Etsy Friday Favorites *Trim*

Hello all!  Hope you guys had a very safe Thanksgiving and hopefully you aren't badly maimed from all the Black Friday craziness.  After several years in retail, I try to do most all of my shopping from home, with the exception of a few places.  I really do like to shop local and support online stores, hence the weekly Friday Favorites.  Right now, I am putting off cleaning the house, even though I really need to since I won't decorate until it is clean.  And Mr. Hughes refuses to go into the attic until it is clean!  Sometimes, the man just has to put me in my place.  But, that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about trimming the tree.  So, sit back, relax with your 3rd slice of pie and 

I have always loved these paper urchins... I usually like most paper decorations.
But, I have never seen them used atop a tree.... gorgeous!

Love wool.  Love grey.  Love garland.
found~ elduende

You can put this awesome garland on your tree... on your mantle... across a mirror.... over a window....
I just got it the other day and it is so incredibly fun that there are places in my house fighting over it

Another great paper tree topper.  Kind of minimalist. Kind of Nordic.

Aqua mercury glass candy canes?  yes, please!!
found~ caramelos

And garland to match?  Perfection.
found~ efinegifts
pssstttt.... this shop has loads of vintage christmas goodness. You are welcome!

If you have littles that keep their chubby little hands off your beautiful tree, then these are for you!

Or, if your littles are more like baby hughes (a mixture between a hyena and a hurricane)
then, maybe you would like some felt ornaments... very durable and great with the red and grey
found~ winternook

so pretty and sparkly!

More papery goodness!  Love these happy little dots!

Okay, now, I think I have the motivation to CLEAN this house!  And, then during naptime, well, I may start making some decorations and maybe eat a 3rd piece of pie while watching a mommy movie.  And maybe, just maybe have a glass of wine *wink*
Have a great weekend! Christmas is coming!

Bye for now!

I have a confession....

Here goes....I don't like Thanksgiving food. There.  I said it.  I never have.  Now, my mother will tell you (hi mom) that this is some sort of a rebellion that began when I was 5, that I used to eat anything.  But I am not believing it.  I can't remember a time when potatoes didn't literally make me gag.
See, I lump what I consider "Thanksgiving Food" into the same category as "Country Cookin"
And, while I think Paula Dean is very entertaining, I probably wouldn't eat a whole lot at her house either.

And, just for the record, I don't necessarily like being weird or different on this holiday.
I mean, it is quite obvious when my plate only contains a slice of ham or turkey, some green beans, and a roll... oh and the one thing I really like.... Cherry Slop (the one thing that Mr. Hughes thinks is disgusting... maybe it is the name..... just so you know, my grandpa and I coined that name  when I was little... it is really called Cherry Fluff.... much more appetizing huh?)

Then, I get the looks.... and the eye rolls... and the snippy "that's all you are eating?"  from my sister who loves Thanksgiving food.  Then the guilt and shame sets in.... I feel as if I am offended whoever made the meal.  Then "Are you sure you don't want some potatoes and gravy?"  I would rather eat cardboard.
"No dumplings for you?"  No, thanks really, I am fine. "Don't you want some pumpkin pie?" LAY OFF!

Now, usually the guilt I feel sets in with the menu making process... there is always some talk, "well, we will have to have turkey AND ham because Michelle doesn't like turkey all that much."
And, "we have to be sure to have some brown rice since Michelle doesn't like green bean casserole."
And so on and so on.  And, don't get me wrong, I can be teased... I can take it.  But this is worse.  This is concern. As if something is fundamentally wrong with my genetic makeup because I won't eat soggy bread casserole (stuffing/dressing.)

I always assure them that they don't need to make special arrangements, that I am in no danger of starving.  That I will find something to eat.  I would rather everyone not even know about this.... I would rather sneak into a corner with my small plate of food and eat it quickly and exclaim how good it is and how full I am.
But no.... everyone is always checking out what is on my plate.  Why... there is no reason to make sure I am eating, trust me... I am not too skinny!

Am I a picky eater.... probably by your standards.  But I will eat stuff that my non-picky sister and my non-picky mother wouldn't touch.  Crab legs.... yum!  Fish tacos... the best!  Calamari... bring it! I could eat olives all day long!  And, Mr. Hughes LOVES Thanksgiving food and is entirely in love with dressing... I really think if I pressed the issue, he may choose it over me. So, I guess I am a bit of a spoil sport. And, you ask, why don't you just pretend you like it... because when it comes to certain things, disgust is on my face, I can't swallow it without gagging.  Just try it, you say.  I HAVE, and I don't like it.  And I am an adult and if I don't want to eat it, I am not going to eat it!

But, before you put on your judging pants and call me a Thanksgiving Scrooge, let me tell you a few things that I do like about Thanksgiving.

