The Smallest Shoppe Keeper

Hello all!  Hope your weekend was great!  I feel like it has been forever since I blogged... if you saw my workshop you would understand!  I have been working on some really fun projects for clients.  The past few weekends, I snapped a few photos of what's been going on at the shoppe.

And, usually, baby hughes is the life of the party.  On any given day, someone will walk in the shoppe and they are *enthusiastically* greeted by baby hughes.  Normally, he will hand you a card, shake your hand, and ask your name.  This kid... I think he is going to be a politician.  He introduces himself giving his full name veryfast.    He is charming (most of the time *wink*)  He has been known to kiss and hug you goodbye and run after you and tell you to be careful.  He is a handful.  God must have known not to give me a boring child that would get overlooked by a mommy like me (slightly absentminded, busy, and constantly planning.)   We are so blessed with this little man.  He keeps me on my toes and laughing.  
He is why I started this crazy business!  I mean, don't get me wrong... I love it.... but one of the biggest benefits is being with him.  I can get over the no paid vacations and paying for my own health care since I get to spend my time with this little guy *smiles*

Now for the shoppe talk: I have changed the shoppe several times in the past couple of weeks.  

I added some garden-y type stuff to Spring it up!  I am yearning for Spring!!

I added a bit, just a bit of Valentine's and red.  Can I tell you... I am NOT a red person.  I have very little red in our home and I don't have much at the shoppe.  I do love vintage valentines and decorations, but I am itching to take this down already.  It just doesn't floooowwww.  And, I guess that is sort of the point of red, to stick out.  

The Mr. created this chalkboard out of some salvaged furniture parts and added his lines *wink*  It sort of goes with our Save the World, Buy Vintage theme.  Of course, I have rearranged the shoppe since these photos were taken... I got a wild hair during lunch on Sunday and put the Mr to work once we got to the shoppe.

Okay, Flying Fairy School is just about over, so it is about time to get to work.  I will try to not be such a stranger!

bye for now!


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  2. What a blessing to get to be with your little one. The shop looks lovely and I really like the "I won't buy new" chalkboard. Cute! Have a fab week =)

  3. I have missed you! I was just thinking this morning that you must be really busy at the shop! That is a good thing! Everything looks amazing! I love, love, LOVE that chalkboard.

    And speaking of chalkboards...I am {CRAZY} about a special one I received in the mail the other day. {wink...wink..} I am going to post about it this week!


  4. The shoppe looks great..and a pop of red, I think, looks energizing! Like your boy! Enjoy your time with him, they grow so fast.

  5. Ahh he really is a good shoppe keeper! :) your shoppe looks great Michelle...even with the pops of red! love the chalk board, did I tell you I got a HUGE one at the flea? A real one from the 40's...for the kids room!! :) don't be a stranger, you know I likey photos~

  6. Michelle, how blessed you are with that little shoppe keeper ! I wish I were within driving distance. I'd come to your place just to meet him ! I have a friend in Australia with a son who's just like that...she calls it "cheeky!" :-)

    Hope spring arrives soon enough for you !

  7. It all looks great!
    Baby Hughes is a hoot, wonder where he gets that from, hmmmmm? ;-)


  8. I am so excited to have found your blog and found out about your shoppe! I live in Nashville and haven't been able to find any great vintage stores. (of course a baby does hinder the driving around looking for a great shop like I used to do :) but I wouldn't trade him!) I am super excited to come down and see it!


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