Friday Etsy Favorites *Vintage Goodness*

hello all!  It seems like it has been for.ever since I did a Friday Etsy Favorites.  But, since we are still at home while the Mr. is running the shoppe, I thought I would do them... and break my own rules.  You see, I sometimes don't show what I really, REALLY love if it is vintage... sometimes it seems that someone swoops in and buys it from me.  So, today, I thought I would show you all the *Vintage Goodness* that I am lusting over...

oh my.... look at that vintage perfections... patina... rust... love!
found~ urgestudio

love the aqua on this sweet religious medallion

found~ sadieolive

If I ever was going to go crazy nuts and start collecting millions of one thing, I think it would be vintage bride and groom cake toppers... adore this one.  We had a great vintage cake topper
found~ izzydaisy

I wonder if I would enjoy upholstering more if I had this sweet aqua number...

What is not to love about this little carafe set?

adore this sweet office note pad 
found~ GillyGrey

okay, I have oodles of ironstone.  And a couple of these same dishes already... that doesn't stop me from wanting to get these as well!

I have this strange fascination with vintage dishracks... I don't know what it is... maybe it is the pretty aqua coating or the fact that they are really useful... whatever it is, I think this needs to be in my cupboard!

and this sweet little diver stamp... well, I didn't let it get past me... it is mine.all.mine.
It reminds me of this motel in Eureaka Springs that the Mr. and I drove past when we took a little trip.... it was called the Joy Motel and it had this great image of a diver on it.
even though this is gone, this shoppe has loads of fun vintage and handmade

Okay, so go pillage my faves and make me so sad!  The hyena and I stayed at home today because he still sounds sick.  So, we are going to work on our third art project of the morning and maybe take a little nap in a bit.  Have a lovely weekend!  Oh, and there is still time to enter to win the Custom Chalk Giveaway!

bye for now!

Custom Chalk Giveaway

hello and happy Wednesday! Hope you are all having a wonderful week.  To be quite honest, ours could be a bit better... we have some weird home repair issues going on... somehow our downstairs light globe was filled with the dirty washing machine water... very strange and we aren't really sure how it happened or how I didn't get electrocuted when I flipped on the switch.  And, the hyena is sick... ugh!  So, last night was a long one.  I am sure to get it...  a 3 year old doesn't remember to cover his mouth when he is half asleep and holding you close.  Okay, stepping away from the negative and onto the positive!

 I was at the shoppe the other day and was getting together a little giveaway and all the sudden it came to me.... I had the perfect giveaway right in the shoppe... Mr Hughes!  No, not giving him away (at least not today... I need him to deliver furniture *wink*)  I asked him to giveaway one of his great chalkboards and he jumped on board and chalked up a little board to announce the giveaway!

This is the first board he did way back in August or September.  After he did this one, he quickly started getting orders for custom ones and then he opened up his etsy shoppe and he has done quite a few really great boards for weddings and birthdays and anniversaries.  It is awesome to watch him start with a chalk design and eventually work up to something permanent.  We carry ready made ones like menu boards at the shoppe and some fun smaller designs as well.  The one above though is mineallmine!  *wink*

I have been after him to do a birth announcement one and we have a few more new designs planned for that line that he will chalk up soon.  Oh, and this one is random names... trust me... baby hughes was *much* larger and born at the beginning of August (still waiting on my mommy badge!)

Anyhow, they are amazing art and I am not just saying that since he is my Mr.  And, we are so excited to give one away! So, I am guessing you would like to know how to enter....

Okay, first off... sorry... this giveaway is only open to the continental US.

Go to custom chalk on etsy and let me know which design you would like to base yours off of if you are the winner and leave a comment on this blog post.

For an additional entry, go to custom and "like" it on Facebook.

If you want another entry, "like" Vintage Junky on Facebook

And, if you want more entries... blog or tweet about it.  

Leave me a comment for each thing you do to enter... it makes it easier for the random counter.

The board one of you will receive will be 18" x 24"  and you will work with the Mr. to create your design based off one of the ones in his etsy shoppe.  I will announce the winner February 1st!  Good luck!

okay, back to coercing baby hughes into drinking some more juice!  

bye for now!

