Happy Halloween

Just a little Hoot to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

Have a safe night!

And may your sweet tooth be satisfied

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Bookish*

hello friday. It is cold today... in fact, I wish I was wearing socks... and I much prefer to be barefoot around the house. And, I am also wishing that I hadn't tore through those books so fast. Because today is a good book kind of day and I am feeling 

There is nothing like coffee, tea, hot cocoa.... something warm while curling up with a good book.
And this cozy keeps your cup looking stylish

I often end up using the receipt from the book or the book jacket to mark my spot 
This book mark is awesome... made from old spice tins

And, since when I get a bookmark, it is often stolen and used as a "key" by baby hughes it would be good to have a back up like this pretty button
found ~ petrieeve

Aren't these bookplates so pretty? And insure that you will get your book returned
found ~ sweetharvey

Now, we have a vintage typewriter (or type-r-writer)
but, the Mr likes it in his office.  Me, I like it downstairs.
If we had 2, this wouldn't be a problem
found ~ everyeskimo

I love these dictionary pages with stuff printed on them!  So graphic and vintage all at the same time

I love these vintage, worn bookends
found ~ gingerscraps

I think this typewriter key necklace is so pretty... not too sweet

And, how can you read a good book without something to snuggle under
(you won't be snuggling under this chevron number as it is mineallmine!)
I bet you could get one just like it though

And, if  you are the bookclubbish type, this set would be so pretty as you discuss exactly how much you adore Peeta (or Edward...or Jacob... but not that Jacob)
found ~thecatalog

So, kids... it is really cold.  I had to take a break to turn on the heat and put on a hoodie. I know, it is November, but we are in the South, so all of you Minnesotans... hush it!

We have company coming in today so I need to mop the floors and make sure everything is right to transform my hyena into a hootie hoot for the Pumpkinfest tomorrow.

Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend!

bye for now!

ps. Please keep a young lady named Kayla in your prayers.... she is having some difficult health issues and needs loads of them~

This or That

Hello.  Where have I been?  Well, let's just say when I start reading a book, or in this case, a trilogy, I get completely lost in that world. And have to finish... cannot think or do anything else.  It happened with Harry Potter and Twilight and now I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and I loved every second.  It is all I can do not to go pick it back up and start all over again.  But, I am going to attempt to focus on a blog post right now.  I was chatting with a good friend the other day and I told her that I think I am more "black vintage" than "white vintage." Do you know what I mean... well, neither do I really.  But, it is all about finding my style... and I think I prefer things darker... not so shabby and white.... all though I like that too. Things like this:


So I thought it would be fun and interesting to see what you like.  Kind of like those eye tests...you know the one that you just choose one because you really can't tell the difference... you tell me which one is better for you....humor me *wink*

country living
don't remember where I found this 


country living

kate spade's kitchen

country living

another forgotten source

country living, but I saw it on Tara's blog

country living


I am terrible... another lost source

I have taken so many "style" quizzes and they never get it right... I mean, one said that in was into Asian style... nope.  Not quite. 
I still don't think that my style is defined by any one thing and *eclectic* is so cliche.

What do you consider your style to be?

Now, I have all these photos in my inspiration file, so of course I like them all.  But, if I had to choose:

2, 4 (that is hard.... 3 is quite similar in color and feel) 6, 7, and 9(although that chandelier is swoony)

There are mine... so what are yours?

Bye for now!

ps. speaking of choices... those of you who have read Hunger Games... who was your choice Peeta or Gale?
Peeta all the way for me *wink*

Friday Etsy Favorites *Gifty*

Hey there chicas (and a few chicos!)
Are you ready for the weekend?
Are you ready for Christmas.... yikes... I know... you have not even treated (tricking is notsonice)
yet... but kids... it is 9 weeks til Santa comes to visit us.
Have you even started?
Well, to help you out (I am nice like that... very helpful in spending other people's money)
I compiled a Friday Etsy Favorites list only featuring items that are $30 or under.
And, mis amigas (boy I am really using my 4 years of Spanish today)
don't be surprised if you see one of these things when you get a present from me.
I am feeling *Gifty*

This cute cardholder can hold some credit cards or might be the perfect holder for... I don't know... a JCrew gift card.... perhaps.... for me....
found ~ lovemaude

I adore this lady's designs... this would be perfect for a girlfriend  (psssst... hey... she is giving away a $200 gift certificate on her blog 

Maybe if I had these I would remember to take off my makeup!
found ~cocoabeans

This set of earrings is great!  love the colors!

