happy weekend!

So, I just realized that I haven't gotten together my Friday Favorites... darn... and it was going to be an international one too.  Oh well, I have been busy getting a few pieces ready for the booths and playing trains and 
potty training.

Yes, my sweet monster wore big boy underwear (Thomas the Train, if you are wondering)
for 2-3 hours today.  NO accidents in them and has peed on the potty several times this week.
Oh, is that TMI?
Well, too bad!  Because big boy underwear is something to get excited about.

We don't have big plans this weekend.
I hope to get out and go junking tomorrow and find some more suitcases to make my stack bigger.
So here is wishing you a happy weekend. Stay Warm. And, I will be back next week with a bigger rack... I mean, stack...
And some photos of some pieces that I finished today.

bye for now!


  1. Big Rack....hehehe. Good luck on your suitcase hunt! I just added another one to my collection :) I scored at Goodwill, which is a huge feat. Ours normally stinks but I got quite a few good things - Woohoo!

    Yay for the big boy "wonderwear"!! (thats what I used to call them when I was little)

  2. Sorry you weren't out with me today...there were soooo many pretty suitcases at the estate sale I went to! I thought about getting them to store all my fabric in...I did think of you!

    Good luck with the hunt and yea! to the big boy. :)
    Sarah xo

  3. Dear Michelle,
    Potty training is very exciting when they do it right !! It is a new milestone passed.
    I have just been looking at vintage suitcases.....hope you find some nice ones. XXXX

  4. woo hoo!! go little man!!
    peeing on the potty IS major business.
    do you guys have the book It's Time to Pee by Mo Willems? we love that book!! and so will your little underpants wearer. :)


  5. Cristy and I are going to meet with a new estate sale client today. If there are any great suitcases I will let you know!

  6. Hope you had better luck junking today than I did, I scored a big zero!
    I have an almost 4-year-old boy and I can appreciate the awesomeness of the big boy underwear! woohoo!

  7. Yay! potty training and big kid underwear? That really is something to celebrate! Now think of all that extra money (from diapers) you'll be able to spend on 'stack' items! Lol... we' doing pretty good with the P.T. over here, except for at night time... don't know how we'll accomplish that...

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Can you hardly believe he's ready for Big Boy unders and potty training? Honestly, I miss even that about my boys being toddles. Congrats, Baby H!

    It looks like you might have started a little trend with the suitcases. My sister has one that she stores and totes her fave things in (art journal stuffs, Kindle and now tablet PC) and you girls have inspired me to find several to use in the studio as cute and functional storage (so I can get rid of that horribly icky entertainment center). Now if only I can find a few! BTW, did I ask you already? Do you use Pinterest?
    Have a lovely week!

  9. Yay for potty training!! Or shall I say: Yay for SUCCESSFUL potty training! :)

    Love the suitcases! You've got a great rack....I mean, stack. ha!


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