A Vintage Junky Christmas 2010

Hello all!  Hope you had a very wonderful weekend!  We stayed in for the most part... the festival we were going to got rained out.  And then it SNOWED!
In fact, I am home today.... snow in Tennessee + no salt trucks + idiot drivers = Mommy at home. So I thought I would show what our house looks like with all the Christmasness (I kindly decided NOT to show you the two mountainous baskets of laundry waiting on me.)  So, grab some cocoa and sit down... this a full of pictures post.

The back of our front door... I ordered the mini boxwood wreaths from Garnet Hill.  They are preserved so hopefully they will hold up a bit better than the ones that I made last year.  My kissing ball that I have had for 3 years, didn't make it this year.   

I found these fun cards after some sweetie sent me (I mean, baby hughes) one tied to an owl.  Then I saw them on etsy here. I hole punched them and strung them to some baker's twine.  I love baker's twine!

I decided to make a few snow globes this year... I couldn't find glycerine to add to the water to make it thicker... so I had to use baby oil and mineral oil. An expensive little project, but it fulfilled this little part inside of me that loves miniature stuff in jars... terrariums... snow globes.... 
I found the the instructions by Martha here.   I may make some more if I can find some jars to fit these other deer I have.  A word of advice... make sure the jar top is threaded.  I had a top that screwed on and off on another, but it wasn't threaded so it is leaking a bit.

The dining room... I sort of went crazy with my circle punch... jumbo confetti!!!  I am not sure how much longer it will last, it sure is festive and fun for chubby little hands.  Oh, and you can see that I finally decided to go WITH the grosgrain ribbon trim.... I think it is just more me.

We (I begged) decided to get a small tree too... I loved our table top tree last year and the drum that covered the base, so I decided that we should do two.

Jumbo confetti runner with one of my favorite mercury glass pieces filled with vintage light bulbs...
don't get me started on these new LED lights.  I don't like them. One bit.  And we try to live green.... but I still want twinkle lights and griswalds.

A piece from the booth that hasn't sold yet... no matter, it makes a really nice tabletop tree perch.
I added the devil Joy from last year.
I love ornaments hanging in front of a window... so this year I did it.

And, what would a mini tree be without mini presents?
I started a tradition this year...see that little box wrapped in sheet music has a tag that says it can be opened on December 24th?  Mr. Hughes asked me... did you seriously wrap baby Jesus?
yes, yes I did.
I hope that in the future years that while baby hughes is impatiently waiting Santa on Christmas Eve that we can maybe infuse the Reason for the Season by unwrapping and placing Jesus in our Nativity.

Okay... here is a few testimonies to the paper snowflake madness going on here.  
In the windows....


Strands... they are everywhere!!  They are fun and simple to make and are so festive and NOT precious. So, if a certain hyena decides to go on a destructive rampage, all I am out is a few sheets of paper.
Here is a tutorial in case you don't know how to make them.

Mr. Hughes' favorite decoration (an heirloom if you will) is all sparkly with some vintage like garland and some HO HO cards.

Some garland and some birch covered pots.  I was trying to go for a theme... kind of a Nordic, papery snowflakey, vintagey, handmade sort of Christmas. Not sure if I got it or not, but it is all definitely thrown in there.

The best shot of the tree... it has been so grey.  The stockings have since changed.... I will show you in a minute.

Chomp (pronounced ammmpppp, like a chomping noise) got a little Christmas fun too.
Yes, I like to decorate his bowl.  See the above reference to miniature things in glass jars... 

The tree got decked out in paper snowflakes, paper punch garland, silhouette tart tins, sparkly pipe cleaner snowflakes, glittery wooden balls. In short, no breakables.

I love real greenery just set out.  Mr. Hughes got some tree (free) clippings from Lowe's.  So I spread them all around.

Some fun vintage candleholders that the Mr. found a few years ago.  I almost painted them... I am not a red person.  I am glad I didn't though... I like the pop they give the windowsill.

Our little ceramic nativity.  Not the whole thing..... there are several animals that didn't make the cut. You should see the camels... they are totally out of proportion... of course, I have never stood next to a camel, but still.

I even added some red velvet pillows... you know... to go with the NOEL.  Maybe red is growing on me. 

The fun snow globe that leaks *no smiles*

baby hughes had some fun with it before we took it away.

Here are some wreaths that I added to the tree after it was finished... some awesome bottle brush wreaths from Scarlett's.

And this year's stockings.... well, I love them!  I made the stockings out of a test yard that I had bought for the dining room drapes and decided that I wanted our silhouettes to make them pop a little.