Being at my grandma's early while she made the pies.... she would always take the cuttings from the pie crusts and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them for me.

The parades.  I adore the parades!  And, my mom told me that the only parade that had the REAL Santa in it was the Toronto parade.  Santa is pretty busy this time of year, and Toronto is pretty close.  So, baby hughes and I will most definitely watch that one tomorrow.  And, it has always been my dream to actually be there in NYC for the Macy's parade in all that madness.

Spending time with family.... well, I have been honest with you about my food issues, so let me change that to  most family.  I love getting together and seeing people that I haven't seen in awhile.  

Realizing the things I am thankful for every day... the trivial ones like heated seats on a cold morning.  And the much more important ones like how in love I am with my little family

Playing games... like Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, and so on.
Here is something else you should probably know at this point:  If I want to keep you as a friend, I will never, ever play a game with you.  Because you will probably not like me much.  I am a little ruthless.  And a bit of a bragger. And a sore winner... but not a sore loser.... why?  Because I never lose.... 
There was this one time that my mom beat me at Clue, but that was because my sister didn't show me the card that she had.  But that was the only time. But, my family has to keep me and love me, so they also have to put up with my domination of any game.

So with all that being said, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and if we ever spend it together, I promise not to wrinkle my nose at your plate of dressing if you promise not to shove potatoes down my throat.
And, when you fall into your food induced coma, you can rest your head on my sleeping shoulder and tell yourself that I also ate too much.
But, we will both know it was from the wine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bye for now!
I am also not a Black Friday shopper... still love me?

Vintagey Christmas Ornaments

hellooooo!  How are you.... did you watch Deathly Hallows... I did!  And, I went all by myself.  But, don't be sad or think I am a total loser...  I really wanted it to be that way.  I went on a date with myself.  I only wish I would have bought myself a bottle of wine and treated me to a pedi.  But, I had to get back so we could get ready to go out of town for a birthday party.  On the way back, we stopped by a great train museum (the Casey Jones) for baby hughes.  He had a great time there. So, this weekend has been a little busy.  I did squeeze some time to finish a little Christmas ornament project.  Mr. Hughes occasionally picks up things that he thinks I will like at Goodwill.  And, this time it was a winner.  I only figured it out like 6 months later.

So, he brought me home some little tart tins.  They are cute as is, no?
But, I thought they could use a little dressing up...
Mr. Hughes punched a whole in the top using an awl and a hammer (I don't think he trusted me with Christmasy type projects after my Joy project last year.)

So, Mr. Hughes printed me some of the silhouettes that we used on our Christmas cards last year, per my request.  I cut them out and used little glue dots to attach the silhouette to the tin.
Then, I used some black and white baker's twine (LOVE that stuff!) to make a hanger.

And here is our start to our Christmas stuff this year.  

Unbreakable and cheap!  The best kind of Christmas decorations (except for mercury glass *wink*)

Here is something I did just to make the glittering more fun this year... glittering is fun on its own right?
This is how my german glass glitter came.....

Well, I have had this little shaker forever.  I loved it!  I think I found it at the flea market.  I wish I had a whole mess of them!! So, now my decking the halls will be way more fun.

I will be working on a few other Christmasy type vintage projects soon so I can have them ready for when we get the tree (hoping it will be this week!)

So, how are you decorating for Christmas?

Bye for now!

I am linking to Heather's Life Made Lovely Mondays!  Go visit to see some loveliness!

Etsy Friday Favorites *Harry Potter*

Hello all!  I am so excited about today.... I am going to see Deathly Hallows!  Now, ideally I would have gone to the midnight showing, but hey, its okay. A couple of weeks ago, Mr Hughes gave me the idea to do an etsy favorites all about my favorite book series.  That is right ladies.... you know my love for Twilight and Edward and Robert, and I may make a few enemies by admitting this... this series is superior to Twilight.  But, let's all remember when I first fell for Robert.... way back in the Goblet of Fire... ahh Cedric...
You non young adult readers are lost I am sure.  So in honor of a Mommy day at the movies I present to you 
*Harry Potter*

Seriously love this bracelet!  This is one of my all time favorite quotes!

Love this sweet owl necklace

  Just like Hedwig... and snowy owl 
found~ cindyprins

I adore these owl post boxes... such a fun way to send your mail

What a cheeky twist on the original!

apparently there really is such a platform at King's Cross
found~ velonoir

These would be great for a party or Halloween... or hey, everyday *wink*


butterbeer body polish?  Yes, Please!
found~ rawolive

I love this fun shirt! I wish I would have found it in time to wear to the movie
found~ evietees

Love this fun Golden Snitch Locket

these planners and notebooks are awesome.... in fact, this entire shop is full of Harry Potter awesomeness!

Okay, so now you know it... I am a nerd!  And proud of it!
If you go see the movie, I would love to know what you think of it.

