his stocking. 
And, as for my shopping list, that is all I need to get (my aunt calls little gifts "stuffers")
So,here are a few things that I wouldn't mind seeing in my stocking as a 

ah yellow... you have grown on me this year... yes you have.  You sneaky little thing!
here is a pretty kiss lock clutch in my favorite shade of yellow

Alright.  I have been known to drink.  Only once or twice though.  Promise.  This wouldn't be replacing a older flask I have.

This pretty brooch is from one of my all time favorite etsy shops

I love these layered cashmere fingerless gloves... so pretty... a new classic, I think

The sweet, nice person that I am *wink* bought these for a few special ladies on my list
and I didn't get any for me... so I think I deserve the whole collection, right?


I already have one....but another in barley couldn't hurt

oh, and if you add this code to your order, you can save 10%


Merry Christmas, huh?!?

love me some owls...and it would protect my iPod (which already has a case, a cute one at that) 
I bet baby hughes would try to steal it *wink*
found~ BoutiqueID

Okay I adore this preppy little purse!
found~ thezakka

I have a super soft spot for chocolate labs.  
this entire shop is devoted to my favorite dog
found~ thelab

This sweet girl just opened up her etsy shop (and I am not going to whine about the one that got away... nope...)
these initial necklaces fit nicely into a stocking

Another of my fave, faves shops on etsy.  These wooden flowers would cheer up these grey winter days
found~ uncommon

Needlefelting...  Something this girl wants to try!
found~ fancytiger

What's that you say.... you don't have a stocking to stuff... well, dears, these are some of the best I have ever seen.  And, I am a little fickle with stockings.  Really.
These incredibly awesome stockings are created using old sails from boats.
found~ reiter8

Well, I hope your weekend is free of holiday stress.
Watch ELF and eat some cookies.  That is what I am hoping to do.
And maybe Polar Express again....

Bye for now!

A Vintage Junky Christmas 2010

Hello all!  Hope you had a very wonderful weekend!  We stayed in for the most part... the festival we were going to got rained out.  And then it SNOWED!
In fact, I am home today.... snow in Tennessee + no salt trucks + idiot drivers = Mommy at home. So I thought I would show what our house looks like with all the Christmasness (I kindly decided NOT to show you the two mountainous baskets of laundry waiting on me.)  So, grab some cocoa and sit down... this a full of pictures post.

The back of our front door... I ordered the mini boxwood wreaths from Garnet Hill.  They are preserved so hopefully they will hold up a bit better than the ones that I made last year.  My kissing ball that I have had for 3 years, didn't make it this year.   

I found these fun cards after some sweetie sent me (I mean, baby hughes) one tied to an owl.  Then I saw them on etsy here. I hole punched them and strung them to some baker's twine.  I love baker's twine!

I decided to make a few snow globes this year... I couldn't find glycerine to add to the water to make it thicker... so I had to use baby oil and mineral oil. An expensive little project, but it fulfilled this little part inside of me that loves miniature stuff in jars... terrariums... snow globes.... 
I found the the instructions by Martha here.   I may make some more if I can find some jars to fit these other deer I have.  A word of advice... make sure the jar top is threaded.  I had a top that screwed on and off on another, but it wasn't threaded so it is leaking a bit.

The dining room... I sort of went crazy with my circle punch... jumbo confetti!!!  I am not sure how much longer it will last, it sure is festive and fun for chubby little hands.  Oh, and you can see that I finally decided to go WITH the grosgrain ribbon trim.... I think it is just more me.

We (I begged) decided to get a small tree too... I loved our table top tree last year and the drum that covered the base, so I decided that we should do two.

Jumbo confetti runner with one of my favorite mercury glass pieces filled with vintage light bulbs...
don't get me started on these new LED lights.  I don't like them. One bit.  And we try to live green.... but I still want twinkle lights and griswalds.