In the Paper!

Hello and happy, happy Friday!  I just wanted to share a lovely little article about the shoppe that was published in The Tennessean today!  We are so excited and humbled that they wrote this nice article about Vintage Junky.

I always feel a little goofy when I have to talk about myself and what I do, so I am glad I didn't come across as a total goofball in the article.  Isn't that weird that I feel goofy and I have a blog?  And, just in case you would like to read it and can't make out my photos of photos, here is the link to the article.

And, I reworked the shoppe yesterday... I wasn't feeling the red Valentine's look, so I messed with it and I think I like it much better than before... it is more me... I added a blue table and was able to breathe... I had to balance the red!

I do like bright punchy red when mixed with aqua-y blue

I also foofed and fluffed the front... well, I mean, the whole store.  In this petite space, you can't really change one thing without changing everything.

And, if I am being completely honest  with you... it already looks different.  I guess it is good though, it keeps me from changing the house on a daily (hourly!) basis *wink*

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

bye for now!

The Smallest Shoppe Keeper

Hello all!  Hope your weekend was great!  I feel like it has been forever since I blogged... if you saw my workshop you would understand!  I have been working on some really fun projects for clients.  The past few weekends, I snapped a few photos of what's been going on at the shoppe.

And, usually, baby hughes is the life of the party.  On any given day, someone will walk in the shoppe and they are *enthusiastically* greeted by baby hughes.  Normally, he will hand you a card, shake your hand, and ask your name.  This kid... I think he is going to be a politician.  He introduces himself giving his full name veryfast.    He is charming (most of the time *wink*)  He has been known to kiss and hug you goodbye and run after you and tell you to be careful.  He is a handful.  God must have known not to give me a boring child that would get overlooked by a mommy like me (slightly absentminded, busy, and constantly planning.)   We are so blessed with this little man.  He keeps me on my toes and laughing.  
He is why I started this crazy business!  I mean, don't get me wrong... I love it.... but one of the biggest benefits is being with him.  I can get over the no paid vacations and paying for my own health care since I get to spend my time with this little guy *smiles*

Now for the shoppe talk: I have changed the shoppe several times in the past couple of weeks.  

I added some garden-y type stuff to Spring it up!  I am yearning for Spring!!

I added a bit, just a bit of Valentine's and red.  Can I tell you... I am NOT a red person.  I have very little red in our home and I don't have much at the shoppe.  I do love vintage valentines and decorations, but I am itching to take this down already.  It just doesn't floooowwww.  And, I guess that is sort of the point of red, to stick out.  

The Mr. created this chalkboard out of some salvaged furniture parts and added his lines *wink*  It sort of goes with our Save the World, Buy Vintage theme.  Of course, I have rearranged the shoppe since these photos were taken... I got a wild hair during lunch on Sunday and put the Mr to work once we got to the shoppe.

Okay, Flying Fairy School is just about over, so it is about time to get to work.  I will try to not be such a stranger!

bye for now!

Linnea's Lights Giveaway Winners!

Hello everyone!  I know, I know, I am a day late with the giveaway winners. Things have been pretty busy around here (promise I am not engulfed in a book.) But, better late than never *wink*  The winners are:

AubreyLaine said...
I would love Amber!

Shannon said...
always love a good candle, I think the magnolia one sounds delicious :)

So, Ladies, send me your info (michelle at vintagejunky dot com)  and I will get these awesome candles to you.  Thanks to Linnea's Lights for providing such a great giveaway!
I will be back soon.  Promise!

bye for now!

New Etsy Items

hello and happy Saturday!  It is rainy and wet here in Tennessee and almost Spring- like.  It was beautiful yesterday and we had a fun day at our little shoppe.  I decided to list some of my new finds late last night in my etsy shoppe.  I love the little birdies... well, I love the packaging!

I love the patina on this old post box.

I always love old clocks, but I can't keep them all...

And the sweetest little sewing kit... I want to find that velvet and cover some furniture in it.  It such a cool vintage grey, and I love grey!

