Friday Etsy Favorites *wild card*

Happy Friday!  I am rejoicing today because the sun is shining here for the first time in what seems like forever... at the very least a week!  We had a very fun week this week!  My 4 year old took his *girlfriend* out for pizza and ice cream.  When does this stop being cute?  Maybe if he suggests it at 13?  Anyhow, I looked through my favorites to see if I could come up with some kind of theme for this week and I couldn't, so here are some random things I am loving this week.

I am really not a heart person.  not at all.  But this necklace totally changed my mind!
found~ maryandjane

This print is so pretty! 
found~ thewheatfield by katie daisy

I love sea creatures and little animal toys... this little set needs to be mine... or the little man's
found~ rigandtwig

Like little art prints, I love new little towels.  These campers are perfect!!

I have ordered a few things from this shoppe and I loved this shirt right when I saw it... then she posted a special order version on Facebook and I loved it more (and it is on its way!)

I love teeny tiny things.  And I simply adore this little tiny painting.  I must have!
found~ ohchalet

This little box is awesome!  I wish I could see what used to be in there
found~ bellalulu

Okay, have a great weekend... I am going to try to figure out a way to soak up as much sun as possible while staying as warm as possible!

bye for now~

I have mentioned it before, but these are in no way paid/sponsored posts.  I truly have each item in my favorites.  If you do pin these images, please visit the actual etsy shoppe in the link provided and pin from there.  Thanks!


  1. cute stuff!! Love that camper tea towel :) I also heart teeny tiny stuff- I think I could maybe hide a secret doll house just so I could buy the tiny furniture ;) ha ha! Good list!

  2. thank you for including me in such a lovely post, michelle! i have a 7 year old boy with a "girlfriend" he occasionally has playdates with...still cute!!!!! :)


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