New Etsy Items

hello and happy Saturday!  It is rainy and wet here in Tennessee and almost Spring- like.  It was beautiful yesterday and we had a fun day at our little shoppe.  I decided to list some of my new finds late last night in my etsy shoppe.  I love the little birdies... well, I love the packaging!

I love the patina on this old post box.

I always love old clocks, but I can't keep them all...

And the sweetest little sewing kit... I want to find that velvet and cover some furniture in it.  It such a cool vintage grey, and I love grey!

Okay, have a fun weekend! Be back next week with a winner of the giveaway... still time to enter.

bye for now!


  1. Oh the post box is such fun. great finds!

  2. What great finds! I totally had that shuttlecock game when I was little, and that postbox is incredible

  3. Beautiful pieces -- especially love that little sewing box and the little tag you added to the mailbox.

  4. Hey Michelle - I just wanted to pop in and tell you a funny story. I was talking to a friend on the phone today - one that I talk to almost everyday. Anyway, we were talking and she said her daughter just opened a shop. I asked where it was and she said Spring Hill. I asked the name of it and she said "Vintage Junkie"!! I said "WHAT!! Michelle is your daughter??" She thought it was funny - I thought my gosh, what a small world. I've known your mother for almost a year and I talk to her almost everyday. I manage the Murfreesboro Hancocks! Your mom and I have gab/fuss sessions about corporate on a regular basis. lol

    Your mom is one hard working, push the limits woman, so I can see where you get your drive to create.

    How funny, huh?


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