Ask Me (with a side of Lucy)

Hello there!
I know you were probably expecting photos of all the delicious things I saw while I was at the Music Valley Antiques Show.  They were delicious.  And Rich... too rich for our blood.
I came home empty handed (this is where you feel sorry for me.)
I will show you photos, all in good time my dears. I have to get them off the camera.
But, in the meantime, Meet Lucy!

Lucy used to be blah brown but now she is a fun redhead... I mean... a fun grey and blue cabinet!
I think she would be perfect in a bathroom with fluffy white towels and some apothecary-ish jars.

I lined her with some vintage sheet music... stole it from Ricky's stack... I mean, Mr. Hughes.

So, I have been noticing some fun Question and Answer sessions with some bloggers and totally copied them... err... I mean, was inspired by them.
I never get really personal on this blog.
And, I am a somewhat nosy person.... I wonder who you guys are behind the computer screen.
I have decided to open the floor to questions.
Please?!?  Feed my ego and make me think you really care what my favorite cookie is (white chocolate macadamia nut.)
And, I promise to play along as long as things don't get too crazy *wink*
But, play nice, okay? Okay.
I will compile all the questions and answers and post them sometime next week.

bye for now!

questions answered here:


  1. I LOVE LUCY!!! Can you believe I said that? Someone was going to, it might as well be the first comment!

  2. I like that cabinet very much and would use it in my kitchen. I would have to squeeze it in someplace.

    Or I could use it in my home office even though I have cherry furniture it would look good.



  3. Lucy is gorgeous and it's too bad I can't squeeze one more piece of furniture in my bedroom. My question, what is your favorite time of day and place to blog?

  4. I had decided I was tired of seeing all of the aqua in EVERYBODY's blog but this pretty little cabinet changed my the right place, it is still da bomb....would be perfect in my bathroom....beautiful job...I like aqua again..sometimes...what inspires you?

  5. Lucy is Fabulous!! Lovely transformation. My question is - If you could only transform your furniture finds in one colour, what would that paint colour be? Scarlett x

  6. I love Lucy too! And white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. My questions are where do you find the furniture you make over? Where do you paint and do you paint by hand?

  7. Hello!
    I discovered your blog after purchasing some of your lovely items in Franklin. I've been following along for a little while, but thought I should say hello. :)
    My question is, how wide is Lucy? (what a question to ask, lol) Also, is she for sale?

  8. I guess I am wondering where you are in your quest to move to another place?

    Lucy is a beauty. Love her lots.


  9. She's Wonderful! Love the lining with the the white and blue...


  10. She is gorgeous, might be my favorite piece, if I had a big enough bathroom I would swoop her up greyhound for sure!! but looks like you might have sold her! ok my know I am digging deep here...what color are your toenails right now? see digging deep...I try! :)

  11. Loving Lucy!! Great job!

    My question: What are some of your favorite websites that inspire you? Magazines? Decorators?

    Where's the most fabulous place you've traveled?

  12. Lucy is a real beauty! I would love to find a cabinet like that and the colors you used are perfect!

  13. Lucy is adorable and YES! some fluffy white towels would be perfect for her ;-)

  14. Here's a question about Lucy - is the music paper sitting loosely in the drawers or adhered to them?

    Question for you - how did you get your love of vintage items?

  15. Love the cabinet! It just makes you happy to look at it. I think it's the white and robin eggs blue. Those colors say clean, fresh, cool and inviting. Can't wait to paint some of my walls those colors. I'm so worn out on the warm old world colors of red, gold, brown, green. I'm ready for Spring and some new light and fresh colors! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Mr. Hughes here, Lucy IS for sale and she is currently at Winchester Antique mall in Franklin, Tn.

    Lucy's measurements are: 65" tall x 36" wide x 16" deep.

    The paper is adhered to the drawer bottom with adhesive spray.

    Here is her "profile" on Craigslist:

  17. Michelle...Lucy is gorgeous and reminds me of my own little Blanca. I havent refinished her yet, but you have just inspired a wonderful idea for painting the interior the blue that I will be painting the antique bed. I was going to paint the whole cabinet but I think I'll do a good cleaning and leave her rustic on the outside and pretty on the inside. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
    Here is my post on her and the other hutches

  18. Lucy is such an adorable piece! I'd love to have her in my home, if only I lived closer to Tennessee. Sadly, I live far, far away in Florida.

    My main question is more along the lines of being a momma - how do you juggle the different aspects of your business with caring for your son? My son is about the same age, and it can be really difficult sometimes to juggle shopping trips and picking with naptimes, tantrums, etc. And I'm sure it's not easy to work on the furniture makeovers with him around, either. How DO you do it?

  19. For some reason I can't see the sad! :(
    I'm wondering what kind of paint you use and how you got started selling your pieces...did you jump right in with a booth at an antiques mall?
    Thanks, and I can't wait to read all the questions and answers!

  20. she's a beauty... do you have a new favorite item that you love to hunt for in your vintage outings?

  21. Do you find it to be a full time job keeping your spaces full of neat things to sell? I've always wanted to have a booth in a Mall but now I think it would be to much work.


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