How great are these?  My bff is a writer and lover of notebooks... I know she would think these were the cutest!
found~ pilosale

I have adored these for over a year.  Seriously

I bought some sets of soap from this shop not too long ago and wow!  I am still impressed!

I am so excited to receive the stuff I got from this shop
And, although I did get them as gifts, I am not guaranteeing anything *wink*

how perfect would these be for a crafty type friend or a baker of cupcakes type friend?
found~ olivemanna

So, you got me... not only is this a gifty list it is a wishy list too... was I sneaky or did you see right through me?

We are trying, trying, trying to keep our weekend plans to visit the mom and the sister this weekend.
baby hughes has been asking for them.
so have a happy, happy, happy weekend

Bye for now~

Happy Thursday

Hello. how are you? Thursday is my Friday.  I have always, always loved Thursdays.  I really only want to watch Thursday TV.  Especially since baby hughes says "Michael" every time The Office theme song comes on (oh, and he also adds a little tapping the air to the  da, da, dada da part) he is my child *beams*
And, yes, I really do let my 2 year old watch that show... don't judge.

And, since I don't have any photos of the stuff I have been switching around at the casa... I will share with you a current booth photo.... we forgot to take afters of the current chest that is in there.... and by we, I mean Mr. Hughes!  He is nearly perfect in every other way though.

So this piece is called Hannah.  That name used to be a choice for a baby name for us, but since we are no longer having 4 kids, it won't be.  (Yikes.... did I just totally set myself up for triplets if I get pregnant again?)
I am thinking this piece would be a perfect compromise to a large flat screen.... I had to make that compromise... and have a piece of furniture that I love... that is holding up a very large television.

And, last night, after some encouragement from a sweet friend, I listed some flower pins in my etsy shop.
I know, I know... there are a ton of people doing them... she assured me that they are different enough not to get bombarded with copycat emails.

They are all different... different materials and I use all vintage buttons and scraps of vintage fabrics here and there....

This one was made from an upcycled wool sweater.
They look cute just about anywhere~

Enough shameless plugging for my shop, I will be back tomorrow with my regularly scheduled Friday Etsy Favorites to share the love.

Bye for now~

The Un-titlable

I know what you are thinking.... totally a word!  My mind is going 100 miles per hour today... that is a little faster than normal.  No person really needs 2 cups of coffee in the morning.  I started out my morning by putting my scrubs in the dryer... they were already dry but I wanted to warm them up before I headed out into the chilly 50 degree morning.  Folks, that is cold!  My bones are cold, all you peeps from Minnesota... I don't want to hear it... it is cold.

Then,  I couldn't find my velcro curler that I use to hold my bangs up while I am putting on my makeup... does anyone else do that?  I couldn't find the jumbo one... then I remembered, oh yeah.... baby hughes was wearing it in his hair before we went to bed.... now, does anyone do that?  It is funny, so I roll with it.... I roll with just about anything funny.

So, this weekend, I moved into a 2 bedroom house, painted it, ripped out an above ground pool and had a 2nd child (a boy named Henry.) Him and the current baby hughes shared the room happily with 2 twin beds and a load of Thomas engines because I am a pushover and I also think I may have missed out on some childhood desire to play with trains.  Oh... by the way... that was all in my head.  Seriously though, I had totally talked myself into a 2 bedroom house because it is where we would love to live.  I even purged 4 HUGE bags of stuff (all the while deciding what furniture to put on craigslist for the big move)... well, that truly needed to happen.  For some reason, when Mr. Hughes sent me the link... I heard "4 blocks from downtown." Well, that is perfect... walking distance!  But, on Sunday, when we drove past... is isn't 4 blocks... more like 8 blocks.  And, no sidewalk.  And the front yard is a whole bunch smaller than in the photos.  So, I packed up our stuff and put my second boy up for sale on ebay. Oh and just so you know, I wouldn't have showed you the link if I wasn't truly, positively over it.  Sorry guys, I love you, but not enough to share dream house listings if I think there is really a chance we will buy it.  You saw what happened with the pink file box.

