Friday Etsy Favorites *Ladylike*

Hello Friday!  How I love you so!  I am back again with another Friday Etsy Favorites... I hope you all like me shopping for you and spending all your money, because I really do like putting these together.
So, when I was little I got a lot of "Young lady....." and "Act Like a Lady...."  I wasn't exactly a tomboy, but I did dress up like Skeletor for Halloween once (only because they were out of He-Man.)
But, I have gotten girlier and girlier as I have gotten older.  
So, this weeks faves curtsy around being *Ladylike*

This top is the inspiration behind this post.  I adore it and honestly can't tell you why I haven't ordered it. It is precious!  And, may very well be my next purchase from etsy.

This lady likes the sparkly... and this pretty cocktail ring

A lady wears an apron and heels....while cleaning... or so I am told.....
I actually have my very own pink apron from this sweet shop, but I thought I would include this green one, so you can clean your house in style!

And, a lady always has fresh soap for her guests.... how great are these?
I really, really want to get these too and I have a couple of bloggy friends that I know these would be  perfect for

How is this for a twist on traditional pearls?

Excuse me, I need to powder my nose....

This clutch is the perfect size for your lipstick.

Gorgeous... love this fascinator and that top too!
found at lilyladyblue

*swoon* love this pretty cameo ring!
found at bommar

And, a lady always says thank you in style... like with these pretty letterpress cards... I love letterpress!
found at Invited Ink

Well, ladies, I have to confess something about my weekend plans.   You are probably going to hate me and hey, I can't blame you.
Mr. Hughes and I are taking a rare date night and going to see 

David Gray (again)
.......wait for it.....
Ray Lamontagne!

Seriously, I wish I would have caught up with that man and broke his heart so he would have written a song about me.  Love him!  It will be our second time to see both of them, but they are together this time... I am so excited!

And, I am sure we will get into some other shenanigans this weekend.... I may redo our powder room, we'll see!
Happy, happy, happy weekend!

bye for now!


  1. Thank you for including us in your post, we greatly appreciate it! Bommar has some beautiful pieces in her shop!

  2. such a swoon worthy list!! all of those sweet finds make me want to change out of my rolled up jeans and tee and put a proper dress on.

  3. Love your finds...and love, love, love Tara's aprons...I've got three of hers and that top...all of your finds are wonderful!

  4. Just found your blog, and I think we certainly have similar tastes! Love the fascinator....if I didn't already have 20 hats at home in my closet I would be so tempted to buy it. Nothing makes a vintage outfit pop like a great headpiece!

  5. what a wonderful collection !! merci so much for making me part of it :)
    I am so swoon by SATIN & BIRCH soaps !!



  6. Have a wonderful date night with the Hubs!! You guys deserve it. And I love how you find all of these Etsy sites. It makes my shopping much easier :)

  7. Beautiful post! I adore the soaps. The look like something that should be on a cake.

  8. I am buying those soaps for my powder bath right now!!! They will be perfect with my plates.

    And the cameo ring.

    Have fun at David Gray. Give him a big hug and smooch from Coco. Love ya!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I LOVE YOUR THINGS !! I should have sent you the vintage pin I listed on would be perfect in your store !!

  11. ohh love the ladylike things and your costume, well that made me laugh! te hee!! hope you had fun at that swoony concert! meoooww! xo


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