So I bought some sticky back felt and Mr. Hughes (really good with some scissors)
cut them out (he already had our silhouettes created, he just needed to resize and print) and I just peeled the backing off and stuck them to the stockings.

The big stars were rusty and I decided they would look better painted.  Then my impatient self didn't want to wait for the front and back and the sides to dry... so I used Rub and Buff.  
Much, much better!

This was the very first thing I did this year for Christmas.  I wanted big jars full of German glass glitter all around... well, all around out of reach.  Well, that stuff gets a little pricy when you buy it by the pound... so I got some cheapy stuff and filled the crown jars with it and stuck some tapers down in the jar (use some candle sticky wax on the bottom... the glitter isn't dense enough to hold the tapers by itself.)
Good thing I got some cheap glitter.... cause Mommy dropped a jar full of it.
My vacuum is so pretty and sparkly!

And one last thing that I got this year off of etsy and I love, adore, can't get enough of (and it is red too!)
My little ho ho ho garland on mini embroidery hoops.
I found it here.

Well, I think those mountains of laundry are threatening to avalanche.... so I better get to them!

bye for now!

ps.  A bloggy friend just suggested I link in with the Nester's tour of homes... so I think I will!
and the Shabby Chic Cottage for funsies!
And last, but certainly not least, Rene at Cottage and Vine!
Thanks for having me ladies!


  1. Wow, you have an amazing, warm and beautiful house! I love all your decorations! Wish you a Merry Christmas!

  2. I hope you don't mind, I put a link to here on my blog. This is my all time favorite posting of Christmas decor. Good job!
    (if you do mind, I can take it off, just let me know)

  3. Love it!! I posted about the same thing last night -- including snow pics!! We don't get many of these snowy events in TN!! :)

  4. Stunning!
    I love that you wrapped baby Jesus, and that you plan on keeping the true reason for the season front and center for Baby Hughes.

    Love those homemade snow globes, too!


  5. girl, you decked those halls! wow wee, love it all...the snow globes are fantastic, seriously love the little deer and glitter!! And all the pretty details, and the stockings, love them!!! Thanks for the tour, wish I was there tho it would be soooo much better!

  6. So Beautiful! There are so many fabulous things to see I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite. Can I just say I like it all and wish you could come over to my house to work a little of your Holiday Magic on my house! LOL

  7. Your home looks so amazing Michelle. Really spectacular. So festive, yet clean, you know? I love everything. Those homemade snow globes are tremendous!

  8. ALL your decorations are lovely your home looks so inviting and warm.
    I love all the garland you made for Christmas!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

  9. I love your sense of style. Really nice mix of vintage and classic.

  10. I love those Merrys! What a pretty home - I love your style and all the vintage goodness!

  11. Great decorations!!!!! I just love this time of year!!!!!

  12. Beautiful....looks so nice and welcoming.

  13. Wow, stunning decorating, puts my efforts to shame :-)

  14. I love it all, but I am ESPECIALLY loving the stockings! Gray, graphic print fabric + silhouettes? Match made in heaven:) I'll be back for sure...thanks for shaing!

  15. I'm in love with those stockings!

  16. This is really beautiful! I especially love your neat stockings. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Um, how do I say this.

    Newest follower.



  18. Michelle- Your home is so pretty all gussied up for the holidays! I love the small tree and and the snowglobes! You found alot of cute and wonderful things on Etsy! Thanks for all the links! Hope you have a wonderful, merry merry Christmas!!
    Tammy :-)

  19. Thanks for the tour - it was neat to see all your decorations.

  20. Girl. This pretty much rocks. All of it! And thanks for reminding me about the snow globes. That was on my Winter Kiddo List and I had already forgotten about it - and misplaced the list!

  21. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! You're making me want to rip all my stuff down and start over ;)

  22. Wow! My favorite so far. So nice to meet you and muchos gracias for the stocking idea. Your mantle is just pure lovely.
    blessings friend,

  23. michelle, i featured your stockings and mantle today. they are amazing!

  24. Your home is amazing and so inspiring!!
    I love it! The colors are so pretty!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  25. I LOVE everything about your Christmas decorations! I need to remember to wrap up baby Jesus next year...what a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. You've done a marvelous job! Your home seems so inviting...

  27. Wow, I love your decorations!! I especially love the stockings you made! And did you make the "Merry Christmas" garland hanging from the mantel? You did a great job! :)

  28. Absolutely, positively GORGEOUS! I love all of the little touches. I would spend hours just looking around. :)

  29. It looks beautiful! Thanks so much for joining!

    Merry Christmas,

  30. That was beautiful!!! So many great ideas. Thanks for the tour.

  31. LOVE your decorations (and your blog!) I just can't believe you cut out all of those snowflakes!!

  32. Oh my gosh.. your place is magical! What caught me were those suspended snowflakes. What a lovely way to display them!

