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hello... how is the wintery weather treating you?  If you aren't freezing your arses off, please pretend that you are... because I am.  We had a very lowkey weekend as we didn't want to spread the yuck that baby hughes is getting over.  I realized though, during a naptime, when the sun peeked out for just a bit, that I never showed you how I shook up our living room.  And as it is all about to be covered in bookoos of paper snowflakes and other Christmasy goodness, I thought I would.  I purged quite a few things and while the living room looks a little bare and maybe a bit blah right now, I am loving the look of less... 

The wall above our television... I looked all over for a full photo of it and couldn't find one. But there were 2 of these little shelves, which four years ago, I loved.  But now, just something extra to dust...
and I also had our 3 silhouettes (me, Mr and beloved puppy hughes) but no baby hughes
and you can see the sliver of a pair of round mirrors (they have since relocated into the dining room.)

Then, on the opposite wall, there was a whole mess of frames.... it took me a while to get it just so.  And after a few years, I decided that it was just too must for me... empty frame overkill.  They may or may not find a home, repainted in the entry... we will see.
So after a little goodwilling (giving that is) and filling and painting lots of holes, I have a less cluttered living room.

Our living room is long and narrow and since we actually live here and spend quite a bit of time here, there is really only one way to arrange it... yes, we watch television (thomas movies, mostly) so we can't deviate from this much at all... believe me, I have tried!
I pared down the frames, mainly the empty ones and just kept a few.  It is a little asymmetrical, I know and I like it....

The mantle is pretty bare... I just cleaned off the pumpkins.  But, now, I think the mirror stands out much more... and it is one of my favorite things... in fact.... Mr. Hughes took the top of the mirror to create the Vintage Junky logo.

 I think with just the one grouping of photos in the empty frame, it is much better.

Mr. Hughes cut me a silhouette of baby hughes after me nagging him for quite some time *wink*
Honest to goodness, this is what sparked the whole thing.... there wasn't enough room on the other wall for his silhouette and I didn't want to take my beloved puppy's down, so I had to rearrange and purge to make my hyena's fit.

Now, this is a silly bare photo... but, before it was like the television was so boxed in, so framed because I felt like that would take the attention off the enormity of it. I like it much, much better and SO much less to dust.

I still want to add something to the living room... something fun for the trays... maybe a few more throw pillows (in fact, this very chair has a pretty cute new pillow as of late tonight).... redo the bookcase.... after the holidays though... I am ready. 
 You hear me Christmas? 
 Bring it on... 
I have started some fun ornaments and some other sparkly goodness and going to attempt more crafty goodness very, very soon.  

I want my tree *wink*

bye for now!

ps. I have in my possession my Harry Potter movie ticket... yes, I am a nerd!


  1. I love all the dark wood you've got going on there, Michelle. And that mantle mirror is seriously swoon worthy, too.

    But what I REALLY love is that your pup is given such a prominent place of honor with the rest of the fam. As it should be!

  2. i love the wall with less and i love the off centeredness about it, too. i'd like to put my feet up on your cozy looking couch (cause i'm guessing ya'll do that) and chat over margaritas.

  3. hello michelle,

    may i just say i'm LOVING it. to me it is 1000x better. now i am noticing things. i think you were right when you said things were getting lost. now the silhouettes stand out proudly and the mirror and well everything looks crisp, what can i say? it's really lovely.


  4. I LOVE how you have your silhouette pictures arranged! I don't have any kids but I have pets and id love to do something like this!

  5. Michelle, your room looks fantastic, I love the wall color and the photo of you and your dog that sits in the big frame...and of course the silhouette photos....and I also love your big arm chair in that fabric, and for some reason I see a pretty green lumbar pillow sitting in that chair...!! you did a fab job and I can't wait to see what it looks like with snowflakes all over too! soooo pretty! you got style girl,oh yes you do!

  6. I love a good, simple re-do like this one. It looks lovely. Can't wait to see it get decked for the hols.


  7. Hi there! I like it better with less! It looks so pretty.

  8. I love your blog! I saw this post and was inspired to pull out my own silhouette's that I have had packed away for years. I added them to my own recently created art wall. Thanks for the great idea!

  9. Your living room is wonderful! I like how you pared back. And that mirror??? Wow. You need to make a little road trip and help me whip my room into shape! :)

  10. I recently did the same thing. Love the simple of it all.


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