New Items!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  The boy is sick. Again.  And, this time I think it has caught up with me.  So, I am thinking today may be a rest in day and postpone the week one day.

I have added some new designs and new vintage to the etsy shoppe and plan on adding more this week too.

I have been pretty busy custom painting for clients and will share some befores and afters and add more to my gallery.  I am woefully inept at taking befores and almost as bad as taking afters, so my portfolio is lacking.  Okay, I am off to drink some hot tea with honey... does the power of positive thinking come into play here?  I am not getting sick... I am not getting sick...

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  1. I continue to love your shop! Speedy recovery to both of you. (I swear by gargling with warm salt water.)


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