Vintage Junky at Winchester Antiques

We kicked off 2011 by opening the new Vintage Junky Booth at Winchester Antiques in Franklin.  On New Year's Eve I went to paint the booth from lime green to my *signature blue*
Then the next morning after a long night of prep work Mr. Hughes and I hauled a trailer full of stuff to Franklin.  And spent most of the afternoon foofing.
So here it is:

Here are the two chests... the Hannah and the Ashley.

I love the Ashley... I painted her a pretty grey (I know, I know I paint everything a pretty grey, but it is different from the other pretty greys!)

I love the tilting mirror.  Oh, and I named her after my beautiful sister... the prettiest girl I have met!

A sweet chair with one of my favorite ruffled grey grain sack pillows (more will be in my etsy shop soon.)

These lamps are incredible... one of my favorite finds.  Mr. Hughes rewired them and they look great with the bare bulbs (if I do say so myself!)

A few flower pins with a pair of crystal lamps

Some notebooks covered in vintage calling cards... in a painted violin case filled with moss

These will also be listed in my etsy shop soon.... shield shaped coat hooks made from organ pulls.

This piece was built in the booth... worked out great!   I didn't have to have Mr. Hughes make any storage pieces for the booth.

This was the other piece that came with the booth.  It had some green fabric in the back of it that just didn't go, so I took it down and lined the back of the shelf with a drop cloth.

And, one of my favorite parts of the booth... it has this extra little tiny room attached... it reminds me of my little booth at the Roost... I like the impact you can put in a tiny spot.
So, it is the Garden Room

A Bemis grain sack pillow on a cool folding chair that Mr. Hughes found.

Some flour sack towels on a wrought iron rail

A painted bird cage with moss

Tool sets painted *signature blue* 

This wall is all Mr. Hughes.... he painted the herb plaques and found the windows and painted them too.
He is wonderful... what can I say?

Then he also donated these botanicals from his very, very large paper stash.
He has a bit of a problem. 
But they were perfect  clothesline style across some shutters (that were already there... I just painted them a light grey)

We hope to get a a sign ready soon.... Mr. Hughes has a really awesome made... but he thinks it may be to heavy

Well, that is the second Vintage Junky location.
Here is the address if you are local and you would like to visit:
113 Bridge Street 
Franklin, Tennessee
It is one of my very favorite antique stores and I am thrilled to be there!

I need to get busy getting some stuff ready to spiff up my booth at The Roost... I have some chairs ready and a piece that needs some paint.  Got to get busy, busy, busy.

bye for now!


  1. I always love looking at your booths, and this is no different. Great job, so pretty.

  2. Love it! Great job.


    barbara jean

  3. Great foofing!!!
    Have an Oooh La La 2011!!!

  4. You GO, girl! Y'all just keep opening up VJ branches far and wide, one is bound to land in Texas, right? :-)

    LOVE that painted birdcage.


  5. Another great booth, I would expect nothing less. Way to go!

  6. AGH! People who live close to this are so lucky. I would spend all day in your booth alone! As usual, I love everything!

  7. Looks great! If I ever make it back to Franklin, I will definitely stop by.

  8. I love seeing how other dealers create their booth displays. I wish I lived closer so I could see it in person. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the new space!

  9. Love your new booth Michelle! I so wish I lived nearby....I would eat it all up :) Cant wait to see your Etsy store re-stocked. I must have some of those ruffled pillows ....and that shield shaped organ hook - so cool girl! Best on your 2 spot :)

  10. ok michelle, i'm so impressed. your place looks great and everything in it looks so good too. you really have a talent and it shows. a lot of people talk about doing something like this (i do) and never do it. i applaud your energy, determination and eye for the beautiful. i really am inspired.


    ps - i'm glad you like my boyfriend. but he's mine ok?

  11. Wow! I agree with Janet, everything looks spectacular! You really have a talent for putting beautiful places together. When you have more pillows, I'll take 2!
    I can just tell this year is going to be a wonderful one for you. How about expanding into Nebraska? :)

  12. it's so so charming! love it! if i were at that antique mall i would totally run to your booth!


  13. I am so excited you are in Franklin, TN!!!!
    Congrats and I can not wait to visit.


  14. I want to visit Franklin and see your booth, it is brilliant. Everything looks fresh and interesting and I love the colors you used.

  15. Oh I want you to open a booth here!!! I see many things my bedrooms needs. Badly.

  16. it looks lovely, but i knew it would. i love all the spaces you create!

  17. it seems as though we do share a mutual love for vintage. back when things were made with love and understanding.

  18. congrats on the new booth!
    it is gorgeous.
    so wishing i were local.
    happy new year! you certainly started off with a bang didn't you...

  19. This is marvelous! I think it looks perfect, and hope you sell lots of those treasures. The wee nook is adorable too. Congratulations! And rest up--you both must have worked sooo hard to make this happen.


  20. just found you! love what i see. can't wait to read more:)

  21. its wonderful michelle! wow! i am so excited for you! i wish i lived closer! i would love to visit!

  22. Good luck with your booth....Love your inspiration!!!!

  23. You are doing great. I am so jealous of you in a good way. You got to open a booth and I had to close mine. I still have my eyes open for another I'll just watch you and live vicariously if you don't mind. If I am ever that way I will be shopping at your spaces you can be sure.

  24. Please come to TX and open a booth somewhere!! Or maybe Coco and I just need to take a road trip in a big truck or van and come visit you in TN so that we can load up. I see so many pieces of furniture that I want! And the Ashley would just look darling in the new nursery I'm envisioning.

    Seriously - it looks fantastic!! Great job. I just can't get over how creative you and Mr. Hughes are. Such talent!

  25. Pretty things! I've added your button to my blog. Hope that was okay!

  26. Those floral prints are EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Could you ship them to me in Utah if I paid with a credit card? I want 15.




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