Please, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Hi there!  How are you?
Well, I need something and I know one of you have it.... 
probably because I most likely 
it from one of you.  
So, please, let me have the whole thing

I want to see the rest of this house... I am thinking it was a ranch that they redid with a porch.
So, one of you please tell me where I can find it.
I love this look.... the black trimmed windows... the kitchen... the lighting....
and I know that I will love the rest of this house too... I mean, check out that chair.
So, please let me get what I want... this time....

bye for now!

UPDATE!!!  Thanks to Dakota, I was able to locate it in Cottage Living September 2008.  So, all of you magazine hoarders out there... go look at the whole house.  I have been seeing some of these images around the blogs recently.  I am sitting here with a hot cup of tea and my large stack of back issues... Cottage Living, I miss you!


  1. I think it is Cottage can do a cottage living search on Google images and it might come up. Love that kitchen too.

    p.s. we are going to see a grandma special of a charming/ugly house this weekend. Just to see...

  2. It is definitely from Cottage Living, but I don't remember what the article was about. I do love those windows!

  3. This is such a sweet little home! I want to live here

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  4. yep it's cottage living image! it's a saved favorite picture for me too! i would love to see the rest of the home as well!

  5. I had a tear out from this article, so I googled the names of the owners and found this link to their home:

  6. i think i've seen it on this website before.
    in the real homes section maybe??? those bottle lamps in the windows are the bomb!

  7. I miss Cottage Living too!! I'll have to go check out that issue and find that house. The kitchen looks incredible!

    BTW, is that song form The Smiths?? I seem to remember those lyrics from 7th grade.

  8. Beautiful kitchen. I miss the magazine as well. It seems they aren't as many good ones. Maybe because of the internet. Sad.

  9. I like the airy and fresh-feeling of this kitchen. Super cute!

  10. ugh. this makes me hate my kitchen.
    this one is just so pretty.

  11. Oh I miss Cottage Living, too! That, along with Country Home, were my two favorites. Why oh why do stop publishing such beloved mags when they are so successful???

    xoxo laurie

  12.'s cottage living hands was such a great mag and i do remember that home. i will have to dig out my back issues too. those mags will never leave my home.
    ps...i found you via tales of a small town junker and am now a follower. ;)


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