My Next Copy Cat

Hello and Happy Friday to you!
I didn't get a chance to do my weekly Friday Favorites, but I wanted to drop in really quick and show you something that immediately caught my eye in the newest Pottery Barn.
These planters will be my next copycat.  
Sorry Pottery Barn... you were a fun company to work for and I miss you, but I really only miss your discount. And since I can't have that, I WILL have these planters.

And speaking of really cool wood stuff
one of my favorite etsy shoppes is having a sale!
Uncommon is offering 15% off this Saturday and Sunday.

I think I may get some of these coasters I have had my eye on for awhile.

And if you have any burning questions  for me, click on this post and ask them and I will do a Q and A session next week.

And if this weather improves, we are going to try to go to the flea tomorrow~ YAY!
Wish me some good junking mojo!  Lucy sold and now I have 2 very sad booths!

bye for now!

Ask Me (with a side of Lucy)

Hello there!
I know you were probably expecting photos of all the delicious things I saw while I was at the Music Valley Antiques Show.  They were delicious.  And Rich... too rich for our blood.
I came home empty handed (this is where you feel sorry for me.)
I will show you photos, all in good time my dears. I have to get them off the camera.
But, in the meantime, Meet Lucy!

Lucy used to be blah brown but now she is a fun redhead... I mean... a fun grey and blue cabinet!
I think she would be perfect in a bathroom with fluffy white towels and some apothecary-ish jars.

I lined her with some vintage sheet music... stole it from Ricky's stack... I mean, Mr. Hughes.

So, I have been noticing some fun Question and Answer sessions with some bloggers and totally copied them... err... I mean, was inspired by them.
I never get really personal on this blog.
And, I am a somewhat nosy person.... I wonder who you guys are behind the computer screen.
I have decided to open the floor to questions.
Please?!?  Feed my ego and make me think you really care what my favorite cookie is (white chocolate macadamia nut.)
And, I promise to play along as long as things don't get too crazy *wink*
But, play nice, okay? Okay.
I will compile all the questions and answers and post them sometime next week.

bye for now!

questions answered here:

Friday Etsy Favorites *Pretty*

I am Michelle and I am a girl.
Girls like pretty things, right?
Well, I think a good portion of us do.
And, this pretty weather has me longing for girly things that are just 

Pretty in Pink 
found~ sohomode

 Simple and Pretty

I am a green girl and this pretty dress disappeared from my faves for awhile and I was distraught that I couldn't find it.  So, so pretty
found~ fcpcares

I think I have featured this print before.  Still pretty!

Simple IS pretty!

Pretty bow

Such a pretty clock.  I love doilies!
found~ uncommon

Love these little bows to dress up plain shoes
found~ No144

Oh how I wish my handwriting was pretty!  I always got "satisfactory" marks in penmanship.
Oh well, don't they say messy handwriting is the sign of a genius? 
Now I can fake it with this pretty stamp
found~ Notetrunk

Eat pretty!

So do you all feel Pretty?  And Charming? And Gaaaayyyyyy?
Heehee!  My grandpa used to sing that at the top of his lungs way before Jack Nicholson made Adam Sandler sing it in Anger Management.  He was a Jack too... hmmmmm.....

Random, I know!
So kids, I am off here.  I have to go wake up my two boys.... there is an antique show calling my name.
Hope your weekend is pretty and wonderful!

bye for now!

ps. my little etsy shop is having a sale of sorts. 
Check out the sale section for markdowns.

Copycatting and Some Other Things that I am Excited About!

hello there!
How are you? 
Well, I thought I would share the other things sweet Mr. Hughes did for me the other day, besides the mirror. Without me nagging or whining!
I saw these rolling crates a few months ago, and I just thought they were the greatest!
But, check out the price!
And I thought... well, I have one of those in my laundry room...
and I am sure they have casters at Home Depot that would work.
So, my Mr. attached them for me and we have additional storage for baby hughes' books.

Inexpensive too... I think I paid $15 for the crate and maybe $5 for the casters.
One of my must reads, Holly Mathis,  converted some soda crates for lego storage here.

And I am super duper excited about this little sign that the Mr. found... does anyone know what it could be from?  I originally wanted to put it on the garage door, but it is metal and didn't want to drill holes into it.  So, it marks our coat closet for now.  

And this... I finally convinced The Man to let me move this downstairs.
It was in the office/playroom/library/trainroom/recroom
covered in papers.
That is no way to treat a vintage type-r-writer!
It moved downstairs and I love it there.

And this... this is part of my growing stack.
It isn't quite finished yet... but it is getting there.
I haven't decided if I am going all the way up to the ceiling or not.
So, if you are dying to get rid of any fabulous vintage luggage, feel free to send some my way!

And I am still excited about the Music Valley Antiques Show this weekend!  It is supposed to be pretty here and I am ready to go treasure hunting.
If you are going on Friday, look for me... I will be the one with the incredibly cute and incredibly wild hyena and handsome husband.... there can't be to many ladies with cute kids and good looking husbands out there, right?
here is the info in case you missed it the other day
It is February 17-19.
Tennessee State Fairgrounds
625 Smith Ave
Nashville, TN 37203
Well, I think that is all I am really excited about... oh, I almost forgot about my Valentine's present.... I will share that later!

bye for now!

