Where in the World is Vintage Junky?!

 Hello September!!  Hello Readers!!  (crickets, crickets)
Yes, I realize it has been forever since I blogged here.  Yesterday, I sat at my husband's new desk (or the one he just started using in the house) and realized it was a super comfy spot.  So, I decided to snap some quick photos of our living room and blog.  We have been steadily purging since we've moved in our cozy little bungalow.  And, during this time, we've come to some conclusions.  We don't necessarily like being homeowners.  Sure, I love getting our home Goldilocks right.  And, I truly love this house.  I love it. I love our counters.  I love our original wood floors.  I love all the things I've chosen for it.  And, I love the memories we've made in our short 3 years here.  I love how cozy it feels to me.  I love that it is just the right size for us.  I love that I only have one bathroom to clean (and I truly don't miss having another bathroom.) Buuutttt, we don't love the burden and anchor owning a home gives you.  And, while my husband truly tries his best to make me happy, he doesn't love mowing or cleaning the gutters or maintaining this 84 year old lady that I fell in love with a few years ago.

So, that brings us to where we are now.  We are planning on selling this lady and moving.  We have an idea in mind.  Okay, we have a hope and a dream that we are holding in our hands like the Child Empress holds that last sparkling bit of Fantasia at the end of Never- Ending Story.    We've named it like Sebastion names her (Moonchild, if you didn't catch it. But, we aren't moving to Moonchild.  Sounds like a cool place, though.)  I will share the when and how when we are more definite in our plans. 

We have been working towards this sparkling dream the past few months.  We are getting rid of so much stuff.  Seriously, things I never thought I could part with (I'm looking at you, petrified wood logs) I have pushed on friends.  We have loaded up and cleaned out. We are living with rather bare (for us) space.  And, I love it, too.  I woke up the other morning and felt lighter.  I love the negative space.  I love the openness and how the light has changed in the house.  I like having less stuff.  I like having less pretty stuff.  It doesn't hurt that its September and my permagrouchy summer mood is soon to pass.

Still, I know that we had to get here to go there.  We had to leave our last home that was newer and larger to come here.  We had to live here and realize that we don't want a house to anchor us.  We had to live here and realize stuff is just stuff and that it is okay to let something go that you really love (especially if it is going to someone else you love and who appreciates it.)  And, honestly, we had to move to this exact spot so we could find that rotten dog and adopt her.

I do plan on coming back to this blog at least once more to update it.  I would love to do a home tour of this house, I just haven't gotten around to it.  I don't know if I will blog here much past that point though.  I have been Vintage Junky for so long, it feels weird to perhaps shed that alias.  And, I am still thevintagejunky on Instagram (ahhh, the best platform for someone easily distracted, such as myself.)  Maybe it's time to move on from the name as well.  We shall see!


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