I love this!

How cute is this?  When we get to wherever we are going, I want to get one of these made.  It is adorable!

Check out her shop, Little Pink House,  it has many more adorable things... a custom wedding portrait, pillows....  This would be adorable in a kids room.  

And, speaking of etsy, I updated my shop, finally!


  1. How adorable is this. I agree a kids room would be perfect. Congrats on your win and award!

  2. I agree, these are adorable pieces of handwork. Little art treasures. Thanks for sharing this resource.

  3. It's so cute, i must take a look at the sight and then hop over to yours!!

  4. So adorable! Very inspiring too. So many projects I want to try. So many new ideas. Thanks for sharing. Many blessings, Tammy

  5. That is so cute...going to go take a peek...then off to visit your etsy.

  6. This is so adorable!! I just got some really great things from your Etsy shop=0)

  7. Please enter me.....
    I was reading your profile and really loved what you said about making ANY house into a home. Then I read some more posts and it said you would love to move...older home preferably.

    I too adore OLD homes....more Victorian then cottage though. We have lived in our home for almost 9 years...it has a lot of the same things as yours... metal shelves in closets(everything falls through).....cabinets that lack character..etc.

    I sometimes have blog envy....my hubby is not a fixer ~upper guy so an old home may come with some headaches and cost us a lot in repairs. I am trying to take the same attitude~to love and be happy with what I have~make it my own. In a cookie cutter sub division this is a bit hard. I love our Town and the location is ideal for my daycare.

    I have slowly began trying to bring in some Vintage elements to our home...I want to put in some old screen doors....glass doorknobs and eventually redo some of the standard fixtures.

    I go back and forth but have finally come to the conclusion that this home is ideal for children and in the not~so~far off future....Grandchildren.

    The only problem I see is that if we do sell down the road...someone may not want all of these OLD touches.

    Anyway...long story short...I have decided to try and make this home my DREAM home....inside and out.

    When I am a little old lady.....I do want a little cottage..right next to some Antique stores~lol


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