My Next Copy Cat

Hello and Happy Friday to you!
I didn't get a chance to do my weekly Friday Favorites, but I wanted to drop in really quick and show you something that immediately caught my eye in the newest Pottery Barn.
These planters will be my next copycat.  
Sorry Pottery Barn... you were a fun company to work for and I miss you, but I really only miss your discount. And since I can't have that, I WILL have these planters.

And speaking of really cool wood stuff
one of my favorite etsy shoppes is having a sale!
Uncommon is offering 15% off this Saturday and Sunday.

I think I may get some of these coasters I have had my eye on for awhile.

And if you have any burning questions  for me, click on this post and ask them and I will do a Q and A session next week.

And if this weather improves, we are going to try to go to the flea tomorrow~ YAY!
Wish me some good junking mojo!  Lucy sold and now I have 2 very sad booths!

bye for now!


  1. I was lovin on those planters in the catalog too (but not the price!)....I have a thing for distressed wood. I just wish PB wasnt so rough on the wallet.
    And those coasters have been in my shopping cart for a while now too - I might finally have to make them mine. Thanks for the heads up :)
    Happy Friday Michelle!!

  2. i love those coasters!! i've been eying them for a while, probably cause you showed them to me. :)
    i'm definitely going to have to visit that sale.

  3. Love those planters and I can't wait to see how you do them.


  4. I love those planters too - I hope they're simple enough to copy!

    sending you lots of flea market wishes!

  5. wow...LOVE those planters! i did not see them in the newest catalog. looking forward to seeing your version - i bet it will be great!!

  6. Oh yeah! Those will be fab! Can I go on he record and say I think yours will be better!!!

  7. Michelle,

    If anyone can create a PB knockoff, YOU can! Looking forward to seeing your version. Just catching up on posts I've missed. I adore the second dress and am swooning over the mirror! If you ever grow tired of it, please email me. Your vintage luggage collection is growing. I have three so far.

    Your Friend,

  8. As they say....if you can't afford it make it! There are plenty successful examples of it being done here


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