The After, After, After

Hello there!  How's your week?  You know, you can really answer that if you want to...
I am changing things up in the ol' Casa de Hughes... but I think I may have found one spot that is really finished this time...
It drives Mr. Hughes crazy for me to change something that I have said is "all finished."
Every time I find a piece of furniture that I love, love and NEED to take home, he always asks...
where ARE you going to put it?
Well, dear.... I was thinking the entry....
don't believe me...
let's take a walk....

Green chest that used to be a stereo cabinet
It is now in the studio, painted white and hiding the sewing machine
Painting by Mr. Hughes is now in the library/office
(also, notice how tiny the photo is... and how blurry....)

Again, tiny photo...
This chair (the LuLu) was sold at the booth
The blue table... in the corner of the dining room right now....

moving right along

Ahh... then I had the mirror collection... still have most of them...
The table... sold... Mr. Hughes loved that table....
Lamp is in the living room...
Mirrors have been moved

Ahhhh... I loved the Tara... she sold too... gosh, I really did love this set up
This lamp, still is sort of in the entry...I have had it for many, many moons
 which brings us to here

The Della.... loved her... went to a very sweet, sweet girl...
I never planned on the Della lasting... she was always meant to go to the booth
But I really did love her too...

And, here is the after, after, after....after......after...

I loved the Della so, I decided to paint Kate the same color... what a difference the lighting makes...
So, I really, really think that it will stay this way. For awhile *wink*
No really, I am serious this time.
Oh, if you like my framed butterflies, you can find them at
well... the black framed ones at least... the brown framed one were purchased on our honeymoon.
baby hughes loves them... says... look bees.  All bugs are bees.
And, that mirror... constantly has fingerprints and "smooches" on it .... it is where baby hughes and I roar and practice silly faces... we are fond of the silliness......

I will be back soon with a bloggy tour of one of my favorite shops on Main Street in Franklin, Tennessee
I promise... Mr. Hughes is editing the photos that he took there...and maybe I will also show you how I have shook things up around these parts... just a little shake...

Bye for now!


Oh... I meant to ask you... is there a spot in YOUR home that is constantly changing?


  1. the last with the secretay is my favorite. it looks like it belongs there and you could pull the chair up to the secretary if you needed to write a letter (which is so passe ;) ). and i LOVE that owl pillow!

  2. "Where are you going to put it/" must be the universal question. The universal answer would be, "don't worry dear, I will find a place." I like all of the arrangements and love those butterflies.

  3. I really, really like your after, after, after, after!

    And I love that frameless mirror you have, too!

  4. yeah, there is a spot that is always mind, errr I mean my porch :) I like to switch it up seasonally and put little decorative pieces outside.....against my husbands protests that someone is gonna drive by and steal something!(hasnt happened yet). Its like an extension of my home and I like that its the first thing my guests see while they are waiting to come in (into the REAL craziness!)
    BTW - Love all your afters :)

  5. OOOOhhhhh....I really love it! ;) Adore Kate...what a lovely gal she is...and the PERFECT color, too. :) The butterflies are truly fab.


  6. ok I love them all, all so different and full of character! but the last one, well it looks compeltely finished, bravo! uhm, I am always changing things, but so far my bedroom has stayed the same since the kermit the frog paint! I am sure it will change again soon!

  7. Kate the Great. She looks just right there. Until you are ready for something else...and that's okay!

    Can't wait for the bloggy tour of Franklin. Can't wait to GO to Franklin later this month!


  8. My husband always asks me that question, too!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the after.....

  9. Kate looks right at home in that spot. Looks like a picture out of a magazine!

  10. Looks great! Love the owl pillow,very in....

  11. My favorite is the last shot. I think it was meant to be that way. Thanks for sharing the source on the butterfly print. I just love the secretary. You know, furniture around here stays the same but everything on it moves around quite a bit!

  12. i rearrange things so much i feel like i should join a support group. i loved every version of your entry, but kate is fabulous so i can see why she's a deal maker.

  13. Wow -- Kate is so stunning!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Loving Kate! And I still adore that owl pillow. I want one. :)

    Spots in my house that are constantly changing?? Um...just about everything. Drives my hubby insane.

  15. to answer you question, my whole house.

    i think my fav set-up is the first pic. you would drive my husband insane!


  16. Is that a Carew Rice silhouette?

  17. LOVE those mirrors!

  18. Michelle - you are so creative, girl! Each one of your corner vignettes tells a different story. Just beautiful. But when I got to the secretary......WOW! THAT is awesome! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. Michelle,

    Just reading this post tired me out! But I often change things around. Keeps life interesting. I loved Tara. Actually I adore all of your furnishings. You are so talented!

    Your Friend,

  20. Funny, I have the same mirror from that last photo...but mine doesnt have a frame around it. I never knew it was "missing" something:)


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