Snow Day!

Hi there!  Are you guys snowed in?  We are... 5 whole inches.  It doesn't take much to snow us in Tennessee!  
Hope your weekend was wonderful.   We went out on Saturday and foofed and fluffed the booths.
And, then we went treasure hunting.
Ladies (and the few guys that read,) it has been too long.  I missed it so.  We drove out to one little trove that was close til March! But we did happen upon a new place that we had never been to before.
And, there is where we met....

Have I ever mentioned my utter weakness for ironstone?  It is bad.  Mr. Hughes actually picked out this sweet thing.  You see, I have been lusting over an ironstone punch bowl for awhile... but why haven't you bought it? you ask.  Well, let's just say that it was around $375.  And it still sits, in the same spot, for over 2 years.  And, don't get me wrong... it may very well be worth it... just not to me.
So, naturally, when the Mr. told me he thought I needed this bowl... I wasn't going to argue...see, it is even up on a short little pedestal.
We also came home with a very cool vintage school map of Asia and the USSR, I will show you that once Mr. Hughes cleans his desk off.

So, when I woke up this morning and saw all this white, I knew just what to do.  First, I froze my hiney off painting a couple of pieces for the booth... show you later... then after cleaning the house up just a bit, I bundled my little hyena up and took him out to throw snow at each other.  It was fun... what else can I make everything better.
We built a mini snowman with a baby carrot nose and vintage buttons.  People, I know... he isn't the best... the snow packs really easy but doesn't sculpt.... people from up North, your tips are welcome.
baby hughes loved it!  This is his first snow that he was able to play in.... he took right to throwing it

Now, we are warm and dry.  One of us is napping.  And I am about to grab another cup of green tea and  see what I can shake up around here! (Have you seen the large stack of suitcases in the latest Country Living... I so want to copy that....)

bye for now!


  1. I'm loving all your snow and that beauty of a bowl too. I think those snowballs look right at home. I'm sure it will look gorgeous when it's displayed inside. Yep, a cup of green tea sounds good to me right now.

  2. I just wrote a piece on suitcases in case you want to stop by. I have a thriving collection. We are expecting snow tomorrow. Happy Snow Day!

  3. Love your bowl and the snow! We just had messy, rain/ice mix! :(

  4. Nice bowl!
    We got 4 or 5 ins. - I was not going out in the cold to measure. I am ready for Spring now. :D I know someone that lives in Franklin, that works in downtown Nashville. Don't know if she went to work today or not. :D

  5. What an awesome couple of days! The bowl is incredible-so glad you found it. Treasure hunting is the best.

    I can't believe you got so much snow. I will say I just built my first snowman over Christmas and didn't realize how hard it is! My husband watered the snow down to make it pack and sculpt better.

  6. Love your pictures of the snow. We don't have much left, but, there is supposed to be more on the way. Love the snowman and the ironstone bowl ~ glad you found it. Sounds like you've had fun, fun, fun!

  7. sorry to hear you're snowed in, but yay for snowmen!

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  8. Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts! I live on the coast of Nc and we had snow today too about 3-4 inches I believe, which is not common here. Its been a real treat for the kids! I went out treasure shopping Saturday as well and found a few great pieces. I can't wait for Yard sale season to start again!

  9. Isn't the snow wonderful here in TN today? We had around 5-6 inches in Tullahoma. Where are you?

    Take a look at the gigantic snowman my hubby made today. Just posted it a little while ago.

  10. I'm a Tennessee native, though in Colorado now. My entire family is still outside of Memphis and were all happy to see snow today! Hope you're having fun with it!!! ~Destiny

  11. uh that snowman is fantastic, I don't know what you are talking about, real buttons, too cute! now show me the pieces you painted, soo greedy huh? and I love love love that bowl, great find, and I hopefully it didn't break the bank when you bought it! although if it did,it was worth it! {instigator, I know!} :)

  12. You best hang on to that Mr. Hughes. He's a keeper! lol! That ironstone bowl is fabulous! I'm so glad that you and your little hyena had a great time making snowmen! It's so cute to hear how excited you southern gals get when it snows. Up here in MI.....I'm just counting the days til spring..... lol! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Hi Michelle,
    I love Stacey and Debbie there @ Three French Hens. I checked out all the booths and it`s so awesome! I live here in the Nashville area. Maybe I`ll see you there or your booth in the near future! (Love, Love the bowl)!!
    Kim :0)

  14. Michelle,

    We've had four snow storms since the day after Christmas and I've been down and out with the flu since then as well. :(
    I love your adorable little snow man! I got excited when I first saw the ironstone, thinking it was a new listing in your etsy shop. Mr. Hughes treats you very well!

    Your Friend,

  15. i love your snowman! and i'm with baby hughes...snow is only fun when there's enough to throw. ;)

    can't wait to see your suitcase stack. i made a mad dash to the craft store to get myself a pom-pom maker after seeing the flowers in the new CL. they are so cute!! can't wait to glue mine to some sticks.


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