Look Whoooo's 2!

My sweet little monster turned 2 on Saturday!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes! We had a great, fun birthday party with loads of sugar and laughs!  So, I thought I would share a few dozen photos...
Here we go...

Mr. Hughes always does a chalk drawing for holidays and special days in our family.  

He also painted this sign to let everyone know where the party was...

He just copied the design off the invite that he designed... he really is quite talented *smile*

Here we are peeking out before the party... I didn't let baby hughes see all the decorations so he would be more excited when he did see them...

We hung up some vintage swings that we bought with no forethought...

And I sewed up some pretty silly owls to sit on them to greet our guests.

I created a banner with old book pages and stenciled happy birthday + baby hughes' name (not "baby hughes" hee hhee!)  and you can see a few of the pom poms I made

Originally, we were planning on having the party outside like last year, but it has been HOT!  So, I changed the plans.  I still made the moss table runner and the birch pots like I originally planned, but we lost the hanging branches.  Instead, Mr. Hughes happened upon a little owl garden statue at an antique store and we will be able to use him in our garden.  I am not too much for garden statues (except for pink flamingoes) but this little guy will stay... I like him... the "2" comes off as does the party hat.  I reused the birch pots that I had bought for another little table setting.

We lost out on hanging the branches from out pergola outside, so I brought them in to put on this table with the treat boxes.  When I first put them in the can it looked pretty bare, so Mr Hughes decided it needed owl tag ornaments....

Then I decided that those ornaments would make perfect birthday wish tags.  Each guest who could legibly write penned a birthday wish with quills made by Mr. Hughes. And, just so you don't think it is just yours truly that goes crazy over this kind of stuff, I will tell you that we made a special stop by Scarlett's so he could pick up some antique ink bottles for his quills...

Now, we will keep all the tags in a memory box for the boy.  I truly love how it turned out... much better than hanging branches.  I almost want to leave it up... at least til Halloween.

Next to the wish tree is where we had all the goodie boxes for the younger guests.
Complete with a finger puppet, tootsie roll pop, owl crayon and 

a mini owl terrarium made from baby food jars... the very same jars that held the sweet pototoes and turkey that I used to spoon into his precious mouth... our guests only get the best *wink*

We didn't get the best photos of the living room before the guests started arriving,  but here is a so- so one just to give you an idea of the double bunting action across the present opening area

Our goldfish, *chomp* even got in on the fun...

Now seriously people... have you ever seen anything this cute?  Go buy one!   And, what is even better, is that *chomp* really seemed to like it... started swimming faster and close up to the glass.... hmmmm.... it seems that I am as amused by this as the goldfish is....

And, the living room was filled with lots of pom poms too.  And, about a week before the party, I got this from sweet Tara... (sorry it isn't the best photo.... I haven't been able to practice with those settings that you gave me yet)

Isn't he just the cutest?  baby hughes seems to think he is HIS owl.... but I beg to differ.  I also wore a owl pendant from the same sweet lady, but I think the photos of me are on my aunt's camera.  Oh, did I mention my devilishly handsome husband sported a Woodsy the Owl t-shirt?

And here are 2 of the guests of honor... the black one is Hootie Hoot and the white one is Mr. Owl.  Now, Hootie is the one that started all of this owl frenzy in the Hughes Casa.  Before that, only our address stamp had an owl on it... now we have a pillow and some more sprinkled throughout the house.  But these guys are the most important.  They make up baby hughes' gang or posse if you will (there is also a seahorse and one or 2 dogs depending on the day...)

Now, here is what was probably the centerpiece...
the table with the cupcakes

Books were stacked and folded into pedestals that supported mismatched funky vintage plates

I have had that table cloth for years and it looked perfect.  And, I am pretty proud to say that I made the cupcakes, icing AND those fondant owls from scratch... it was my first time making cupcakes from scratch... I have made other cakes before, but never vanilla cake.  

I also dipped pretzels in white and milk chocolate for candy branches.

Here is the birthday boy trying to sneak an owl early...
later that day, he didn't hesitate to bite the head off one as soon as we let him (after the 3rd time of singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles... he loves attention....)

Well, there it is... there are plenty more party photos.  As it is, I am not quite sure that this has captured the scope of the pom poms that were at the party... I am going to estimate at least 35... they were all over the downstairs, still are, I kind of like them for a few more days.  Our family and friends probably thought we were so nutty... well, they know we are.  We had a wonderful time celebrating this special little boy's life so far.  
So, now you won't have to hear about a party for almost another year... or MAYBE I will start planning next week *evil laugh*

bye for now!

