Thimbled Patterns

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely weekend!  This is the first weekend in awhile that I did practically nothing.  Like, didn't leave the house for a couple of days (I was feeling a bit ehhh...) But, still, it was wonderful!  I worked on some embroidery patterns and some orders and that was it.  I am still working on getting my blog for thimbled up and running, but in the meantime, I figured I would just post that sort of thing here.  The Mr worked on getting some of my designs into pdf patterns and they are now available here.  I have a few more that I am finishing up over the next few days and then I will post them as well.

Thanks for all your sweet comments about my little embroideries!  My head is overflowing with ideas and my fingers can't stitch them fast enough!  Be back soon with some shoppe photos and possibly some home photos.... I have a new studio space after all!

bye for now~

Friday Etsy Favorites *wild card*

Happy Friday!  I am rejoicing today because the sun is shining here for the first time in what seems like forever... at the very least a week!  We had a very fun week this week!  My 4 year old took his *girlfriend* out for pizza and ice cream.  When does this stop being cute?  Maybe if he suggests it at 13?  Anyhow, I looked through my favorites to see if I could come up with some kind of theme for this week and I couldn't, so here are some random things I am loving this week.

I am really not a heart person.  not at all.  But this necklace totally changed my mind!
found~ maryandjane

This print is so pretty! 
found~ thewheatfield by katie daisy

I love sea creatures and little animal toys... this little set needs to be mine... or the little man's
found~ rigandtwig

Like little art prints, I love new little towels.  These campers are perfect!!

I have ordered a few things from this shoppe and I loved this shirt right when I saw it... then she posted a special order version on Facebook and I loved it more (and it is on its way!)

I love teeny tiny things.  And I simply adore this little tiny painting.  I must have!
found~ ohchalet

This little box is awesome!  I wish I could see what used to be in there
found~ bellalulu

Okay, have a great weekend... I am going to try to figure out a way to soak up as much sun as possible while staying as warm as possible!

bye for now~

I have mentioned it before, but these are in no way paid/sponsored posts.  I truly have each item in my favorites.  If you do pin these images, please visit the actual etsy shoppe in the link provided and pin from there.  Thanks!

Introducing thimbled!

Happy Friday!  I have had a little secret project that if you follow me on Instagram you may have guessed... I decided to open a little etsy shoppe just for my embroidery.  The Mr and I have worked up some original designs and I will offer actual embroideries and patterns as well (should have them up this weekend.) I thought I would also add some fun vintage sewing items as well.  So, check out thimbled:

I have several other designs in the works and wandering around in my mind.  I also will have a blog up very soon.  I thought I would keep it separate from this one for those of you who are only interested in vintage and shoppe talk.  Okay, that's all!  Have a fantastic weekend!  

bye for now~

Just a touch of inspiration

 I took down all the Christmas (including the snowflakes) and the house seems so bare.  While it always looks cleaner after Christmas, I felt that the place needed a little pick me up and was inspired by one of my Christmas gifts...

My typewriter.  My beautiful green, petite vintage Royal typewriter.  How I love thee!  

Now, I realize that green (specifically emerald) is the Pantone color of the year, but I jumped on the green bandwagon ages ago... seriously.  I was 7, loved pink and pink and pink.  I turned 8 and I loved green.  Still do, even though I flirt with yellow and aqua as my bright choices. 

 So, I had the color matched as closely as possible with no specific purpose. I have been slowly but surely remaking my living room over the past several months.  I had a coffee table that was unpainted > became an upholstered bench with painted legs > back to a coffee table painted black > and now looks like this >

This room needed to be lighter.  Goldfish crumbs show up more on black. So,  I painted it one of my pale greys and distressed it and all that jazz.  But, I had this overwhelming wild hair to add something.  Enter the Typewriter Green paint.  

It adds a little something... but just a little.  I could have cropped the kiddo out on the sofa as well, but that adds a little something too, don't you think? 

Bye for now~

Friday Etsy Favorites~ Knit and Crochet

Well hello there!   It has been awhile since I did one of these posts, but I figured since I had a little time today now that I change my shoppe's schedule to the 2nd and 4th weekends every month, I would write one of these little posts.  I have been playing around with either learning knitting or crocheting for the past few months (knitting won... have needles, yarn, just need to sit down and practice!) It is a skill that I admire and I am always drawn to cozy items like that.  So, here are a few from my etsy favorites:

Isn't this trio of crocheted wreaths such a pretty way to decorate your wall?

This simple round pillow has such a great texture
found~ lacasadecoto

This pillow has my heart!
found~ colettebream

We like cozy knit blankets at home and I wish I had an adult size one of these
found~ yarningmade

This hat is so.stinking.cute.  I must have!
found~ sheepishknitcrochet

Okay, I am off to go finish up some pieces of furniture and to finish a little table makeover for mi casa~
have a lovely weekend everyone!

bye for now~

I have mentioned it before, but these are in no way paid/sponsored posts.  I truly have each item in my favorites.  If you do pin these images, please visit the actual etsy shoppe in the link provided and pin from there.  Thanks!

Fresh Year, Fresh Ideas

Happy New Year!  I normally try to think of my new word for my new year on my birthday since it is less than a month before the new year.  This year I delayed it because I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to define this next year.  This word Fresh kept coming back to me.  Everyone gets stuck in a rut, and I was feeling a little stale.  I have several notepads full of ideas for Vintage Junky... not just the shoppe, but my brand as a whole.  But, I was finding that after all was said and done that I wasn't moving forward on any plans.  The house was messy.  I wasn't able to shop for the shoppe as much or updating my etsy shoppe and my local booth  as much as I would have liked.  I looked at all of these things that I wanted to accomplish and I realized what they had in common: time.  Time.  That little thing that there is just never enough.  I wasn't able to create my new designs or take on as many clients because of time.  

So, after much discussion with my Mr. and some friends with shoppes and some friends with my best interests at heart, I have decided that the best way to keep my ideas, designs, and shoppe Fresh is to open every other weekend each month... the 2nd and 4th to be exact.  I am always available by appointment if I am in town and I have opened specifically for people traveling from out of town.  The Mr. has been traveling more and more with his business and the baby (big boy now *wink*) would like to tag along with him when he goes to particularly interesting places.  This adjusted schedule will free me up to travel with him when I wish and also to go on treasure hunts more often.  Plus, I will be able to get my client's pieces done faster as I only paint Monday- Thursday.

Along with my word Fresh, I have also committed to myself to Make something everyday as my Project 365 on Instagram (my handle is thevintagejunky)  Even if it is just a mess or a batch of cookies, making things gives me time to create and come up with Fresh ideas (there's my word again!) I plan to take a photo of whatever I Make and post it to Instagram each day.

Finally, I have been sort of a lazy blogger.  I haven't been able to visit my favorites as much as I would like.  I am hoping to change that too and blog and visit a little more often.  I am filled with good intentions and some big plans for this year.  Things that I am quite excited about!  I am working to make 2013 the best yet!

bye for now~


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