Art for My Gallery Wall

hellooooo!  We are all finally well (as of right now) We always try to contain the germies to our home, so as to not infect everyone else.  We do get a little stir crazy and apparently I don't remember to blog when I am stuck at home.  Odd, really.

So, now that I have my gallery wall and am adding here and there, I thought I would show you some art that I am loving on etsy.  This is the sort of thing that I would normally reserve for a Friday Favorites, but let's mix things up a bit.

found~ elsa jinx

 found~ poor dog farm

found~ shellie mitchell
 found~ janet hill studio

found~ old tyme marketplace

found~ draggy art

found~ verdigreen 

found~ britt hermann

I like throwing bits of vintage in with prints and originals.  I wish I could always buy originals that I love, but most of the time, prints will have to suffice.  I think I am always drawn to bare landscapes and simple houses.  I always love pen and ink drawings too.  It has been fun putting together our gallery and we will keep adding to it.... hopefully with some of these beauties!


  1. Beautiful art! Love Katie Daisy's work! So pretty! Wishing you a sweet week! xo Heather

  2. Beautiful! I've my own art shop on Etsy too!

  3. What a great collection, honored to have one of my prints among them! Thank you and happy weekend!



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