Friday Etsy Favorites *Frivolity*

Happy October Everybody!
Here I am, happy as a clam (what does that mean anyhow) that it is the weekend and I can live it up once more (ie sleep til 7:30, change dirty diapers and be allowed to look but not touch the Thomas Trains)  Well, I have been looking through my Etsy Faves and can't think of anything I really NEED, but I did find all kinds of cute little somethings to lust over, so let's call this *Frivolity*

Like these sheep balls... love them... don't know why but I do
found at greenmountain

Now, who doesn't need moustache hair pins...
found at mamagasin

I adore this little embroidered note

I think, I think, I have mentioned I love letterpress
found at huldrapress

My favorite color is green. And, my favorite green is kate spade green
so, naturally, kate spade with chevron and a monogram makes my heart go pitter patter
found at pixelimpress

oh now, how did that get in there?
well, since it is here... let's talk about Robert pillowcases.
the perfect birthday gift for a soon to be 32 year old *wink*
found at joanjen

Squirrel!  How cute!!

Okay, so love this!  But I have a secret.... I don't like french fries.  No potatoes at all in fact.  Still like me... okay, I don't like eggs either.
But, I know this kind of happy, so therefore, I love this print!
found at dazeychic

Alright now, the Kate is inside and is just being fluffed.  So, she will make her debut on Monday (thanks to Mr. Hughes and some near divorce threats involving the hardware I chose)
So, I want to share your pretty, pretties too! 
I have a few already, but I would love to have MORE!

Send them to me at
michelle {at} vintagejunky {dot} com
And, if you have sent me one before, you can send more... *hint, hint*

We have a few things we are planning this weekend....
a trip to a depot for my train crazed baby hughes
a visit to a nana and an Ash
and a bloggy tour of a local shop I love
Have a happy weekend!

Bye for now!


  1. Hooray! I loved everything! Great finds and right up my alley - I give away things with a perky sense of humor sometimes and these are perfect for a down day someone might have! Thanks, Jennifer stop by jennsthreegraces!

  2. I love Frivolity,love it, the pins are darling, the sign with the little birdie too cute, cannot wait to see Kate, I know she will be beautiful! Have a great weekend at the train depot, we need to take our punk there too! xo

  3. wait, you don't like potatoes at all? not even mashed on tgivings? or baked with sour cream? you know i still like you, i'm just a little jealous cause if i didn't like potatoes so much it would be much easier to cut out carbs from my dietary intake. but i love 'em. much too.much.
    happy friday friend! enjoy your weekend.

  4. So cute! Those little sheep balls are adorable and that bird with a fry print is super cute. Thank you so much for featuring my mini squirrel too. *hugs* ^_^

  5. very cute finds! love the edward pillow. and don't even get ME started on MY letterpress obsession....

    have a great weekend, also. pam

  6. I am soooo debating on the Edward pillow. I want to, I really do.

    No french fries?

  7. I really need those moustache hair pins. I wonder if they have them in Magnum?


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