Have I told you that I love people who obviously dig their spouses?  Well, I also really like dads that obviously dig their kids.  So, I really like Mr. Hughes.  We have been working on baby hughes' owl costume (I may or may not have made a fatal error last night with felt, in which I may or may not have almost cried.)
That is right ladies, WE. He is making the hat and I have made the rest of the costume.  But, as I was sitting on the floor, cutting out felt feathers, it occured to me how blessed I am to have a husband that is just as nuts as I am about our hyena.  So nuts that he is trying to figure out the best way to make a headdress that our child will leave on while trick or treating.  The same man that cut out an owl for a certain second birthday party.

And, I am still shaking things up around here.  And, once a few things are in place I will totally share them... nothing big, just moving something here that was there.  Oh, and new drapes for this room...

I couldn't go a whole post without a photo (an old photo, those chairs have slipcovers on them... and now that I am remembering that stool in the corner... I am thinking I may have a really good spot for it upstairs....)
See those panels.  Those panels are from Walmart.  They are smocked and quite cute for the price.  But, you can't see that they are like 2 -3 inches too short.  Drives me crazy.  For 4 years now.  So, I found some fabric that I love

found here
And, it is on sale.  And, I had a coupon code. And, free shipping.
So, after a quick email to a certain Margarita Sister (one of my mom's bffs) to see if she would tackle this project (really, I would love to, but I just don't see it getting done anytime soon) and she quoted me a price that I couldn't say no to... plus, she said the magic words of being able to get it done soon... I am an impatient gal. So, very soon I will be able to walk past my dining room and not shake my head at the capris my windows are wearing.

Okay, I have dumped a lot on you guys today, so I will stop.
Have a wonderful fallish day

Bye for now~

ps.  Did all of the links to previous posts make you feel like you were watching one of the Friends episodes that remembered back... like you were cheated with no new real dirt just some random stuff sprinkled in with past snippets of episodes.  I kind of feel that way too

Friday Etsy Favorites *Baby*

It's Friday! Woohoo.... of course, I have been off most of the week with baby hughes... still sick.
So, I have added a few extras to this weeks favorites....
And, before you get any ideas... this isn't a sly hint (okay, mom... Mr. Hughes... Margarita Sisters?)
I am not pregnant.  Just having fun picking out a few things... really... I blame her *wink*
So, in honor of pregnant friends and baby fever I present you with my favorites this week

Sweet little baby girl dress~ found at Sewn Natural

This sweet bag is reversible and has an owl on it ~ found at retrofied

love this blanket!  faux bois and recycled wool~ found at looploft

I love, no ADORE oatmeal sweaters on babies, kids, coffee mugs, you name it~ found at broodbaby

why oh why did I not see this when baby hughes could fit in it~ found at bchildrenswear
luckily she can do it in a tee *wink*

mini bunting on an embroidery hoop... so sweet~ found at aewilder

girls can wear skulls too~ found at sunflowerexpress

oh my! love this hat~ found at nellybeanco

this print is so cute, and true~ found at nelladesigns

I love paper stuff and this paper airplane mobile is perfect~ found at cactusandolive

I want these invites for MY birthday~ found at jenniferbier

this dress is the epitome of darling~ found at themeasure

if only baby hughes could read~ found at sycamorestreetpress

there is something about a newborn in a tutu~ found at cheekychicbaby

buntings in cloth~ found at monkeypuzzle
and it is on its way *wink*

and buntings in wood~ found at signsofvintage

2x the cuteness... it is reversible~ found at littlelily

I am going to work on giving my own shop some love this weekend with new to you vintage and some fun new handmade designs.  And, maybe make a trip out to the booth if the little guppy (piranha... he tried to bite my nose as I typed this) is feeling less yucky. Oh, and I seem to have to make a owl costume for the monster  as well.
Hope you all have a fabulous fall weekend.

Bye for now!


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