Friday Etsy Favorites *Pillows*

Happy Friday!
The sun is sort of shining and hopefully my house will be soon,
I am thinking clean floors, clean sinks, everything put up....
That sounds good.
I wish I could just bibbety-bobbety-boo it into place.
Plus, there is some painting to do... one piece I can't wait to get my hands on!  Or my brush rather.
But, before I can manage all that  (and maybe sneak off to do some junking with baby hughes)
I thought I would share with you one of my favorite ways to decorate

I adore most things British.... well, the flag and the boys (hello, Robert *wink* and let's not forget Colin and Jude)

Shut the front door... love this pillow!
found~ decoYellow

love this little pillow... what a fun accent!
found~ artgoodies

love this olive green with the lace... and ticking on the reverse
found~ Octavi

This is for Mr. Hughes... a lover of Sherlock

Awesome map pillow

Grey chevron?  Yes please!
also found~ decoYellow

Love these Scrabble tile pillows!

I love super long lumbar pillows!

This pillow is made from a vintage blanket... love it!

I have many more favorites, but the Mr. just mentioned it may be warm (and by that he means 45) 
That may have just changed all the plans.
Other fun may be had by me and the bambino, after Sesame Street of course.

On a side note, Adam Sandler just was on singing a song about Elmo... so funny!

Okay, kids, I am outta here! 
Have a great weekend!

Bye for now! 

Latest Finds and Projects

Hello all!  
How are you?
I am fine... tired of all this grey, wet weather.
Spring, where are you?
That groundhog better not see his shadow... not that I condone animal cruelty....
but, he better make Spring come 6 weeks early!

So I realized that I haven't shown some of my latest finds and gifts.

This was under... or beside... the Christmas tree.
She is a repro, but Mr. Hughes vintaged her up for me.

He designed and added the Acme logo and her little necklace.
I love her *smiles*

I think by now I have stressed my love of letterpress.
Mr. Hughes found this vintage small letterpress type machine that will stamp small cards once it is tweaked.

But, for now, it just looks swell on top of Bubba.

And these aren't really new, but they are all together along the bar... just a few things I have been doing to shake up the house a bit... to keep it spicy and exciting *wink*

This was one of my favorite flea market finds this year.... it made me give up my favorite, favorite scale.

A double scale with  ironstone type plates.... love!
And, I was so excited to hear that the flea will be open in 2011 here!

Just last week I found this little gem... baby hughes says it is his *click click*
I am thinking another collection is brewing.
Along with a luggage collection... Mr. Hughes found me a great one for my stack.
I will show you once I have a few more.

I worked on a few pieces to take out to the booths the other day....

The Zoey... pretty blue... silver leafed knobs....

And the Carol (Carol, are you reading this?)
I adore this piece... I always think about keeping each and every piece I finish... it always crosses my mind of how I can rearrange everything to make something work.
This piece though, well, I love it!  It would be perfect for baby hughes' big boy room... but he isn't a big boy yet... nope.... no matter what the new haircut says *sniff sniff*
So, I took it out to the booth... someone better take it home before I change my mind.... Mr. Hughes wouldn't want to haul it back... trust me... it isn't a light load

Well, guys and gals... that is all I have....

Bye for now!

Little Etsy Update

Hello Again!  
I don't know that I have ever posted twice in a day...
I finally added some items to ye olde etsy shoppe
Here is a peek!

Okay, I am off to finish up 2 chests that I will show you next week... one of which I really, really don't want to get rid of!! baby hughes is finally napping!  woohoo!

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Flowers*

It Snowed.
Sure, it is pretty.
Sure, I don't have to go anywhere today.
Still, I am aching for Spring.
And playtime outside, for baby hughes and myself.
So, in honor of all things Spring, I present to you 

I love enamel pins and this would look great pinned to a purse or a cute dress
found~ Jadeelise

Just in case you don't have a 2011 calender yet, this one is perfect and happy!
found~ 1canoe2

It is no secret by now I love letterpress
And I adore peonies
found~ rubypress
This fun little floral pouch is like a dose of spring for small stuff

I love little kiss lock purses and this one has an adorable print

What do you know... more peony printed letterpress!

