The ones that got away

hello all!  We went to the flea last weekend before the germies set in and I left pretty empty handed.  When I go to the flea, I always have these grand notions of all the treasures I will find.  What I bought, I really like (and it is all for me... bonus!) It got me thinking about all the things that I have sold and now I am sort of kicking myself about the ones I let get away. Here are a few off the top of my head that I remembered and actually took photos of.

This piece I named Carol after the sweet friend that turned it over to me to transform. I loved the curves and angles of this piece and its stylish simplicity.  And those little drawers!  I love little drawers!

This one had little drawers too!  Harriet was sweet and simple too.  I think I am drawn to clean lines with just a bit of embellishment for my personal home.  I love the French-y details to paint and pieces with gorgeous hardware, but for my personal space this one is one that I think about often.  And, it is even white and my go to is definitely in the grey family.  This piece had a taller chest that matched it that I painted aqua and I adored it as well.  I really wish this one was in my bedroom though.

I remember rounding the corner and seeing this beauty at the flea one day.  I fell in love immediately!  There is something about old paint and it was so close to my own yellow that I created for my line.  Anyhow, I don't know that I ever planned on selling it, but I had a busy weekend that really emptied out the shoppe and I needed something. It sold almost immediately.  I have since been on the search for a piece, any piece with old yellow paint.

These dark slides.  I started out with about 50 of them.  Maybe I am exaggerating.  All I remember is that I wanted to do a little wall of these at home in a grid like fashion and one day I realized I had 3 left. 

I always try to have a place for something and when I bought this, I didn't have the perfect place for it.  But, I knew that it needed to come home with me.  I listed this awesome bowler hat form and the sweetest lady that is now a friend bought it.  I still love it and I am so happy it went to a good home!

This piece was the second piece I painted for my first booth.  But, it didn't go right to the booth until I didn't have another piece ready to go one after a busy week.  So, I had to fill it up with something and totally planned on switching it out once I had another piece ready, but it didn't work out that way.  Those pulls haunt me sometimes.

This birdcage was one of those things that I just adored and I even remember the gentleman that I bought it from.  This one also went to a dear, sweet, lovely friend! I have a new birdcage though that may soothe the pain though once I get it finished.

I am sure there are many other pieces and small treasures that I have let go and I know there are things the Mr. questions why I I let go.  I mean, I can't keep it all and I do love to share the vintage goodness!

Okay, back to trying to remove 2 layers of paint from a bird cage, but leaving one layer....

ps. I posted a fun little project I am working on in May over at Thimbled


  1. The little blue piece...I love it. I got a similar one (not painted) that I had planned to sell. But seeing yours makes me want to think about keeping it. I'm sure my husband will be pleased to hear that I want to keep another thing I bought for the store :)

  2. I SO know what you mean about the "ones that got way".... You had some sweet ones, indeed!

  3. Love these, I have the second one in my bedroom!! You can see a little bit of it here: So funny because I rarely see the same piece of vintage furniture twice.

  4. Ahhhh yes, the ones that got away. I'm still kicking myself for selling a vintage pink feminine products dispenser....

    I cry every time I think of how beautiful it would look in my new pink bathroom!


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