Favorite Furniture Finds

Hello again!  Today I am sharing a few Favorite Furniture Finds that some other bloggers sent to me... Thanks so much ladies!  You guys are in for a real treat, a real treat (just finished reading Water for Elephants... loved it... now everything has a circus spin to it...)

First up we have Cassie from Primitive and Proper.  She says this about one of her favortite pieces (she has bunches... including a great aqua chest that she just redid)

I have tons of refinished furniture i would love to share, but I just finished this one, so it is my most recent favorite... even my husband likes it for whatever that is worth! 

So take a look at her piece:

How great is that dark grey?!?

Next up is Sara from Everyday Life with the Nevilles.  She has been working on a piece and she recently told me its name is Molly.... perfect name for her piece.

Okay - here's my latest project. I painted it, but I still need hardware and I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet.

So here her fabulous work in progress:

and After:

Isn't Molly wonderful?  I love the color and the detail on the glass.  She is holding out for the perfect hardware, but I think this girl already looks very, very chic!

Next is Tara from Blondie 'n' SC.  She always has great makeovers and this is no exception.
Here is what she says about her piece:

Vintage French Secretary Desk~ 
 Found on Craigslist, ugly but had great bones & curves, me likey curves! :)
 hounded the woman who owned it for a week...finally got it down to a price I wanted to pay...
 And she got a makeover and she is one of my most favorite pieces now!!! yahoo!

le Before:

le After:

So pretty!  I LOVE black painted furniture!

Next, here is Laurie from Heaven's Walk.  She has a beautiful makeover... here is what she says:

My vintage pie safe, originally from South Carolina, was purchased at an antique shop in northern Michigan over 25 years ago. In her previous life in my previous home, she tenderly held all my gardening and decor books in my living-dining room area.   
 After painting her in trying to achieve a more 'coastal theme' in my new home (old farmhouse), she is now filled with kitchen goodies like sugar, flour, and spices. 
 She is my favorite piece of furniture in the house, not only because she's now beachy white, but because of her uniqueness!



Oh Wow (as baby hughes says!)  What a great difference... it was great before, but painted.... perfection!

Okay, you have seen a few of my favorite makeovers here and here but those were created for others (the Tara is still here... *wink*)

And, I got these before I was blogging, no befores... sorry!

This piece I bought as is...it is an old stereo cabinet that someone gutted and painted.  
We actually bid on it at a Catholic School Silent Auction.... we though no way would we win it.  But we did!  And after a long day of going back and forth with my mom's SUV to pick up this piece and the gigantic TV that rests on top of it, it has been in the same place.  And, it is one of those pieces that we will keep for always.

And another piece from out living room (boy I really wish I had a before on this one... it was ooogly!)

I stalked this piece for months, months, I tell you.  I measured, I obsessed, I whined.  Whined... until one day we had saved enough money in our budget and we made the trip to Nashville to buy it.  I went right to the booth and it was gone
 (now, obviously you know the story has a happy ending since you see the after photos.)
GONE!  Sob... seriously, I think I cried, I really did.  Just a few tears...
Over this piece that Mr. Hughes just could not see pretty.
So, we walked around as I whined... why didn't I buy it when I saw it... WHY?!?
then.... around the corner.... I saw it... it was too ugly to have a twin.... there it was!

I gave it a coat of black paint and bought some new pulls that went well with the marble top.  
And now, it houses our DVDs.  So, both of these pieces are quite useful indeed (and we have been watching Thomas alot... some of you know what I am talking about!)

A big, big thanks to all of those who sent me photos!  If you would still like to send in photos, I will include them in another post.... I know some of you are holding out on me... you know who you are!

I will be back later this week to show you a few pieces that I got ready for the booth this week (*sniff, sniff* Collette went to a new home.)   

Bye for now!


  1. this post is making me want to paint more furniture, which is saying something since i feel like i've had a paint brush in my hand for two weeks straight. i promise to send you a photo of my table. this week. seriously. i really do promise. storm is passing and i'm getting my camera out. :)

  2. wow- i am in love with all these projects! i love the one that i can tell was really ugly that you painted black... it's amazing how paint and better hardware can update something and turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! and you know if you do this regularly, i will always have something to share with you. i live and breathe furniture. ;)

  3. I LOVE Cassie's gray chest. Awesome color and I love the detail. All of these projects are great. Good inspiration too! Thanks, Michelle!
    Can't wait til I find the "right" hardware for Molly. :)

  4. I didn't get to take a photo yet, but now I have a question...do you still want to see our fave find if we aren't planning on redoing it or haven't redone it?

    I love all of the finds from the other ladies. I've got my eyes open for a hutch or tall and wide shelf. Something for the dining room. And I'd like a sideboard or buffet for the front room, but we've been stuck with a piano since we've lived here and I'm about to push it out of the house and to the curb. LOL

  5. These are some incredible makeovers, especially yours. I so want to paint some pieces after we get moved in to our new house...your standard, Broyhill pine armoire and dresser...but I'm afraid I'll wreck them.

    I'll be sure to post if and when I do!


  6. Yowza! I've been a non-painting fool this summer. Thanks for sharing these GORGEOUS makeovers!

  7. So fun to see all the makeovers! I need to get inspired to paint some furniture! I'm currently looking for an old coffee table to paint and use as a Lego table in the play room.
    I'm sad to hear Collette is gone! She was gorgeous!!! I wish I had a place to put her. But I really think I want to buy all your furniture! :-)
    Now I need to read Water for Elephants - the movie is coming out this spring -- we may need to go see that one!

  8. Love all the before and afters! I always forget to take the before.

  9. These projects have inspired me!.Brown furniture is so cheap to buy, and creating something in a vintage but bright them is so up my street! Thankyou.

  10. I've had so much fun browsing your blog for the last 20 minutes. so much inspiration!

  11. I love all the furnitures! I really think that vintage pieces put a unique factor in one's home display.


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