These towels are great... love the color combination

How sweet and delicate are these little hydrangea blooms for your ears?

These vintage seed packets would brighten up just about any corner

Dried billy buttons... aren't they so fun?

These poppy plates would be perfect paired and layered with other dishes

This book plate is just gorgeous!  It would really pop in a black frame

I hope those items put a little Spring in your day!
I have a few pieces to finish up and get out to the booths this weekend.  
And, if this sun stays out, I will have an update for my own etsy shop.
And, we may make a few fun Valentine decorations.  
I don't normally decorate for Valentine's, but this year I just might!
Have a happy weekend!

bye for now!

Please, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Hi there!  How are you?
Well, I need something and I know one of you have it.... 
probably because I most likely 
it from one of you.  
So, please, let me have the whole thing

I want to see the rest of this house... I am thinking it was a ranch that they redid with a porch.
So, one of you please tell me where I can find it.
I love this look.... the black trimmed windows... the kitchen... the lighting....
and I know that I will love the rest of this house too... I mean, check out that chair.
So, please let me get what I want... this time....

bye for now!

UPDATE!!!  Thanks to Dakota, I was able to locate it in Cottage Living September 2008.  So, all of you magazine hoarders out there... go look at the whole house.  I have been seeing some of these images around the blogs recently.  I am sitting here with a hot cup of tea and my large stack of back issues... Cottage Living, I miss you!

Sunday Smushed

I like alliteration.
How was your weekend?
Ours was filled with booth fluffing.
And house foofing.
And other busy busy-ness
And I am smushing it all in this post.
How do you like my sign for my booth at Winchester?

Mr Hughes made it... from a mirror arm from a dresser and a piece of moulding from who knows what.
It was the second try... the first try was a perfect sign... just a bit heavy...
 and here are a few of the latest pieces I have finished:

The Claire... love the original hardware

I lined the drawers with vintage maps... Colorado, Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri if you are wondering.

The Grace.... you know, because of her graceful curves.

Pretty silver leafed knobs

Sheet music lined drawers

The Eliza (sold...sniff, sniff, I get attached) adore her original hardware.

Also, lined with sheet music... I love lined drawers... it is like a special surprise just for you

The Wren Chairs... painted a darker pretty grey

And I love bird fabric

So the booths were fluffed, now I needed to foof the house.  I finally took down all the snowflakes (and the snow finally melted, what do you know.... coincidence?)

This was pretty much Mr. Hughes idea, but I made it happen.
He loves finding these really large dandelions... well, they aren't dandelions,  I can't remember what they are.  But they are super cool and I have had a few for awhile.
Well, wouldn't you know, they look great perched in a vintage flower frog and covered by a dome.

So, I started looking for more glass stuff that I had hanging around and just grouped it all together.

And, some more....

So, a new look for the mantle.  I have been foofing elsewhere too.  But that is for another day.....

And just when you think it was all work, all weekend.... take a look at our fire brigade.
Those are needlefelted owls that I made from a kit that the Mr. got me for Christmas from this shop.
At first, I was thinking... okay... I don't get it.... then I started adding the eyes and beak... and then it was quite fun.  Now, wouldn't you know it, that rascally baby hughes confiscated them soon after they were finished.  And a short time later, they are trained firefighters (and have had more than one nasty accident in their truck.)

And a masterpiece was created. baby hughes is in his choo-choo period.  We asked him what it is.... it is always choo-choo tracks or a choo-choo.
We like to encourage the creativity.
That about wraps up our weekend... we just finished up with popcorn and a movie.... 
I will be back later with more foofing and a small little copy cat project to show you.

 bye for now!


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