A piece from the booth that hasn't sold yet... no matter, it makes a really nice tabletop tree perch.
I added the devil Joy from last year.
I love ornaments hanging in front of a window... so this year I did it.

And, what would a mini tree be without mini presents?
I started a tradition this year...see that little box wrapped in sheet music has a tag that says it can be opened on December 24th?  Mr. Hughes asked me... did you seriously wrap baby Jesus?
yes, yes I did.
I hope that in the future years that while baby hughes is impatiently waiting Santa on Christmas Eve that we can maybe infuse the Reason for the Season by unwrapping and placing Jesus in our Nativity.

Okay... here is a few testimonies to the paper snowflake madness going on here.  
In the windows....


Strands... they are everywhere!!  They are fun and simple to make and are so festive and NOT precious. So, if a certain hyena decides to go on a destructive rampage, all I am out is a few sheets of paper.
Here is a tutorial in case you don't know how to make them.

Mr. Hughes' favorite decoration (an heirloom if you will) is all sparkly with some vintage like garland and some HO HO cards.

Some garland and some birch covered pots.  I was trying to go for a theme... kind of a Nordic, papery snowflakey, vintagey, handmade sort of Christmas. Not sure if I got it or not, but it is all definitely thrown in there.

The best shot of the tree... it has been so grey.  The stockings have since changed.... I will show you in a minute.

Chomp (pronounced ammmpppp, like a chomping noise) got a little Christmas fun too.
Yes, I like to decorate his bowl.  See the above reference to miniature things in glass jars... 

The tree got decked out in paper snowflakes, paper punch garland, silhouette tart tins, sparkly pipe cleaner snowflakes, glittery wooden balls. In short, no breakables.

I love real greenery just set out.  Mr. Hughes got some tree (free) clippings from Lowe's.  So I spread them all around.

Some fun vintage candleholders that the Mr. found a few years ago.  I almost painted them... I am not a red person.  I am glad I didn't though... I like the pop they give the windowsill.

Our little ceramic nativity.  Not the whole thing..... there are several animals that didn't make the cut. You should see the camels... they are totally out of proportion... of course, I have never stood next to a camel, but still.

I even added some red velvet pillows... you know... to go with the NOEL.  Maybe red is growing on me. 

The fun snow globe that leaks *no smiles*

baby hughes had some fun with it before we took it away.

Here are some wreaths that I added to the tree after it was finished... some awesome bottle brush wreaths from Scarlett's.

And this year's stockings.... well, I love them!  I made the stockings out of a test yard that I had bought for the dining room drapes and decided that I wanted our silhouettes to make them pop a little.

So I bought some sticky back felt and Mr. Hughes (really good with some scissors)
cut them out (he already had our silhouettes created, he just needed to resize and print) and I just peeled the backing off and stuck them to the stockings.

The big stars were rusty and I decided they would look better painted.  Then my impatient self didn't want to wait for the front and back and the sides to dry... so I used Rub and Buff.  
Much, much better!

This was the very first thing I did this year for Christmas.  I wanted big jars full of German glass glitter all around... well, all around out of reach.  Well, that stuff gets a little pricy when you buy it by the pound... so I got some cheapy stuff and filled the crown jars with it and stuck some tapers down in the jar (use some candle sticky wax on the bottom... the glitter isn't dense enough to hold the tapers by itself.)
Good thing I got some cheap glitter.... cause Mommy dropped a jar full of it.
My vacuum is so pretty and sparkly!

And one last thing that I got this year off of etsy and I love, adore, can't get enough of (and it is red too!)
My little ho ho ho garland on mini embroidery hoops.
I found it here.

Well, I think those mountains of laundry are threatening to avalanche.... so I better get to them!

bye for now!

ps.  A bloggy friend just suggested I link in with the Nester's tour of homes... so I think I will!
and the Shabby Chic Cottage for funsies!
And last, but certainly not least, Rene at Cottage and Vine!
Thanks for having me ladies!


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