Okay, have a fun weekend! Be back next week with a winner of the giveaway... still time to enter.

bye for now!

Soap at the Shoppe

Hello everyone! I have been busy researching little lines of stuff I want to carry at the shoppe and after a candle line, a line of soaps was next.

I love a really good soap and I found a line that I love that we were able to brand ourselves with the packaging.

We had a fun little photo shoot the other day with them and our new prop... I couldn't resist buying a display piece for the soap...

I may or may not have purchased it before I purchased the soap *wink*  Anyhow, I think the sink is a fun little accent.

I gave a little medicine cabinet an update with a frosted cross and had a spot for each scent: lavender, grapefruit, oatmeal, lemongrass tea (my favorite!) blood orange, citrus lavender, and gardener's.  

Okay, back to pricing some new items!  Don't forget there is still time to enter the Linnea's Lights giveaway!

bye for now!

New Year's Giveaway!

Hello all!  Hope your New Year has started great!  A few issues of Country Living ago, I was reading about this candle company called Linnea's Lights.  Around that same time, I opened the shoppe and wanted to include a few product lines, specifically a candle line.  After reading the feature on this company, I just knew (without even smelling them!) that they were the right fit for the shoppe.  So, I quickly contacted them and worked with a couple of really sweet ladies to place an order.  I couldn't be more impressed with the candles.  The packaging (recycled or recyclable) is gorgeous!  I love things in pretty packages!  And, they smell divine!  They are made in small batches (hand- poured) with soy wax and cotton (lead free) wicks.  Each candle comes with its own little box of matches as well.  It is little things like this that make them so special.  But, what is really special is the story behind the company.

Lynn (left) started making candles as a hobby.  And, as hobbies have the habit of doing, it led her to selling her candles at local fairs in Indiana with her husband, Danny.  From there, it grew into Linnea's Lights... the name is inspired by their family's Swedish roots.  After Lynn's husband passed away, her daughter Laura (right) came on board to oversee certain aspects of the company.  These two ladies continue to remain deeply involved in the production, planning, sales, and marketing of their company.  

Not only am I impressed with their product, but also their wonderful customer service.  It is always nice to know the story behind the company and it is wonderful to do business with nice people *smiles*

So, I contacted Laura with a little idea about a giveaway here on the blog and she went for it.  I did ask her what her favorite scent was (Amber) and Lynn's as well (Magnolia.)  Those are the two that we are giving away this week!  There will be 2 winners drawn randomly.  Here is how you can enter:

First, go to Linnea's Lights, and tell me which one you think you would like better: Amber or Magnolia
Then, leave me a comment for one entry.
Leave a second comment if you go and Like Linnea's Lights on Facebook
Leave a third comment if you go and  Like Vintage Junky on Facebook
Leave a fourth if you tweet about the giveaway or Linnea's Lights.

I will draw a winner next Monday and announce the winner on Januay 10th.  I love these candles and know you will too!

bye for now!

ps.  I wasn't paid in dollars or scents (heehee!!!) to write this blog post or do this giveaway.  

Happy New Year!

Hello all!  Happy New Year!! Now, I know I said my new year starts on my birthday, but here are a few things I would like to do in 2012~

~Fun family photo session with Hazel (and maybe find something cool to haul her *wink*)

~Redecorate our living room... maybe a new wall color...some new pillows... no big woop...

~Fun 4th Birthday Party...possibly a superhero theme...

~Wear more dresses

~Actually start the sampler I bought this year

~Read more books... there are a few that I can't wait for them to come out

~And, watch more movies... I can barely wait until November, but at least there are a few that I am looking forward to coming out before then

~Be outside more and enjoy it and soak it up before it becomes miserably hot

~Discover new music and see some live shows

~ Take some mini family vacations

I have so much to be thankful for.... 2011 brought me home with my little guy and then we expanded Vintage Junky.  I have B I G plans for 2012 and so many things to be excited sis is graduating with a degree in nursing (so proud!) and some friends are getting married too.

I will be back soon with a fun giveaway!  But for now, Happy New Year!

bye for now!


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