And It Stayed

And Happy Valentine's Day.  I truly thought it was tomorrow.
Thank goodness I bought my boys' presents early.
I'll show you what I got later.  It is good!

So, I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to know my decision about the mirror.
It stayed.  Oh I couldn't let it go.
Nope. So after a few swishes and swooshes, I found a way to make it work and not rearrange our home. Well, not completely.
Here are a few looks that this area had before....

I call this BBH. Or before baby hughes. Notice all the pretty mercury glass at chubby hand level.

And, more recently at Christmas

So here it is what it looks like

This little area sits across from our dining room.
I had Mr. Hughes hang the mirror (which he did without me nagging... he actually did three things for me without nagging...more on that later)
And I thought about photoshopping or iphotoing the thermostat and the doorbell out... but, hey, I am keeping it real.  Why do builders put these things in really obvious places?

And I just ordered these little prints from little brown pen.
I adore them.... I have a few more on the way.  Don't you think that little white oval frame needs some too.... it looks a little lonely.

So there it is.  I like it. Mr. Hughes likes it.  It is a happy day.

And, since I was foofing and fluffing... well... I may have changed my mantle and took all the bottles and put them on a metal cabinet in the dining room.  
So, that means some stuff in the living room had to change too.... but that is another post for another day.

This is going to be a fun week.  Specifically the weekend.
We got some passes from Scarlett to go to the Music Valley Antiques Market
at the State Fairgrounds.  She will be setting up along with some really great dealers.
I will be sure to take lots of photos.  
Local gals... are you going to this?

It is February 17-19.
Tennessee State Fairgrounds
625 Smith Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

Well, I will be back soon and show you the other 2 things that the Mr. did without me nagging.

bye for now!

Etsy Sale!!

Hello again!  I am back to let you know that I just have marked down many items in my etsy shop to make room for more treasures!

It is a cleaning house sale of sorts

Lots of great vintage finds

See it there is anything you can't live without

Have a great weekend!  I will be restocking the shop this weekend with new vintage finds!

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *British*

How are you?
Well, I took a snow day yesterday.  I think this is the most snow I have seen in Tennessee since I moved here when I was 8.
I did make it out to get a much needed hair cut.
Why oh why can't I blow dry my hair like a stylist does.  I feel like I need 4 arms.

Okay, so here is the etsy faves I had planned for last week, but time got away from me.
Recently, since we have been potty training, I have been thinking about baby hughes' big boy room.
And I have become obsessed with this:

(I have no clue where I found this, other than google images)
But, those who know me well, know this it the 
absolutely perfect quilt for baby hughes' big boy room.
I have a bit before I have to get it ready, but seeing as I can't quilt, then I will probably need it!
It started me thinking about how I adore most all things British... you already know I love the boys.  
So, I thought it would be fun to do a favorites on a few things 

A Queen Elizabeth tea cup... doesn't get much more British than that

I have a rather large collection of Dundee Marmalade jars
Quite a few, but if you want to start a collection you can start here

How sweet is this onesie?  Kind of punk too!

Double decker buses on vintage book pages?
love it!

this shop has a great selection of Union Jack cushions

Or, perhaps, a shabbier look is more your style

punk needlefelted eggs... so cute!

Adorable Cath Kidston print of Londonish locals

And, if you are like me, you would love to throw an obviously British word into conversation here or there, but you know you can't pull it off... well, you can wear one instead!

And, not technically a British poster (it is Swedish... it is okay, I like Swedish things too)
found~ handz

And this little number has been in my faves for awhile
I adore fascinators!

So are you thinking we should have some bangers and mash now... er... I don't really like potatoes....
let's just have some tea.
Well, the sun is shining, so I am hoping that it will warm up soon... we are actually supposed to be in the 50s this week!

Cheers! uhhhh... see I told you I can't pull it off!

Bye for now!

Fashion Becomes Furniture

hello all!
It is snowing. 
It took me awhile to get home.
But I am here safe and sound.
As much as I complain about the winter, the snow is quite pretty.
As long as this girl doesn't drive in it, then it is okay.
But it had better be clear tomorrow for momma to get her haircut!!

I think in my last post I lead you to believe that Mr. Hughes is against the lovely mirror staying.
Oh, the contrary!  I am a lucky lady when it comes to husbands and the decorating.  
He likes it as much as I do.  He even suggested a few places for it to work.
I am just sure that if I decided to rearrange the whole downstairs to make this mirror work better then he would not be so happy.
Some of you came up with some great suggestions for the mirror and it seems the consensus is for me to keep it, or to send it to a few of you.

So, I got sidetracked... the real purpose of my post is showing you the inspiration for one of my newest pieces, the Meghan.
I didn't really even realize I was inspired or I had filed the photo away in my head to be pulled out later, half way through a project.

So how fabulous are these spectator pumps?

And, if you have tiny feet, then they could be yours.
found~ endura

In the spirit of fabulous, two-tonedness, here is Meghan!

I kept the hardware original.  I just love the lines of this piece.  She was a bit hohum before the cream on warm grey treatment.

And, her drawers are lined with vintage sheet music.
As always, I would love to keep her.
But, she is at one of the booths waiting on someone (who may just be wearing a great pair of vintage pumps) to take her home.

Well, duty calls... or more specifically, chubby baby toes needing to be tickled!

bye for now!


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