Lagging from Spring Forward

Every year, this whole Spring Forward kicks my butt for about a week.  This year was no exception.  So, that is why I have been away from the blog world for a week.  And, baby hughes is cutting at least 5 teeth. That and I have been lucky enough to see my sister 2 weeks in a row.  The weekend before last, she came here to go see Remember Me and get pedis.  And, this last Friday, Mr. Hughes decided at the last minute that we should drive to Cookeville (where I am from) to see my mom and sister and do a little vintage treasure hunting.  Bless him!  It is what I needed.  A beautiful sunny day with most of my favorite people.  Oddly enough, we both had cameras. but took very few photos.  I will have to do a home town tour one of these days.  As much as I complain about it, I truly do have fond memories of where I grew up and hope that we can find a place that baby hughes can feel warm and fuzzy about too.  Speaking of him,

here he is examining a water meter.  We have big hopes for him!  So, the Hughes familia started out in downtown Cookeville... did I mention this was a surprise trip?  There is nothing that Nana loves more than some baby hughes time and luckily it was her day off.  We met Nana and the Margarita Sisters and Aunt Ashley at an antique store where baby hughes was happily passed around while me and Mr. Hughes shopped. I saw an idea that I have never come across before:

 Can you tell what the shelves are made of?  They are toilet tank lids on brackets.  At first I was like "where in the world did they find these ironstone shelves and why haven't I seen them before?" Pretty cool, huh?  I found alot of treasures there, I need to take some photos of my lovelies this week.

Then, we headed for Mexican at our favorite place.  Strangely enough, no one had a margarita, not even the so called Margarita Sisters.  Very odd.  But, there was lots of laughing at the other end of the table... I felt left out.  Next time, someone else is going to cut up the baby's quesadilla and make sure he doesn't jump out of the high chair so I can hear what is going on!!  And, order momma a margarita!

After lunch, we went to a few more antique stores with Aunt Ashley and got some ice cream.  Did I mention that she owns a Baskin Robbins?  Well, not really, but that is what I told baby hughes.  Can you even imagine who his favorite person is?

Then we went to the final store of the day.  Mr. Hughes finds this gorgeous ironstone tureen and says, "I think you need this."  Well, who am I to argue with that?  So I ask how much... 58.99 with 15% off.  That is more than I normally pay for my habit, but it was pretty and I wanted to put flowers in it.  We started making a pile of a few things, each of us going back and forth.  Well, I was paying while Mr. and baby hughes were outside and she gave me the total.... $165 something.  WHAT?  What had Mr. Hughes put up there?  So I asked her to read it back to me.  She started with the tureen... $148.99.... I went out and asked him... "did you really mean to get that.... um NO...."  So sadly (very sadly) I went back and told her that he must not have seen the 1 and that we wouldn't be getting it.  Oh I was sad. And, I think the lady was a little peeved.  So, I loaded up the stuff we did get and I was on the way out when the gentleman that owned the store stopped me... would I still like it if if actually WAS 58.99 with 15% off... um, yeah!  Mine all mine!

Turns out the dealer was in the store and he went up and asked her.  She said that she definitely hadn't put the 1 there.  She and the owner seemed to imply that a 95 year old woman who was also a dealer there was sabotaging the other dealers by marking up their prices.  Can you imagine?  Mr. Hughes thinks it was the cashier since he really did not notice the 1, but I like the idea of a 95 year old woman being a little sneaky like!  I can't wait to find some plants for it.  I love it!

In other Vintage Junky news, we are seriously putting the finishing touches on the laundry room.  It really isn't my fault... I have been distracted 2 weekends in a row by my sister and Robert Pattinson (in very different ways though *wink*)  Oh, and, here is my newest obsession:

Saw one in Cookeville and decided that I truly need a vintage Volvo. Okay, hope to have the laundry room and additional treasures photographed by the end of this week... rain go away!

Some Very Exciting News

I have some wonderful news.  It is something that has been in the works for awhile, but I didn't want to say anything until we were positive it was going to happen.  Well, it happened.  I almost feel a little guilty telling you.  You see, this is a Mr. Hughes thing.  Let me give you a little background on my wonderful hubby.

To say that Mr. Hughes is creative is an understatement.  He is, after all, a graphic/ web designer (he does blogs too!)  But, he also paints and builds things and basically helps me make my visions a reality.  He is a wonderful photographer and a great writer too.  Ladies, I lucked out, truly I did.  Marrying him is still hands down, the best decision I ever made.  He is who I go antiquing with... he actually takes longer than I do digging and what not.  When I go by myself, it just feels off.  He likes to upcycle things... take unwanted items and make them useful and pretty again.  Well, a few months ago someone saw his terrarium and then contacted him. This someone was from Country Living.  So they decided to put his design in the magazine.  Now, I haven't received our copy yet, but I searched for it on the website and here it is:

He sent them one put together and then one for them to assemble while taking photos.  I, of course, have the original in our dining room.  I am so proud and a little jealous *wink*

If you would like to check out what my other half is up to, you can follow him at the upcycler.  Leave him a note to say that his fabulous wife sent you and tell him to buy me that house... he will know what you are talking about.

