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Well, it is official.  The hyena is sick, which means I am soon to follow.  He is actually so sick that I am home with him (rough night) I asked him if he wanted me to go to work and he shook his head "no" so who am I to argue? It is hard enough for Mr. Hughes to work with a well baby hughes, let alone a sick one. 

We are slowly destroying our brain cells with multiple Thomas videos (we are taking a break from Thomas as I type with Finding Nemo, a personal favorite.)  I did manage to sneak away during na ptime to take some photos... no, not THOSE kind of boudoir photos... silly, dirty minds *wink*
But, our finished (for now) boudoir.
It has been awhile since I posted any photos of this space, but with a recent sale of a piece that I really, really adored, I was forced to redo some things.

This piece (named Gillian) replaced the piece I really, really loved (named Erin)
But, by replacing that piece, I convinced Mr. Hughes that the armoire that is "his" (let's face it... all the furniture is mine... we all know that right?)

It works so much better and opens up the room

Here is a close up of one of my favorite details... if I was giving a snooty home tour I would put on the perfect voice and tell you that this is a pair of antique mercury glass tiebacks... excellent condition with no desilvering... probably dating back to the late 1800s....
and I scored the pair on ebay for like $20!

and here is another detail that I love (no snooty voice here.)
This is my Pine Cone Hill that I bought at Rebecca's
Mommy loves some rumply white ruffles

Oh yeah... there is a double ruffle on the box shams...
and a few grain sack pillows and some linen shams make it a very hard bed to stay out of (get your minds out of the gutter.... this is where we read Owl Babies and The Lorax every afternoon when I get home.)

Mr. Hughes hates, loathes, abhores these two little dolls (reproductions) 
I am not sure how I truly feel about them.  I like them no doubt, but because he is so against them... well, that makes them irreplaceable treasures *double wink*
Oh, and I got that sparkly, dangly lamp at Pottery Barn years ago when I was getting 40% off and after I fell in love with an original at a flea market.  

These sconces... well, I love them.  And while I would love to have $18 Edison type bulbs in them, I like them as they are now... I rewired them with vintage type sockets and  twisted brown fabric covered cords with a repro plugs (which are sadly hidden behind the bed.)

This chest has been with us from almost the beginning of our marriage
It used to be blah boring oak
It looks so much better next to our blah boring carpet (hey, if I can't afford $25 Edison bulbs, I can't afford new carpet.)

Here is one of my quick projects that I completed during last Saturday's nap time
I just stapled a grain sack (that used to be on the bed as a makeshift body pillow)
into a vintage frame (that I painted, distressed and added a smidget of silverleaf)
and some pinchy hooks to hold and display my favorite necklaces

I stole the aqua table from downstairs and the little smoke stand from the library... small works since we don't have traditional lamps.
And, the photos over the bed?  Well, I told Mr. Hughes that I wanted to wake up under beautiful live oaks dripping with Spanish moss in Savannah.  
These were taken on our trip there.... so in a way, I do get to wake up under them.

These vintage suitcases hold many memories.... diplomas, notes from friends, coke bottle thick pink glasses from elementary school.... all those silly things us humans collect and can't part with.... well, I shoved them all in here.

Well, there it is... and in true Michelle fashion, I found a way to change it all when I found this today.
Love it, adore it, want to make it mine!

This room was a long time coming... I shouldn't have put off a space that we spend so much time in... I mean, I finished the laundry room before I "finished" this room. And who ever wants to spend time there?!?

Well, Nemo has been found, so I am sure we are up for more Thomas next....

Bye for now!


  1. I love everything about your bedroom!
    Your bedding is just perfect, need me some of those grain sack pillows.

    I just purchased an awesome frameless mirror like yours, can't wait to get it hung up. :-)


  2. Hi Michelle,
    I loved reading your post today. You are such a good writer with just the perfect amount of humor! LOL!

    Your bedroom is so beautiful. I am in love with the bedding and that big frameless mirror makes me drool!

    Hope Baby feel better soon.


  3. Michelle, your bedroom looks fantastic, love the dressers, and the white suitcase, i have those same ones in different sizes, swoon!! the little details are fantastic and the bedding looks so comfy...and i have to say I love your little santos dolls, they are perfect!!! keep them! thanks for I know where you read books with your little!

  4. I love the linens and pillows on that bed. I understand completely why you never want to leave apologies to Mr.Hughes (lol). Gorgeous. Hope the little one is feeling better soon!

  5. such a beautiful and relaxing room. i love that it looks like people actually live there, too- nice and cozy with personal touches, trip reminders, and freaky dolls. ;) seriously, it looks amazing.

  6. Your bedding and pillows are sooooo gorgeous!! I may need to save up some Christmas money for a trip to Rebecca's! And I love the grain sack necklace holder -- lovely!!! Are you making anymore for your booth? :-)
    I hope Baby Hughes is feeling better soon (and you, too).

  7. I forgot to add that I love the pair of vintage lamps on your chest -- adorable!!!


    The whole rooms is fabulous, but I LOVE that giant mirror over the one dresser!! Where did you find it!?

  9. ...So sweet that you could stay home !...
    You bedroom is stunning!...Great job!

  10. What a beautiful bedroom! I love that it reflects your style so closely. Amazing jewelry frame, I need to buy some of those :)

    Hope little man feels better asap, sick is no fun

  11. Michelle,

    Thanks for the tour of your bedroom. It rivals the other rooms in your home. I love your vintage eclectic style. Those antique mercury glass tiebacks are exquisite. I enjoy watching the turquoise table move from room to room.

    Your Friend,

  12. Thanks for the lovely tour. It's just as charming as can be in there. I LOVE the idea of putting my can't-bear-to-part-withs in vintage suitcases. May be copying that one.

    Hope your kiddo bounces back soon.


  13. I love, love love this room. I love the vintage look. I totally need to go thrift shopping!

    Just Better Together

  14. I am loving this room! Your necklace holder is darling! Love the all white bed and the white framed art hanging above it. Very nice!


  15. I wouldn't want to get out of that bed either, Michelle! It's beautiful! I'm drooling over your grain sack pillows. Where did you get them, girl????? Wonderful job with your boudoir!

    xoxo laurie

  16. it looks so lovely!! the jewelry board you made is fab, but so is everything else in the room. the pics of your bed makes me want to curl up in it with a book and cup of tea and hide away for the day. man, that sounds nice.

  17. Ur bedroom is awesome, just the right balance of masculine and feminine. I love the headboard combined with the white bedding.....Bonnie


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