A Change of Plans

Well, what a kind of crazy weekend we had here... great though!  As you see above, I made our weekend yummy with these cupcakes  that didn't end up being for my goddaughter's birthday... plans change... we roll with it... I have NOT had 2 cupcakes today.....  nor did I allow baby hughes to have 2...
I will tell you that there is real fruit ( strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting )in these babies, so I don't feel too bad... vitamin C, you know.

Friday, we made a trip out to the booth to take out this piece
(before, of course)

And, after

Meet Janette.
She is named after my Grandma.  And, she got the same treatment as Tara.
See, I was thinking, if I painted a piece like Tara, then I could keep her...

This piece has pretty vintage porcelain knobs 

Check out those legs with original casters

Vintage map lined drawers...
See, so very much like the Tara...

Well, she sold today.  So, I had a few pieces in the works... but nothing completely finished.
And, we didn't think it would be a great idea to leave the booth practically empty all week... so... *sniff, sniff* Mr. Hughes took Tara out to the booth while the baby and I had some downtime.

So, I am a little sad.  I guess this will be my kick in the pants to get the Kate Secretary completed... or started for that matter.
 It isn't all sad though... nope... when we dropped off the Janette, we both fell for this...

I am just going to clean it up a little and add some fun labels and it will most likely be home to our CDs (original, I know, but hey they are all over the house)  And it looks way better in purpose.

And, I am almost... ALMOST finished with our powder room...
you want a sneak peek... sure you do....

There you go... there is your peek.  With any luck, it will be finished this week and I can show you the whole room.

So that was our weekend, well, minus the laughs and the tantrums and the new backpack and all the GREAT new words baby hughes is saying!
How was yours?

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I am joining in  Heather's Making it Lovely at Blessed Little Nest.  Go see what everyone has done to make their world a little more special be it cupcakes and powder rooms or reading an extra book at bedtime.

Bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Cupcake*

Hello everyone!  It is Friday again... love those Fridays.  And, I have fun plans this weekend.  And, it involves *Cupcakes*  I know, I know.  They are "over with" and so "cliche."  Well, I am a late bloomer, so humor me.  Ever since I made the owl cupcakes, I have been looking for an excuse to make more.  And, this weekend I have one.... my goddaughter's impromtu birthday lunch.  So, here is how I would love to make them in style...

1st: Tie on a super cute apron becuase cupcake baking is messy work!
found at Pamwares

2nd (well actually first probably) Make sure your kitchen is cute enough to justify you spending time in it to begin with.  And, this sign is super cute... my Grandpa used to sing this song
found at Farouche

Next, pull out your recipe (adore letterpress!)
found at sweet harvey

Now, give something to your little monster or they are going to want to play with the salmonella batter
Don't think these would fool baby hughes though...

Where are those room temperature eggs... apparently very necessary.... oh here they are in my adorable bowl!

I am feeling indecisive... which cupcake wrappers... these or

(I ordered both... found them at cupcake social)

Ding!  They are done... hot, hot, hot!

Okay, now how should I decorate them...
alright, the black floral wrappers get these

edible sugar butteflies
found at sugar robot

And the white, whimisical wrapper will get these in the mini size!

Now, let me put that on a mini plate for you

and you will need a napkin to wipe that yummy frosting that is on your face
 for the adults:

found at betsy grace

and for the littles

or should that be the other way around....
found at cakehouse

Okay, I am off to my friday job of fluffing the booth.  The chairs and the bench sold, so I am taking a piece that got Tarafied last week...

Then I plan on spending quite a bit of time outside.... it has been so pretty this week.  Oh, but don't let me forget to make those cupcakes for my sweet, sassy goddaughter... you want to see what I got her... okay... don't tell her *wink*

found and purchased here

Oh... and I have a powder room to finish.... better get busy, busy, busy!!

Bye for now!

Latest Project

Good Evening!  Hope your weekend was great!  Mine was pretty wonderful.... we went to see Ray Lamontagne and David Gray and it was amazing!  Best show ever!  Other than that we had a pretty low key weekend.  I did start on a room that Mr. Hughes thought was finished... silly Mr. Hughes!

When we moved into this house, I had a great plan to paint our powder room.  I wanted something bold in the small space.  So, I had Mr. Hughes paint cherry blossoms and branches on the walls....

And, while it is exactly how I wanted it, well, the colors I chose, well, the flowers, they looked like they were moving.  Like pulsing or something. (I am not on nor have I ever taken LSD. Seriously.) Mr. Hughes thought so too.  

So, after I got the okay from Mr. Hughes (I had to make sure that I wasn't going to tick him off by painting over it) I set to work on redoing this tiny space.  

I have already started painting (those flowers don't want to go anywhere!) and gathering up some fun stuff to change things up a bit.  This bathroom was fun, but it is time to say goodbye.  I just wanted to share the Before...or is it the 1st After....

So, with that in the works, I haven't done much else, except this....

Mr. Hughes picked up this can type thing somewhere.... I think it is part of a ice cream maker.... anyhow, I liked it... it reminds me of the big painted coffee cans that held our school supplies in kindergarten.  It is perfect for picking up the crayons and some extra trains and stuff on baby hughes' table (a birthday present from Ash and Nana.)

