Weekend Treasures

Hey kids!  It is hot... very hot!  I love living in the South, but if we do ever relocate it will be much closer to water.   Due to the heat, I have been only getting in minimal vintage trouble.  We went out to the booth on Friday to fill and fluff just in case we don't get out there this week.... have I mentioned a party... maybe a few hundred times.  So here are a few fluffing photos....

We took out the Collette buffet... I already miss seeing her prettiness....

I did a restyle on these nesting tables... no before photos, but they were dark brown lacquer...

I glammed up this once gold mirror with what is becoming my signature blue (that sounds kind of snobby, but I do use it a lot!) and some silver leaf in the corners....now I am thinking that maybe I should have kept it... it would be pretty in my doily inspired powder room....

 And I managed to finish this lamp with a burlap shade just in time to replace a hanging shade that sold.

Then, on Saturday, we went to a yard sale that we had been stalking all week....she had some great stuff! I found another medicine chest to restyle for the booth but here is the main reason I went....

She had put a photo of these vintage mercury glass like sconces on Craigslist and I made us all get up pretty early to get to this sale.  Well, when we drove up people were swarming around her house and I just knew they would be sold.  Well, I saw them on a table and snatched them immediately with my cat like reflexes.  How could anyone pass these up?  They will be on our bedroom wall very, very soon!

Then, we went to an antique store that we rarely go to (it has a weird, funky smell) and I found this little gem...

Isn't it adorable?  It will most likely go in baby hughes' pirate bathroom.  Mr. Hughes is going to find a way for it to stand up.  I would put it in his bedroom, but the monster wants to play with the "booot" and the sails are pretty old and kind dusty. Maybe it won't be as tempting if it is in his bathroom.
Both of these finds are mine all mine!

Well, I am off to work where I will inevitably be wondering all day if I need to rush home and make some more pom poms... these things may have to go up early so I can get a scope of how many I have...
bye for now!

Dearest Mr. Hughes,  I would like to give you proper credit for snatching up the mercury glass sconces with YOUR cat like reflexes.  And, I would also like to thank you for listening well enough to know that they were the ONE thing I had to have from that sale.  You are perfection in a bowl.  


  1. Good morning,
    Your booth looks fablous... how much is your top hat? I hope your day is wonderful :)


  2. Your booth is just fantastic!!!

  3. Oh, man...I see a road trip in my future.

    And an empty booth for you. *smile*


  4. LOVE your booth! And your signature blue!
    That ship is amazing, truly. I hear you on keeping treasures safe, no small feat with little ones :)

  5. Your booth looks so-ooo good!! and great finds for your home = a fantastic weekend!

  6. Looks great! I really like the silver on the frame. I have a few painting projects, but it has been to hot and humid to deal with them.

  7. Hey Michelle, Im a subscriber to your blog for a few weeks now. (im new to blogland) and I have to tell you what an inspiration you are. I love your booth, Im doing our towns street fair in Sept and hope that my merchandising skills arent so rusty that I can make it look as fab as yours. lol

  8. love the signature blue...they should rename the paint color to vintage junkie, how cute would that be! ok, love the sailboat, love it..and honestly can't wait to see the bedroom redo...come on already! :) stay cool in the heat...and please take lots of photos..of all the pom poms, ha, just kidding the baby!! xo

  9. Your booth is amazing. I like the black hat.

  10. I love the nesting tables and both of your mirrors -- soooo gorgeous!! Must stay on budget, must stay on budget!!! Oh, and I can't wait to see your bedroom redo, as well. I want to work on mine next year -- I'm sure you'll give me plenty of inspiration!!!

  11. Your booth looks fab! :) You also have some great new finds there. :)


  12. Hi Michelle,
    First of all, sorry to have been AWOL for so long. I stayed with my sister for a week and then got all behind with my commenting !! We are off to Italy soon, so I will be all behind again !!!!
    Your booth looks amazing and I WANT those mercury glass sconses. I love them !! They are going to look great in your bedroom. You were lucky that someone else didn't snatch them away from you. Have a lovely week Michelle. XXXX

  13. Loving it, Michelle!
    Ain't it cool to have a signature something? That blue really is a fabulous color!

    Love ya!

  14. i just can't wait any longer to see that party!! just a sneak peak might help me make all this waiting a tiny bit easier. please? pretty, pretty please?

  15. Your booth is beautiful! I love the beachy vibe. Those sconces are an amazing find.

  16. My backyard is in Tn....where is your flea mkt?

  17. The 127 Yard Sales are this week. I stopped by my favourite yesterday and was quickly disappointed. Everything was marked so high - It's not an antique store, people!!! First time I've been to one of their yard sales where I thought stuff was unreasonably priced. Their linens are usually VERY reasonable, but yesterday a pair of vintage embroidered pillowcases was marked 5.00 for the pair! Whereas, back at the beginning of summer I got a HUGE stack of linens and more from them and spent less than 20.00!!! (They have two yard sales each year) Okay - sorry to ramble...LOL

  18. Which, BTW, you should come up here next summer and stay - we can hit the 127 sales together!

  19. Michelle,

    I too see a road trip in my future. Your booth is too hard to resist.
    Also, do you have a Greyhound local to you? If so, shipping large items is inexpensive that way [hint, hint]

    Your Friend,

  20. It's so fun to find little treasures and see what other hunters have found!


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