I hope you all have a very fun weekend.  I am going to work on some Christmasy stuff that I hope to show you soon~

Bye for now!

ps. expelliarmus!

Just a Phase

Hello, hello!  I have to you you something about myself.  I have a favorite color.  It is green.... I am a green person.  Then I have a preference for a few other colors/ shades.... grey, aqua, black, white, brown.... occasionally pink.  But never yellow... not that I don't like yellow... I do....just not one a love.  But people, I am apparently going through a yellow phase....I think it started way back with this lamp:

In my mind, this is the perfect shade of yellow... let's call it key lime pie yellow.... 
(People, key lime pie is yellow... not green... if you are eating a green key lime pie then you are eating food coloring)
Anyhow, this yellow is perfect...
I found the base at an antique store and Mr. Hughes rewired it and I covered the shade.
Then I started buying other yellow stuff

 this yellow and grey planner...
what you don't know about this planner is that it has secret *just for me* grey fabric with silhouettes  of pigtailed girls.
found~ here

I also got this snuggly afghan... I love chevron too.
found~ here

Then this little piece of happy fabulousness
really... yellow and grey?  Genius.... it is like a sunny day and a rainy day mixed...
like salty and sweet...
like kettle corn
found~ here

But, now I find myself thinking about yellow fabrics and how to bring a bit of sunshine into our 
library/office/train table room.
So here are a few that I am lusting over....

 all found at
For the record, Mr. Hughes says that yellow may be too distracting to work around all day and it is partially his office where they would be.
 and, don't you think I need this.... I mean, it does match my lamp!

found at
Then, the final straw in this phase...
I collaborated with a  certain Margarita Sister to design this bag:

We will call it the Suzy.... and that may or may not be the name of its creator *wink*
Sorry for the awful photos.... it was early and cold and grey..... I think my hand was shaking from the shivering....

AND, she is reversible! I love it!  
Just remember... this is just a phase....
I am a green girl.....

Bye for now!

once I get some better photos, I will list this design in my etsy in case any of you are going through a yellow phase as well....

Loving Less

hello... how is the wintery weather treating you?  If you aren't freezing your arses off, please pretend that you are... because I am.  We had a very lowkey weekend as we didn't want to spread the yuck that baby hughes is getting over.  I realized though, during a naptime, when the sun peeked out for just a bit, that I never showed you how I shook up our living room.  And as it is all about to be covered in bookoos of paper snowflakes and other Christmasy goodness, I thought I would.  I purged quite a few things and while the living room looks a little bare and maybe a bit blah right now, I am loving the look of less... 

The wall above our television... I looked all over for a full photo of it and couldn't find one. But there were 2 of these little shelves, which four years ago, I loved.  But now, just something extra to dust...
and I also had our 3 silhouettes (me, Mr and beloved puppy hughes) but no baby hughes
and you can see the sliver of a pair of round mirrors (they have since relocated into the dining room.)

Then, on the opposite wall, there was a whole mess of frames.... it took me a while to get it just so.  And after a few years, I decided that it was just too must for me... empty frame overkill.  They may or may not find a home, repainted in the entry... we will see.
So after a little goodwilling (giving that is) and filling and painting lots of holes, I have a less cluttered living room.

Our living room is long and narrow and since we actually live here and spend quite a bit of time here, there is really only one way to arrange it... yes, we watch television (thomas movies, mostly) so we can't deviate from this much at all... believe me, I have tried!
I pared down the frames, mainly the empty ones and just kept a few.  It is a little asymmetrical, I know and I like it....

The mantle is pretty bare... I just cleaned off the pumpkins.  But, now, I think the mirror stands out much more... and it is one of my favorite things... in fact.... Mr. Hughes took the top of the mirror to create the Vintage Junky logo.

 I think with just the one grouping of photos in the empty frame, it is much better.

Mr. Hughes cut me a silhouette of baby hughes after me nagging him for quite some time *wink*
Honest to goodness, this is what sparked the whole thing.... there wasn't enough room on the other wall for his silhouette and I didn't want to take my beloved puppy's down, so I had to rearrange and purge to make my hyena's fit.

Now, this is a silly bare photo... but, before it was like the television was so boxed in, so framed because I felt like that would take the attention off the enormity of it. I like it much, much better and SO much less to dust.

I still want to add something to the living room... something fun for the trays... maybe a few more throw pillows (in fact, this very chair has a pretty cute new pillow as of late tonight).... redo the bookcase.... after the holidays though... I am ready. 
 You hear me Christmas? 
 Bring it on... 
I have started some fun ornaments and some other sparkly goodness and going to attempt more crafty goodness very, very soon.  

I want my tree *wink*

bye for now!

ps. I have in my possession my Harry Potter movie ticket... yes, I am a nerd!


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