New Items!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The boy is sick. Again.  And, this time I think it has caught up with me.  So, I am thinking today may be a rest in day and postpone the week one day.

I have added some new designs and new vintage to the etsy shoppe and plan on adding more this week too.

I have been pretty busy custom painting for clients and will share some befores and afters and add more to my gallery.  I am woefully inept at taking befores and almost as bad as taking afters, so my portfolio is lacking.  Okay, I am off to drink some hot tea with honey... does the power of positive thinking come into play here?  I am not getting sick... I am not getting sick...


 This time of year always finds us outside.  Suddenly, bubbles are a priority along with weeding and mulching and adding color to the flower pots.  I currently have a peony bush with at least 30 buds on it.  And that is just one of them... I can't wait to bring fresh flowers from our garden inside to enjoy.

This is the time of year that I green up the house (and if I am being entirely truthful, sentence some plants to death.) But, while they are here they are glorious!  I have pretty good luck with terrariums though... I made a few a couple of years ago and I still have one of them.

baby hughes and I (gosh.... he will be 5 this year... how much longer can I possibly get away with "baby?"  don't answer that *wink*) Anyhow, we put these together the other day with some mini plants that we bought from Yarrow Acres in Franklin and some moss that we scraped off some brick edging.  We put them with some little fun things from around house.  A little fawn and some little clay or ceramic dolls.  I added an ironstone egg cup to mine with a little flag and bottle.  The mushrooms looked darling for a day... until they started getting some fuzzy white mold on them.  They were made from spun cotton, so I guess they weren't terrarium friendly.  So, I am in the process of making some clay ones to paint and replace them.

And, outdoors we have been just as busy.  We planted some poppies... one of my favorites!  The mr and the boy planted some vegetables and some watermelons.  Which is pretty exciting for the little man.  I think he expected them to grow overnight!

And, we have babies!  This robin had 2 babies hatch in a little vine-y area of our deck and we have another bird that has built a mossy type cave in a big planter.  I can't see the babies, but I can hear them *smiles* and the momma and papa bird are busy coming back and forth.  This year we have so many birds in our yard... like all different kinds and I think I am totally turning into a Bird Nerd!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!  We haven't figured out how we are going to spend ours yet... we have quite a few options.

Getting Some Things Done

So I took a little break this week from most social media.  I checked in here and there. I had scheduled some posts last week for this week, but mostly, I stayed off of it.  It isn't that I think it is BAD or that I had anything dramatic going on, but I felt a little break was in order.  I read a couple of books suggested by my personal literary advisor.  Seriously, I have a close friend that has my exact taste in books.  This is an important friend to have if you like to read like I do.  She also has many other great qualities and if she is reading this, I am super happy that she is on Instagram now, but I am still pulling for a blog from her.  Sister has great taste in decor too!  Anyhow, with my new found time, I went and filled up my Winchester booth in Franklin.  AND, I finally, finally got organized enough to post some new finds in my etsy shop.

I have been knitting quite a bit lately too and I finished my 2nd scarf that I blogged about on my alter ego, Thimbled.  I am steadily working on my 3rd scarf.  I am pretty sure everyone is getting a scarf for Christmas.  I know... doesn't that sound cliche like a tie on Father's Day?  We never buy our Mr. ties... he rarely wears one.  Anyhow, I can't buy yummy yarns and just have them sit in happy little yarn balls forever... they need to be something.

The good news is, that I have excellent taste in yarn, so the people who receive these scarves should be pleased.  I also have the best taste in music.

Well, I am off to finish some pieces and meet some clients for pickups!  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Art for My Gallery Wall

hellooooo!  We are all finally well (as of right now) We always try to contain the germies to our home, so as to not infect everyone else.  We do get a little stir crazy and apparently I don't remember to blog when I am stuck at home.  Odd, really.

So, now that I have my gallery wall and am adding here and there, I thought I would show you some art that I am loving on etsy.  This is the sort of thing that I would normally reserve for a Friday Favorites, but let's mix things up a bit.

found~ elsa jinx

 found~ poor dog farm

found~ shellie mitchell
 found~ janet hill studio

found~ old tyme marketplace

found~ draggy art

found~ verdigreen 

found~ britt hermann

I like throwing bits of vintage in with prints and originals.  I wish I could always buy originals that I love, but most of the time, prints will have to suffice.  I think I am always drawn to bare landscapes and simple houses.  I always love pen and ink drawings too.  It has been fun putting together our gallery and we will keep adding to it.... hopefully with some of these beauties!


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