So, it was kind of plain....
I had these cloth books laying about that I had bought to do some sewing projects with and hadn't done anything with as of yet...

And we had some magnet paper.... so I made a giant magnet to make a fun little bucket.

No big whoop. 

Hopefully, I will have a powder room to show you sometime this week or next.... and maybe I will let the Mr. take the photos... it is really hard to get great photos of a tiny space.... and I really don't think I can justify a fish eye lens for one blog post...

Have a great week!
Bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Ladylike*

Hello Friday!  How I love you so!  I am back again with another Friday Etsy Favorites... I hope you all like me shopping for you and spending all your money, because I really do like putting these together.
So, when I was little I got a lot of "Young lady....." and "Act Like a Lady...."  I wasn't exactly a tomboy, but I did dress up like Skeletor for Halloween once (only because they were out of He-Man.)
But, I have gotten girlier and girlier as I have gotten older.  
So, this weeks faves curtsy around being *Ladylike*

This top is the inspiration behind this post.  I adore it and honestly can't tell you why I haven't ordered it. It is precious!  And, may very well be my next purchase from etsy.

This lady likes the sparkly... and this pretty cocktail ring

A lady wears an apron and heels....while cleaning... or so I am told.....
I actually have my very own pink apron from this sweet shop, but I thought I would include this green one, so you can clean your house in style!

And, a lady always has fresh soap for her guests.... how great are these?
I really, really want to get these too and I have a couple of bloggy friends that I know these would be  perfect for

How is this for a twist on traditional pearls?

Excuse me, I need to powder my nose....

This clutch is the perfect size for your lipstick.

Gorgeous... love this fascinator and that top too!
found at lilyladyblue

*swoon* love this pretty cameo ring!
found at bommar

And, a lady always says thank you in style... like with these pretty letterpress cards... I love letterpress!
found at Invited Ink

Well, ladies, I have to confess something about my weekend plans.   You are probably going to hate me and hey, I can't blame you.
Mr. Hughes and I are taking a rare date night and going to see 

David Gray (again)
.......wait for it.....
Ray Lamontagne!

Seriously, I wish I would have caught up with that man and broke his heart so he would have written a song about me.  Love him!  It will be our second time to see both of them, but they are together this time... I am so excited!

And, I am sure we will get into some other shenanigans this weekend.... I may redo our powder room, we'll see!
Happy, happy, happy weekend!

bye for now!

Of Cheerleaders and Child Labor

Hey girls! (let's face it boys... you are a minority around these parts)
I thought I would show you what I took out to the booth this past weekend.  I just gave this stool a quick makeover.

Grey paint and a pretty damask and that is all the Meredith bench needed.

These beauties needed a bit more love....
I should have taken a photo with the previous fabric, but yes, that is Pepto pink you are seeing, not a reflection of a pretty sunset.

Out came the blue and the birdie fabric I had on hand and these became the Emme chairs.  

See those tags?  Yes I am in business.... I wonder if any of you know what those tags are really used for....
My wonderful, creative Mr. Hughes found them and had them made for me.  He is quite resourceful.  And supportive, he is my Cheerleader.  Everyone needs a real Cheerleader, a biggest fan.  I have been lucky to have 2.  Now, I don't mean a supportive girlfriend or someone to vent to... I have those as well, and they are super important too.  No, you need a Cheerleader.  Now, before Mr. Hughes came along, my biggest fan was my Grandma.... granted she was cheering me to find love, not something I love to do, like Mr. Hughes.  Still, it was the same.  Never ending support.  When she passed away, I knew that I had lost my Cheerleader.  Luckily, (probably with a nudge from her up above *wink*) he came along a few months later. I wonder how he feels about being a male Cheerleader..... hmmmmm....

He sticks up for me.  He has my back. He helps me out so much.  Helps me get stuff done.  And, still it doesn't all get done.  Every time someone asks me how I get it all done or if I sleep, I have to laugh.  Seriously.  I don't get it all done.  If you saw my home on most days or my booty in a bathing suit you would get it.  I have priorities and right now dusting or derriere busting hasn't been the top of my list.  I do love me a clean house and firm tush so they are quickly moving on up....

And, when you are short on time and need to get a project finished, it doesn't hurt to employ child labor.

You see, that gentle touch... it is the secret to the finishes on my furniture. Tiny, light sanding strokes.  Also, if you notice what we call the "final step"  in the background... 

.... that's right, a Thomas Train. It is essential. Before any of my furniture leaves, it is perfectly weathered by well placed and thought out train wheel tracks. 

So, when you are suffering from Icantgetitdoneitis, just make sure you have a Cheerleader and a little child labor.

I will be back tomorrow with a Friday Etsy Faves!
Bye for now!

ps.  PLEASE Department of Labor, please don't take my baby hughes.... he just likes to help out.  I pay him in Thomas Trains and Goldfish and he only works as long as his attention span will let him.  
oh, and why didn't anyone warn me that Thomas Trains are really expensive?!?
oh and I do brush his hair...


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