Just a touch of inspiration

 I took down all the Christmas (including the snowflakes) and the house seems so bare.  While it always looks cleaner after Christmas, I felt that the place needed a little pick me up and was inspired by one of my Christmas gifts...

My typewriter.  My beautiful green, petite vintage Royal typewriter.  How I love thee!  

Now, I realize that green (specifically emerald) is the Pantone color of the year, but I jumped on the green bandwagon ages ago... seriously.  I was 7, loved pink and pink and pink.  I turned 8 and I loved green.  Still do, even though I flirt with yellow and aqua as my bright choices. 

 So, I had the color matched as closely as possible with no specific purpose. I have been slowly but surely remaking my living room over the past several months.  I had a coffee table that was unpainted > became an upholstered bench with painted legs > back to a coffee table painted black > and now looks like this >

This room needed to be lighter.  Goldfish crumbs show up more on black. So,  I painted it one of my pale greys and distressed it and all that jazz.  But, I had this overwhelming wild hair to add something.  Enter the Typewriter Green paint.  

It adds a little something... but just a little.  I could have cropped the kiddo out on the sofa as well, but that adds a little something too, don't you think? 

Bye for now~


  1. cute little green feet on the table and little feet on the kiddo.

  2. that hit of green is perfect! and I'm absolutely lovin' your typewriter...

  3. I love the skirt on the sofa too!

  4. Love the Hint of Green and that the kiddo is in the background of your photo.

  5. I think I've fallen madly in love with your typewriter. I'm very into green too.. and have been long before panetone! :)

  6. i am with you on the green and i swear if that typewriter is missing it isn't at my house. i actually saw your table on pinterest first i think but great to see this post too.

  7. I love your typewriter!! Such a pretty green,and how sweet to add that pretty touch of green to the table! xo Heather

  8. That green is just the right touch. Very judicious use of color there. :)

  9. I love the typewriter...and the touch of color on the coffee table

  10. I LOVE green! Have for awhile actually. Just recently started noticing how much I really do have of it around. :) I love your table...cute accent idea! I have a question for you about your rug though. I love it and am wondering a) where you got it from and b) if you love it/would recommend it for a family with kids? I always love to know others' opinions before investing in bigger items such as these! Thanks for any input you can provide me. :)


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