Friday Etsy Favorites *Turning 2*

I have a very special Friday Etsy Favorites.  These items found their way to my favorites and I had to have them.  So, I bought them... and they are all for baby hughes' birthday.  So here are the essentials to throw a fabulous orange and aqua owl party.

There are some absolutely adorable cupcake liners on etsy.  I couldn't decide between the stripe and the bold orange, so I got both!

Both liners found at cupcake social

Can it get any cuter?  These little finger puppets are going in the treat boxes... I just ordered the owl, but this shoppe has many different puppets to choose from.  They fit my finger and baby hughes' 
yes, he got one early *wink*
found at weeknit

Okay, this maybe the silliest and one of the best purchases I have made on etsy.  
It is a little mini bunting and it is adorable!  
I even had her make me one in custom colors...
Now, I will let you wait and see what I did with it and you can be the judge of my silliness!
found at kategeiner

I ordered some moss to make some mini terrariums for the treat boxes.
found at teresab123

And, what would a mini terrarium be without a mini owl?  These are actually beads that are also bells...
very cute!
found at delishbeads

These cute little crayons are also going in the treat boxes.  You can choose from a couple of different scents and they are soy crayons.  I needed aqua and she didn't have it listed, but she whipped me up some aqua owls to go along with the orange ones.  I also ordered the birthday boy a set.

And, also for the birthday boy, this t-shirt.
I may have started a tradition... last year I ordered a pale blue t-shirt with a number one... well, it was obvious to me that he needed a Number 2 this year, so I knew where to check first.
found at Happy Family

Well, I have cupcakes to frost and pom poms to hang...
nag Mr. Hughes to put a trike together...
make a party playlist.....
lots of very important tasks!

Bye for now


  1. So awesome!!! Lucky boy!!!! I love Etsy too....


  2. Looks like its going to be such a sweet party! Love that shirt-- made me think, Aw! Why didn't I think of that?? ;) Great job, Michelle!

  3. Such cute ideas!! I know you'll all have fun on his special day!

  4. so much cuteness!! that bunting is so super cute and not at all silly, and i can say that since i know where's it's going. :) i am in love with those crayons. they are crazy cool! oh, and i heart wee knit. there stuff is dare i say cute. can't wait to see all the party goodness.

    happy birthday baby hughes!!!

  5. So cute. Way better than all that plastic garbage you get at the dollar store. please show your goodie bags and terrariums.

    have fun!

  6. Those crayons are adorable!! What a fun idea. And the finger puppets? Love it. This is going to be the cutest birthday party ever!
    I'm definitely coming to you next year when I need to find stuff on know where to go!

    Happy Birthday to Baby Hughes! Hope y'all have a great party.

  7. Hi Michelle...these things are ALL so cute!! I can't wait to see all the pics of the party! Ours is next weekend...I'm loving that Moss for terrariums! Have a fun time!
    Tammy :-)

  8. ugh, why do I live so far, I want to come to the party, I really really do, and I am sure my punk would too!! have a fabulous time, all your little details are perfect, can't wait to see all the photos!

  9. hi michelle,

    i love your finds. i had no idea these etsy gals were so accomodating. i think your party is going to be a hit! why? b/c i said so, that's who, who, who! get it?


  10. So cute! What a lucky owl your little Baby Hughes is :) That is gonna be the coolest favor bags of all time! Cant wait to see pics!

    Happy #2 Little Hughes!!

    ps - way to go "owl" (all) out! LOL

  11. I am so jealous that I won't be attending the Owl Party! :)

  12. This party is going to be epic! Can't wait to see the pics!! :)


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