Friday Etsy Favorites *Green*

Happy Christmas Eve!
Isn't Christmas Eve just as great as Christmas... the anticipation, the joy, the not working...
Well, I haven't been working much this week anyhow... Jealous?  
Don't be... we are quite sick... so sick that we may not be able to go to Christmas Eve Mass...
But I am not going to let that stop me... I will be as merry as I can
And what makes me happy...well, one thing that does
A great *Green*

how cute is this crocheted scarf?!?

I love smocking!! And this skinny clutch

Another love... chunky necklaces

Now, I don't like bugs, except when they are on cool stationery

Bold graphic patterns + kelly green= perfect

Look at this yummy pillow!

It is true... I AM kind of a nerd!
found~ cooljane

I really, really need this hat!

Peacocks are so, so pretty!  Love the pop of green

Love this bag... perfect size, perfect color
found~ fantella

Okay, I have cookies to bake,  table to set, movies to watch, noses to wipe, temps to take...
But I will do it Merrily!  It is Christmas!!
A very Happy one to you and yours!
Well, everyone, I hope you have a very happy Christmas!

Bye for now!

I will be out most of next week ... I have a new booth to fill!


  1. Gosh - I love it all. Anything would look great this color.


  2. I love green and your choices are awesome.

    Thank you for including my little scarf!



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