A Sliver of Wall

Hello there!  Hope you are all getting along fabulously! Have you ever needed something but you can't put your finger on it.... a space whispers... "fill me."  
Well, I have had a space like that for over 4 years (but, I don't think I have obsessed over it the entire time...) 

You see, there was this spot, under the railing of the stair landing upstairs... a small sliver of wall that framed the exit from the entry/dining and led into the rest of the house.  It needed something

 I have had ideas...a skinny mirror... a piece of vintage architectural detail... a really long photograph.... and would find the perfect thing only to find that is would be too big.  

Then, when we were visiting Scarlett one day.... I saw it...I had seen them before...but they never spoke to me the way they did that day...
pssst... take us home...
And I ignored them.
What?  Yes, ignored it and then talked about them all the way home....

well... do you think they will look good....  
do what you want.....
do you think they will fit....
call her and ask her to measure them.....
really... what do you think?
I don't know why you just didn't buy them today.

So, I rushed in and emailed her to ask her to hold them.  And told her I would be by on my lunch the next day to pick them up.  Oh, and asked her if she had any perfectly chippy brackets or corbels, whatever you would like to call them.
She didn't have just what I needed in the brackets, but when I was out fluffing my booth at The Roost, Debbie did.  I knew they would fit when I saw them and they were the perfect greyish whiteish vintageish color.

So, that is my latest dose of creating character in our cookie cutter house.

The wings are reproductions and you can purchase them at Scarlett Scales Antiques.  And, the brackets, well, you are out of luck... they are one of a vintage kind.  But, I bet you could find some that are perfect for your space.

And... guys c'mon... I want to see your favorite pieces of vintage furniture... no "befores" necessary!!
Email them to me with a short story if you have one 
michelle at vintagejunky dot com
I will put the post up Monday

Well, off to change "le poop"
bye for now!


  1. I love the wings and the brackets, Michelle! When I was in college, my sorority's mascot was the angel. I know it's silly, but I'm still drawn to angel wings because of that! Yours fit beautifully in that spot. I'm in love with your owl party, too. How clever. All the little details are just adorable.

  2. just gorgeous! I love the color!


  3. very VERY cool my lady! love how it turned out...awesome find : )

  4. Brilliant! I've been pricing some corbels around town trying to figure out if they're worth my buck. The only area I have that would accommodate them is in a room with 14-foot ceilings, so I don't want the corbels to get lost visually. I'm still thinking, but yours are spectacular!

  5. Oh my gosh, so perfect!!!
    Just stunning.

  6. Love the way it turned out Michelle....so different and unexpected!! yipee a space filled and now, now what is next??? xo

  7. I love your brackets. I've been looking for some for about 3 years now. Someday I'll find them.
    The wings look pretty sweet, too.

  8. What a perfect place for them, Michelle! I have some corbels I purchased many years ago at a flea market in Indiana. They're sage and white. And there they sit in my basement as I gaze at them everytime I'm down there doing laundry. I've just never known what to do with them nor where to place them. Now I do! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  9. I've been wanting some of those wings! I saw some that were really expensive a few months back and couldn't bring myself to buy them. Love the corbels too! It looks fantastic.

  10. I adore corbels... they look terrific!!! I love the part about creating character in cookie cutter homes... that's exactly what i'm trying to do!!

  11. Coolness! I love the wings and the corbels, great finds. :-)

    And you ain't gettin' no home photos out of me until we move, sorry chica. Soon, though!



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