    Gorgeous home! I'm certainly inspired. :)


  33. what a lovely home! Love all of your handmade touches, makes it so extra special. Enjoy the holidays!

  34. The magazines need to come calling. Seriously. Your decorations are so creative and are just absolutely lovely to behold. Thank you!


  35. Oh Michelle i'm slightly freaking out over your Christmas decor!!! LOVE IT!!!! looks amazing, festive, fantastic!!!! Loved having some hot chocolate while i drooled all over your rugs!!!

  36. I LOVE the mirror over the fireplace. I want want want want want it. Love your decor. It looks fantastic. Have a great Christmas.

  37. I love the silhouette stockings! Gorgeous decorations!

  38. Hi Michelle - Your home is lovely - I love all of you Christmas decorating! Your silhouette stockings are a really great idea.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  39. Beautiful decorations - and I love your wreaths on the back of your front door - what a good idea not to just have one outside!!

  40. Your home is amazing! Love all the xmas stuff you've made!!! :)
    Xo Mervi


  41. I'm so glad you shared! I love the handmade feel of everything, and it's not as commercialized as a lot of Christmas decor. Very unique.
    Two questions: what is the paint color in your dining room? Where did you get the ceiling fan in your living room? I have the most hideous one with an awful light kit but the Hubs refuses to take it down unless I have a replacement in hand.

  42. Im visiting from The Shabby Chic Cottage link party. I love your Christmas Decor so fun and festive! I also live in Tennessee and have been stuck at home with snow on Monday then we had a ice to deal with yesterday. I saw someone ask the question above, but I want to ask it again, what is the dining room paint color? Its awesome!

  43. Your stockings are so cool. I really like your pops of red, but then again I am a red person and are leaning more towards pops of blue here.
    Your home is absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing at Holly Bloggy.

  44. What a treat! Your house looks fantastic Michelle. I would love for you to join my tour tomorrow if you get a chance.


  45. So good! Love those red velvet pillows on the light green chairs--they are perfect! And your stockings are to die for!

  46. I absolutely LOVE those silhouette stockings! Great idea!

  47. Such a lovely home and all your decorations look great.

  48. Beautiful! all your snowflakes and stocking are calling out to me. Now if only a had a few extra weeks to completely redecorate the house for the holidays! LOL

  49. Ahhhmazing! I love you stockings, I love your paper snowflakes, I love you jars of gliiter. ahhhhh....can't wait to use some of your ideas next year! ;)

  50. Everything looks gorgeous! Don't know where to start but I love the silhouette stockings. I've never seen ones like those. You did a fabulous job of decorating. Now you can hopefully sit back and enjoy it :)

    Merry Christmas!

  51. Back again to say that I absolutely adore that little terrarium! Those always remind me of walks in the woods when I was a little girl. Those snowflakes are pretty wonderful too.

    Thanks for joining the "Tour of Homes" party Michelle! Happy holidays!


  52. Thanks for the tour! Your home looks lovely for Christmas! I think it's great that you wrapped up baby Jesus :).
    Merry Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  53. Funny that you don't like the LED lights. I'm not fond of them either. I was just wondering the other day if in 5 years we will all have them. I love, love, love your Christmas home. The snowflakes are darling all over the place. Your tree and mantel are beautiful.

  54. Perfection. I am going to copy a lot of these ideas.

  55. Oh gracious I think Ive found a new favorite blog!:) Found you from Nester.
    Wondering if you'd be so kind as to let me know where your mercury Christmas trees are from? ive seen them all over blogland and I love them but no one ever gives a source!Help!:)

  56. your house looks so welcoming and festive! i love all of the touches you added, but those stocking might be my fave. you have such an amazing eye and way of combining things. remind me again why you don't do this for a living??

    happy holidays friend!
    p.s. wrapping baby jesus...brilliant idea!

  57. everything looks fabulous!! you did such a great job. love all the little details throughout!

  58. Everything is simply lovely. So many inspiring ideas. I love the snowflakes!
    Merry Christmas,

  59. So beautiful! I just love your home! I hope you don't mind I'm sharing your stockings over at www.lifeasathrifter.blogspot.com tomorrow!

  60. Beautiful and festive! I love it all, but your dining room window coverings and the paint color really caught my eye! It's been asked long ago, but would you mind sharing the paint color?


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