Copycatting and Some Other Things that I am Excited About!

hello there!
How are you? 
Well, I thought I would share the other things sweet Mr. Hughes did for me the other day, besides the mirror. Without me nagging or whining!
I saw these rolling crates a few months ago, and I just thought they were the greatest!
But, check out the price!
And I thought... well, I have one of those in my laundry room...
and I am sure they have casters at Home Depot that would work.
So, my Mr. attached them for me and we have additional storage for baby hughes' books.

Inexpensive too... I think I paid $15 for the crate and maybe $5 for the casters.
One of my must reads, Holly Mathis,  converted some soda crates for lego storage here.

And I am super duper excited about this little sign that the Mr. found... does anyone know what it could be from?  I originally wanted to put it on the garage door, but it is metal and didn't want to drill holes into it.  So, it marks our coat closet for now.  

And this... I finally convinced The Man to let me move this downstairs.
It was in the office/playroom/library/trainroom/recroom
covered in papers.
That is no way to treat a vintage type-r-writer!
It moved downstairs and I love it there.

And this... this is part of my growing stack.
It isn't quite finished yet... but it is getting there.
I haven't decided if I am going all the way up to the ceiling or not.
So, if you are dying to get rid of any fabulous vintage luggage, feel free to send some my way!

And I am still excited about the Music Valley Antiques Show this weekend!  It is supposed to be pretty here and I am ready to go treasure hunting.
If you are going on Friday, look for me... I will be the one with the incredibly cute and incredibly wild hyena and handsome husband.... there can't be to many ladies with cute kids and good looking husbands out there, right?
here is the info in case you missed it the other day
It is February 17-19.
Tennessee State Fairgrounds
625 Smith Ave
Nashville, TN 37203
Well, I think that is all I am really excited about... oh, I almost forgot about my Valentine's present.... I will share that later!

bye for now!


  1. you obviously have a sweet hubs who gets your need to all the bits and pieces...especially the 'greaser' sign!


    stuff and nonsense

  2. Love those crates...I saw casters at my Walmart today....I was just thinking I needed to put them on something....thanks for the inspiration! I vote for putting the suitcases all the way to the ceiling!

  3. Casters are so cool...I could put them on everything! Love the crate too - and you cant beat the price ;)

    Im thinking "Greasers" might have been used on a cleaning cabinet or in a machinist's shop? Or maybe its from "the Outsiders" LOL!!! Neat-o find :D

  4. Love the crate, looks fantastic!! mine will be done this weekend, wahoo, but I need one more! :) love the sign and the typewriter, well that is just swoon worthy!!

  5. Love it all, but sign is special. Your great guy is always finding great stuff!

  6. Such.A.Good.Idea.That.I.Might.Copy.TOMORROW.

    Easy, simple, cheap, natural. All things I love!

  7. hi michelllllllllle!

    do you live i freaking nashville? omg. i'm so jealous. no wonder you love johnny and jack too right? omg.

    oh yeah and i love everything else you posted too!


  8. that crate is fabulous!! i bet your little hyena is having fun pushing his books all around in it.
    i wish i was able to come to the fairgrounds with ya'll. darn those thousands of miles between us.

  9. I am so jealous! I have been *dying* to get to an antiques show. I have had to fill the void during the winter with auctions and antique malls. Just not the same! ;o)

    Oh, and I LOVE how the suitcase stack is coming along. They are BEAUTIFUL!


  10. Love the crates and you are so lucky that hubby helps you out with your projects. Love the suitcasea and that typewriter is adorable.

  11. You are just as cute as they come. Your recent doings look great. O how I wish I could get myself to TN for that fair. Its sounds dreamy.


  12. Great idea to add the wheels to the crate. It's such a great look and I love that it is so functional!

  13. i have to get me some crates and put casters on it, so cute!

  14. I am soooo copying the suitcase thing from Country Living as well. I actually met the girl in the article last October at the Country Living show. She and I were both vendors and shopped from each other. I think I probably spent more then she did, though! Her booth was so dreamy.

  15. I love the crates, very useful..nice blog
    very interesting..

  16. Greasers...they're the 50's punks...think Fonzi and the guys from Grease. I'm guessing that your sign is a rest room sign.....from a diner. I'm unable to think of what would be on the ladies restroom, i'll have to ask my dad, he's old enough for that...i think he was one :)

  17. oh please just roll your crate on wheels right on over here!!! I'm slightly drooling over my new shoes over it!!!! i'm vintaging this weekend with some friends & must be on the look out for crates now!!!!

  18. Just stumbled randomly across your site and i LOVE it! Your style vintage meets clean is definitely refreshing! Cant wait to continue following and see what you've got up your sleeve!


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