I like to give credit when credit is due, so a special thanks to Rachel who sent me the link to her directions for the pom poms.  
My Owl Barn, a blog that I have been stalking for the past few months for ideas.
Artisan Cake Company for the idea of the fondant cupcake toppers that saved me from ordering a $68.50 cake.
Tara, for her sweet owl gifts... they will be staying out for good!
And, if you missed where I got some of the party essentials, check out this post.

I had a lot of fun doing this party for my little guy, but it wasn't too pricy... if you want to know where I got anything at all, feel free to ask.

oh, and I was asked by Danielle to do a fun guest post... click here to see a page from my day


  1. This is the sweetest thing ever, Michelle!
    I am so impressed with how you went all out (without breaking the bank) to make your little guys day so special.

    That photo of him scoping out the cupcakes says it all. What a doll!

    Can't wait til his 3rd! :-)

  2. That was the cutest party! Love the colors, the owls, and the pom-poms. Very cute.


  3. Owls are near to my heart! The cutest decorations ever.

  4. Okay. Now I KNOW we were meant to be buddies! Flamingos!!! I want to fill my entire front side yard with a flock of flamingos.

    What a beautiful party.

  5. LOVE that theme! and love teh colors- what a great party!

  6. Michelle, every little detail is priceless, you did such a fantastic job! LOVE the cupcakes, your owls came out soo perfect, and adorable..the colors, and the mossy runner and the branches, all such perfect fitting details, I swear you amaze me and I am quite certain you don't require much sleep!! but most of all, I am so glad that your baby who is now 2 had the best time ever!! that is the most important part! Now keep those pom poms and the darling bunting up all year! lol! xo

  7. So cute, Michelle! Nicely done!


  8. Everything turned out so cute! I bet Baby Hughes loved it all. Those cupcakes are awesome - I can't believe you did those yourself! Well..actually, I can. So talented!

    I'm stealing some of these ideas for Hudson's 2nd birthday :)

  9. Just popped over from Tara's. This IS the most fabulous birthday party for a 2 year old that I have ever seen!!!

  10. SO very cute, friend! :) Your pom poms turned out great!


  11. ummm. best party ever. came over from blondiensc....LOVE all the details!

    i'll be back for sure!

  12. michelle...eek!! i love it! every little detail is fantastic! you guys did such an amazing job. did i mention i love it? oh, i did? good, cause i do! it's all so creative!! that owl that you made is too cute. i think you might need to add a kids section to your shop so you can sell those owls.

  13. what an amazing party....I love everything and how special it was!!!
    Your poms are amazing and hope his day was wonderful

  14. I love the owl theme...really...it's all too darn cute.

  15. SHUT UP! I am dying of the cuteness of it all. LOVE the colors and of course the owls, being a Chi-O and all, love me some owls.

    Y'all did a fab job and do not think that you won't be helping me with Tess' 3rd birthday!!

  16. Brilliantly adorable!!!! oh my goodness this is the sweetest party for your son!!! ahhh Happy Happy Birthday to your cutie!!

  17. I L-O-V-E the table and all of the treats! Such fun colors and an adorable theme!

  18. This is the second party I've seen today that is knocking my socks off! WOW! I love all of it, every adorable detail. My hubby draws something special on the chalkboard for us too, he is the artistic one in our family. I will have to show this one to him....I think he needs to step it up a notch!
    Happy birthday to your little one.

  19. Michelle,

    This is BEAUTIFUL! I think you should seriously consider being a party planner. The details, effort and love you put into this will never fade.
    I am amazed.

    Your Friend,

    PS Happy Birthday to Lil Man Hughes!

  20. OMG Michelle, I love the owl theme! I love the turquoise and orange together (I have it on my back deck.....soooo cool for the little guy. Awesome that he had design say in the party too....thats really cool! I've been excited that I found your blog and Im happy to have spoken with you through email. I will continue to check back as usual and read my subcription. Happy bday little guy! P.S. Getting ready for my booth/tent at the street fair in Sept....sooo excited!

  21. what a wonderful party!!!
    great theme, love the owls, the branches and especially the bunting!

  22. Hi, I just stumbled onto this blog looking for design ideas--love it! Please tell me, what is that gorgeous aqua color you have painted on your wall? Thank you!!!

  23. Dear Anonymous! Hello, hope you read this since I don't know how to get in touch with you any other way...
    It is Sunwashed Blue by Ralph Lauren. It is discontinued, but I am pretty sure that they can still mix it at Home Depot. I love it since I rolled it on over 4 years ago. This room will probably never, ever get painted!


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