Friday Etsy Favorites *Vintage Goodness*

hello all!  It seems like it has been for.ever since I did a Friday Etsy Favorites.  But, since we are still at home while the Mr. is running the shoppe, I thought I would do them... and break my own rules.  You see, I sometimes don't show what I really, REALLY love if it is vintage... sometimes it seems that someone swoops in and buys it from me.  So, today, I thought I would show you all the *Vintage Goodness* that I am lusting over...

oh my.... look at that vintage perfections... patina... rust... love!
found~ urgestudio

love the aqua on this sweet religious medallion

found~ sadieolive

If I ever was going to go crazy nuts and start collecting millions of one thing, I think it would be vintage bride and groom cake toppers... adore this one.  We had a great vintage cake topper
found~ izzydaisy

I wonder if I would enjoy upholstering more if I had this sweet aqua number...

What is not to love about this little carafe set?

adore this sweet office note pad 
found~ GillyGrey

okay, I have oodles of ironstone.  And a couple of these same dishes already... that doesn't stop me from wanting to get these as well!

I have this strange fascination with vintage dishracks... I don't know what it is... maybe it is the pretty aqua coating or the fact that they are really useful... whatever it is, I think this needs to be in my cupboard!

and this sweet little diver stamp... well, I didn't let it get past me... it is mine.all.mine.
It reminds me of this motel in Eureaka Springs that the Mr. and I drove past when we took a little trip.... it was called the Joy Motel and it had this great image of a diver on it.
even though this is gone, this shoppe has loads of fun vintage and handmade

Okay, so go pillage my faves and make me so sad!  The hyena and I stayed at home today because he still sounds sick.  So, we are going to work on our third art project of the morning and maybe take a little nap in a bit.  Have a lovely weekend!  Oh, and there is still time to enter to win the Custom Chalk Giveaway!

bye for now!


  1. especially LOVE the first one! i want one so very badly. came across on at goodwill...kicking myself for not snatching it up the moment that i saw it...had two very tired kiddos that needed naps so had to make a mad dash home. when i went back to get it was gone. :(

  2. michelle,
    love your's always a delight to read.
    thanks for your sweet comment and for the feature from my etsy shop!
    love all the great finds and now i'm off to see if any of it left!
    have a great weekend,

  3. Your first favorite is my favorite - awesome!

  4. I love your finds...and actually have some of them in my favorites too! Thanks so much for including me.

    Happy weekend!

  5. So a random fact, but I stayed at the Joy motel when I was little with my parents!! Please don't judge them!!

  6. Oh I just love your favorites, they would be my favorites too. Great collection. Take Care, Carrie


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