Oh, and I believe I need to announce the winner of my Bloggiversary Giveaway... it is Alicia @ Rae Rae Sisters.  So, Miss Alicia, send me an email at and I will send the pillow and pitcher to their new home... take good care of that pitcher!

If you want to check out two other wonderful giveaways, visit Anne at Fiona and Twig and Kasey at Lola B's.  Let's see if my giveaway luck extends to these two!

Imaginary Rooms- Dining

A few weeks ago, we went to the Flea Market in Nashville.  I didn't find as many treasures as I would have liked to, I am sure I will once the weather warms up and the all the vendors come back.  I did take a photo of something so lovely that I decided to design yet another imaginary room around it.  Perhaps you remember my guest room?  Well, I really couldn't justify buying this,
because I need a pair for my imaginary dining room (are you drooling yet... I mean, get out!  How fabulous is this sconce?!?  I should have just bought it, display and all and propped it up somewhere in our house.)
Alas, I did not, but I started imagining away....
Theses sconces would hang on either side of a mantle like this
found Here

Now, this beauty would have a coat of a white paint over it and be fitted with a vintage mirror, spotty and chippy please.  And what would a mantle like this be without a whole mess of mercury glass on it:
found Here
This isn't part of my personal collection, but Martha, if you are reading, I would happily take it off your hands.  Less for your maids to dust. 
 And, if it doesn't all fit on the mantel, I can just fill up this little built in
 found Here
While we are talking about mantles and such, I just would like to remind you the essentials of the space....the bones, if you will.  It has original hardwood floors, most likely set in a herringbone pattern in this particular room.  And wainscoting.  Now, above the wainscoting, it is the color of my dining room now
 a photo from Christmas via me!
 Ralph Lauren Sunwashed Blue.  I made an executive decision a little while ago that from this point on, our dining room will always be this color.  
And, I really like our table too, so we will keep it... Mr. Hughes will be so happy that I saved him money.
But, if we were to change chairs and such, I would go with one of these looks:

found Here
Love these chairs... I am actually in real life having some lumbar pillows made for our dining room chairs.  That lantern isn't bad either.
found Here
These chairs are great too... I would either do them in a bold grey pattern or simple white linen.
Speaking of white linen, I think we HAVE to have some smocked curtains in white linen
found Here
The table would be on top of this
found Here
 We also have this rug in our real life dining room, so we may just need to size up.
And so we come back to the crystals that started all this lusting and madness, but this time on a vintage Italian chandelier
found Here 

I would probably keep my painting of Audrey that Mr. Hughes painted in here or near the entrance to this room... oh yeah, the entrance is covered by pocket doors... with a transom over it.  A real, working transom. 

Okay, I probably need to stop here before I cash out my 401K and start buying all of these things... Mr. Hughes wouldn't like that one bit.

Oh, and I wanted to remind you guys that there is still time to enter my Bloggiversary giveaway.  I will draw and announce the winner on Thursday.

One Year Bloggiversary!

Well, it is my one year anniversary of my very first post.  And, I am so happy that I started blogging.  I have gotten to know so many of you guys and I really do consider you friends.  I look forward to your posts and comments.  So, to thank all of you for supporting this vintage habit of mine, I am going to have a giveaway.  First up:

A grain sack pillow from my etsy store.  I bought a lot of grain sacks that have never been used.  They are just as they were right after they were printed, so they are really clean and the logo is bold.  I laundered them to soften them up.

Then, something really fabulous, so fabulous, I wish I could enter my own giveaway... something from one of my all time favorite shops, Scarlett Scales....

Oh isn't it lovely?  I picked it out just for me... I mean, YOU!  It is an ironstone pitcher that is all stained and crazed and perfect.  And, check out the design on it

A sailboat on one side

and on the other...

A bird and a vintage looking frame...

I have never seen one like it and it has a mark on the bottom, so I am sure it is pretty old.  I think it is perfect for Spring... can't you just see some pretty blooms inside of it?

So, here is what you need to do to win both:

Leave me a comment and let me know that you want to win.

If you want to blog or tweet about it, I will enter you twice. Just let me know in the comments that you did.

You don't have to be a follower or have a blog to win, just make sure you leave me an email address so that I can get in touch with you.

I will draw the winner next Thursday.

Thanks for being with me this last year!

I love this!

How cute is this?  When we get to wherever we are going, I want to get one of these made.  It is adorable!

Check out her shop, Little Pink House,  it has many more adorable things... a custom wedding portrait, pillows....  This would be adorable in a kids room.  

And, speaking of etsy, I updated my shop, finally!


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