Favorite Furniture Finds 2

Hey there!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We had a change of weekend plans that worked out just fine for us, we roll with it.  But, you aren't here to hear about my weekend or to hear that I got to finish a book... nope, you are here to see the great furniture that everyone has sent me.  So, let's get started with
Rachel sent in something that I have been lusting after for quite some time....

A vintage steamtrunk that she uses for a sidetable

Don't you love it?  It has such a cheerful new life and I bet that extra storage is great too

Next up is 
She shares 2 makeovers,
first a sideboard that she didn't keep (but wanted to... I know that feeling!)


and After... love the combination of the aqua and the stained top! And the curves....

And here is a piece that she lugged home to paint for her daughter's room
Love it!

She says:
my son was so sweet and told her he loved her dresser, and it was just like the color of Cinderella's dress! 

I adore the aqua and the white painted pulls... 

Next up is 
Mary from Staged Right

Boy are we seeing a lot of aqua or what?  No complaints... I love me some aqua!

Check out that fun trim!

Alright... now we have a bargain hunter!  
You guys are going to die....

She got this sweet piece for under $12
I didn't forget to add a zero....

And this piece she updated... it was $7...

Looks amazing!!  I want YOUR goodwill...
it just isn't fair *whines*

Okay, here is Heather from Blessed Little Nest

And here is what Heather says about her table:

It was my grandmother's table and she gave it to my mom.  It was in my house as a kid and then my mom gave it to me.  It was barely holding on
and eventually just became a pile of pieces until my hubby and my son put it back together and painted it for my birthday this year.  They worked
together to paint and sand it, and then to wax it.  I love that her table has found a new life in our home.  and I really love the way it works with my
orange headboard and the neutrals in my bedroom.

What a great birthday gift!  I love pieces that have such meaning behind them.

Okay last is me.... and Kate
She is finally finished....

Here is the before:

and here she is now:

She got a couple of coats of distressed grey paint
Some new hardware (that Mr. Hughes adores because it was super simple to put on... sense the sarcasm)
and a cane back

I painted her cubbies aqua blue

I love cubbies!  I think I need to find some more *stuff* to fill up her cubbies and get something extra special for that mini cabinet!

I know the writing is really, really faint.... but, look closely at what I found in our paper stash...
yes, that says Kate
see, it was meant to be 

I had the hardest time deciding... green on blue or blue on green... I love a great green with aqua...
I knew I wanted a print of some type... but I couldn't find the perfect wallpaper.
So, I improvised and ordered some woven cane... I adore, ADORE cane print!

It is hard to see, but the green is the same green I used on the Michelle chair
Did I tell you where I got that color...
I had them color match a kate spade bag.
My favorite green of all the greens!

This girl is quite useful too...
the drawers hold our scarves and hats... well, one does.
The other 2 are keeping up with the clutter I have created around the house recently.

Okay, thanks to all the ladies that submitted their favorite finds... it just makes me want to shop more.

I will be back later this week with a bloggy tour of a local shop that I love...

bye for now!

ps. sorry for the wonky formatting ...blogger isn't playing nice and it is late.... the font kept getting smaller...
I figured I would bigger it...
at least you can see it now 
maybe it is me


  1. These are amazing! So much talent here in the hunt and the redo! Shop girl on a Budget stole those pieces. Wow. Love the color you used on the inside of your piece and the accessories. The butterfly pics are so sweet on the wall too.

  2. These posts are so much fun! I love seeing what some creativity and vision can bring to an old piece.

    And, I am in love/obsessed/smitten with Kate!!!!! She is incredible! Those cubbies are the coolest!

  3. thanks so much for featuring my pieces! emmy just got a new more princess-like bed to go with her dresser! i love the secretary- the caning on the back is brilliant!

  4. Love every one of the pieces. So much talent it always makes me want to paint and create.

  5. Your piece is super beautiful! Great job you did, looks like it was meant to be....


  6. About 25 years ago I Painted my Grandmothers buffet table light blue (aqua-ish). Everybody was horrified!!! I was just ahead of the tread. I still have it in my dining room. I love your Kate. Is that "cane" paper? It looks like real caning in the pics. It is stunning!!

  7. Michelle, I love KATE...love her, the cane is perfect in the back and all those cubies and that cute litlte door...it needs a little owl or birdie in there...and all the other finds from your readers, **swoon** love me a good deal and some fresh paint!! Thanks for sharing, and happy Monday!

  8. squeal!!!! kate is soooo lovely! you are so creative to add the cane backing with the green peaking out. it's so fun and unexpected. and she looks amazing with baby hughes owl pillow!

    all the pieces that were submitted are so inspiring. makes me want to run back to the thrift store and buy something just to paint it up ;)

  9. I love doing goodwill make-overs too! It's so nice to find a piece that you love and bring it on home and fix it! I just did a makeover of an adorable side table and milk glass lamp! If you have time- come on over and check it out :)

  10. KATE is a BEAUTY! You did her perfectly...not too much, not too little. And she has a perfect resting spot next to the cute chair and butterflies!!! LOVELY!

  11. I have such issues with blogger sometimes too

    great furniture make-overs oh my goodness...
    thank you for your super comment by the way

  12. Very nice blog :)

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