Opinions needed

Hello all!  Hope you guys are all wonderful.... the house is starting to get sick again.  baby hughes is feeling pretty yucky... asking to go to bed early... that is how you know!  One of the rooms that I have been shaking up a little is my dining room.  And, when I got home yesterday, my new draperies had beat me there.  Sweet Mr. Hughes remembered to hang them up for me so that I didn't have to iron them.  Yay!  I love them!  The fabric is great and they show the handiwork of a very talented Margarita Sister *wink* 

The plan was from the beginning to add a really thick grey grosgrain ribbon to the inside and outside edge.  Mr. Hughes got me this gorgeous ribbon for my birthday to use for Vintage Junky stuff... tags, wrapping, and other fun stuff (he totally gets me the best presents!) And I LOVE it.  And it just so happens to look perfect with the fabric I chose for my drapery panels.  The only question is now, with or without.



So what do you think?  The Mr. has one opinion and I have another... as usual!
And once we make up our minds, then I will show you the new drapes.... I am so excited that they aren't too short anymore... for the last 4 years, my windows have been wearing capris.
Well, I will be impatiently waiting your response.

Bye for now~


  1. Love the fabric! I say a 100 percent with. Can't wait to see.

  2. I like them WITH the ribbon. It adds a bit of punch to them and enough detail to break up the small pattern and give it style. Great drapes!

  3. Do you have a picture link to the room they'll be in? Seeing what they'll be with will make my decision. :)

  4. I personally love them with...it gives the treatments that extra special touch (plus you will think of Mr Hughes and his thoughtful gift everytime you look at them!)

  5. i'm going to be super unpopular around these parts, but i like it without. it looks pretty both ways, but when it has the ribbon it's the only thing my eye notices, and when it's without i notice the modern design of the fabric.

    hope you still like me ;)

  6. I had to go back and look at your dining room again - I say WITH! Love the fabric.

  7. With seems more formal and without seems more casual...no help I know.

  8. oh no i'm now confused.... it depends on how formal you want to be, i think.... i like both! i know i'm no help at all!!!!
    can't wait to see though!!!

  9. i love both, it's a win win. can't wait to see what you do!

  10. I love it without. I'm with Heather. With the ribbon, it's where my eye is drawn. I'm also into a more casual look.

  11. I am going with my first instinct which is with! Can't wait to see them in the whole room, cause I know how pretty that room is already! :)

  12. With for sure. It adds a little extra something something.

  13. I vote for the ribbon trim. A man that knows you that well, to give you something you really like? he's a keeper!
    I have one myself, I wouldn't trade for a bizillion anythings ~

  14. To my eye, with the ribbon adds a more contemporary look to the curtain. Without = softer and more vintage. :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I would say with the ribbon, adds more character!!


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