It's that time of year again....

Yep.  It is about that time when the Mr. and I lose our minds and devote our energies into having a fun bash for baby hughes.  He is going to be 4.  The time truly flies.  This year we are going with a robot theme.  

For a long while, he has put a box on his head and said... ding-ding, I am a robot.  Something he came up with entirely on his own.  So, the Mr. designed a simple robot stamp and insert and baby hughes and I decided on the colors.  He has since told me that yellow is his favorite, not orange.  Oh well!  Maybe orange will be his favorite again in a few weeks.

He has also decided that he wants cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, and a BIG cake.  I am so glad we got a new oven to handle all this baking that is expected of me *wink*  This is has been fun planning since he is in on it.  He has told me things he wants and we have looked at ideas together.  The little "4" on the balloon is actually one that we were selling in the shoppe and he found and brought it to the desk and said he wanted it for his party *so proud*

Well, back to planning!  Have a lovely week!!

bye for now!

Around the Shoppe

Hello and Happy Friday to you!  I have been busy at the shoppe this week... painting as always and moving the whole shoppe.  If you have been here in person, you know that my little shoppe is on the petite side.  It isn't always easy to make it look really different since there is only so many ways to arrange everything.  I did snap some photos on a grey day yesterday to show you some of our newest *stuff*

I have a stack at home that reaches the ceiling so it shouldn't surprise you that I have one here at our home away from home.  

This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite pieces ever!!  I call it a big girl piece... that is what I call all Empire pieces.  It is like when you get your big girl job and don't have a roommate anymore... this is the type of piece you buy.  Or I would buy *wink*

We normally have a few cameras around the shoppe.  There is something that draws me to them even though we are pretty much completely digital.  They are just cool.... they just don't design things the way they used to.

It is always nice to have a man with nice penmanship around since I don't have it!

I decided to not hoard all the ironstone pitchers in the world... it was hard, but I make sacrifices!

I love this little sign Mr. Hughes made for the new jewelry line we have at the shoppe.  I normally am out a few afternoons during the week and on Sundays with the hyena, so I always love to come and find that he has done something like this.

It has been grey and rainy here for days (perfect reading weather!) Not complaining at all though... I love a good rainy day.  It is just not great for us amateur photographers that don't know anything about settings and just have not taking the leap to learn.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!  

bye for now~

Little Shoppe Project

Hello all!  Thanks so much for all your suggestions on my new iPhone!  I haven't gotten to check them all out, but I will!  I realize it has been so long since I have shared photos of the shoppe.  And, I am not doing that today since I decided late Sunday to move everything (note: ironstone platters make great substitute furniture movers when you are too impatient to wait for your Mr. to help.)  However, I will show you a little project that I came up with for the Mr. to complete.  That is usually how it works.  I will see something... for instance this section of fencing the Mr. picked up:

Now... in my head I flipped it... like this:

Now, I see potential to block the blasted sun that shines through the front windows and bakes the shoppe in the morning.  We had some plastic-y plantation shutters that I had the Mr. take down when we opened.  We still have them on the side windows and I don't love them. 

SO, in true me fashion, I immediately called the Mr and explained to him what I wanted.   He came in and sketched this out:

He is good at reading my ideas and sketching them out.... I scribble rather than sketch. I told them there had to be an odd number of panels... that was super important.  I am an odd number gal.

So after the sawing and the painting, I got the striped awnings that I have always wanted for my little shoppe.

They are way cuter than the dust loving shutters!  I am planning on adding my logo to the windows underneath.  

They are fun and rustic, but not too whimsical.  Now, I just have to convince the Mr to make me 2 more and take the shutters down.... those shutters are heavy though, so it may be awhile.

Okay, pinky promise that once I get this chaos organized into something presentable, I will share some photos.  

bye for now~

Kind of Obsessed

Hello all!  How have you been?  I have been super, super busy lately.  So, once my cell phone contract expired last Saturday I decided to treat myself and get something I have been lusting over for awhile... as in, when they first came out.  An iPhone.  Necessary?  Nope.  Do I love it?  Yep!  I have been playing with Instagram, but I haven't really had a chance to sit and play with this toy like I want.  So, help a girl out!  Give me some tips and what apps and especially what photo apps are the best in your opinion.

I have had some issues posting Instagram photos to facebook... like I have to keep unlinking my account and relinking it, but they post to Instagram just fine. So, what is the deal with that?  I feel like a little bit of a dummy.

Share your wisdom... I know I can look up all the answers, but I want to hear from you.

ps... I think my husband is jealous of Siri *wink*

bye for now~


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