Friday Etsy Favorites *Deck*

Happy December~
whew... it has been a week since I last blogged.  I wish I could tell you that it was because I was traveling some place warm.  Or doing something interesting. Or even decorating.  But, nope, none of that.  I have been sort of hibernating, without sleeping.  Well, all that will change this weekend, that is the plan at least.  And I have all things Christmasy on my mind as I mentally *Deck* the halls.

 I love fresh greenery and boxwood is my favorite!  This bough would be the perfect spring on a door or above a doorway.
found~ garden22designstudio

This festive garland is so sweet with the little bow.
found~ handmedowns

These bright, fun coasters will add the perfect splash of red to your party.
found~ rubypress

And for the minimalist in you....
found~ paperklipdesign

This, my friends, is what SUVs were made for... oh how I miss Gabe... our Wagoneer!
found~ ohlittlerabbit

Now, I have a handpainted plate for Santa's cookies, but if I didn't have a fingerdot prodigy on my hand's, I would totally go with this one.
found~ wickedlygoodwares

 I love these fun felt stockings... especially the color combinations
found~ rikrak

I am really silly about some things... and there is this field of cows near my house... like dark, dark brown cows.  And they look great against the green, green grass.  I love those cows.  Every now and then, a white fluffy cow will get into the mix... it is great!  And, this towel reminds me of that!
found~ stranddesign

I have bought 2 towels from this shop and they are adorable.  She used pieces from vintage tableclothes and appliques them to the towels.... genius!
found~ vintagehome

And, this so needs to be on my front door!!  With the perfect green ribbon!
found~ blossomy

So, I am off!  We are planning to visit Santa today.  Last year, baby hughes was fine... loved him.  Let's see what he thinks of the big guy in red this year.  Then, we are going to get our tree (planning to, sometimes things don't go as planned for us)
Then we will trim our tree and deck our halls... maybe throw on the Peanuts Christmas Soundtrack... we are wild and crazy!

bye for now!


  1. I am in love with those reindeer towels!
    Good luck with Santa, my kids have frozen up every year, lol.

  2. I love her vintage towels too....
    Seriously, what did we all do before Etsy?! I cant imagine a world without it now!!
    Have a wonderful weekend doing "Christmasy" things :)


    ps - love the wild and crazy comment - LOL

  3. Great christmasy things my dear, hope the boy loved Santa, and you get your tree! happy weekend!

  4. Have a wonderful time with your family, sounds perfect.

  5. I want the wreath as well!!! I need to put the same soundtrack on and get my Christmas groove going! i'm soooo behind but we still have time :)

  6. HI Michelle,

    Thanks for the shout out for my reindeer towels although 'genius' is a gross exaggeration. Trust me on this. :-)

    I hope to be decking some halls or something soon -- so difficult to pry myself away from looking through all the great things on etsy this time of year. Rikrak is one of my favorite sellers. Great minds think alike? Happy Holidays!! -amy

  7. Sounds like fun fun fun, Michelle! Thanks for the scoop on the Christmas goodies! :)

    Get those Snoopy feet dancing! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  8. Thanks for including my boxwood bough with these beautiful holiday things! :D

  9. Hi Michele,
    Thank you for the lovely message and feature on my garland.
    Seasons Greetings and Happy Hibernating!

  10. Yes, you do need one of my big boxwood wreaths on your front collection..Love love love it!!!
    Victoria and the fur paw posse'

  11. I'm in a bit of a funk...just not feeling the decorating...I don't know what happened. :/

    Well, I hope you'll post some photos of your halls all decked in holiday cheer!


  12. oh these are wonderful!
    thanks so much for having me.
    happy holidays


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